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  ` WATE   R TREATMENT PLANTReverse Osmosis-RODemineralization DM Plant. Presentation ByV.K.SARAVANANell No - ! # $% &$'()* saravananv+# )*,mail.om S/0AR La1 in 2are 3 M40 2emist 5 6WTP7 8n 2are 8nineration Boiler 5 Po9er Plant 5Distillery ENA PlantTamil Na:; 8ND8A  v The purest available from is from water vapour in atmosphere , as rain , snow or produced by melting of ice. q This water on reaching the ground absorbs different type of gases atmosphere like Nitrogen, Oxygen and to a lesser extent carbon dioxide. Ø Other gasses like ammonia , oxides of nitrogen and sulphur etc. Al so dissolves during rain depending upon the pollution level of the atmosphere. ü  A part from this , the surface water travels to various places and catches organic matter , suspended solids etc. WATER  aer uay ssessmen# oae &ndustrial use  Parameter  $hysical&norganicOr 'hemicalToxic(etal Nutrient %)emand Organic *acteria*iology +adioactiveelements   Tem<erat;re <=olo;r on:;tivityO:o;r Total Dissolve: Soli:sTaste T;r1i:ity =ar:ness 4l;ori:eali;m Al+alinityManesi;m Nitrate2lori:e P2os<2ateS;l<2ate   o<<er 2romi;ma:mi;m >in Lea:Mer;ry 8ronMananese   BODODP2enols Oil 50reasePestii:esNitrate Total oli ?orm4aeal oli  ?orm  P2yto<lan+ton>oo<lan+ton Al<2a emitter Beta emitter    O-+' AT+ #. Rivers 3 la+es an: reservoirs 6s;r?ae :rin+in 9ater7. %. /n:erro;n: 9ater  6 s2allo9 9ell :ee< 9ell 3s<rins7 '. Rain 9ater3 *. Sea Water3   @. sno9 9ater.  
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