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Update: Conference: Civic artists and court artists (1400-1600). Case Studies and Theories about the Status of the Artist (Eichberger / Lorentz)

Update: Conference: Civic artists and court artists (1400-1600). Case Studies and Theories about the Status of the Artist (Eichberger / Lorentz)
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  CIVIC ARTISTS AND COURT ARTISTS (1300– 1600). Case Studies and Conceptua Ideas a!out t"e Status# Tas$s and t"e %o&$in' Conditions o A&tists and A&tisans. DER STÄDTISCHE KÜNSTLER UND DER HOF-KÜNSTLER (1300–1600). Das Indiid!!" i" S#ann!n$s%&'d is*+&n T+&,i& !nd a/is . U ORI2INES DE LRTISTE DNS LEUROE 45DI5LE ET 4ODERNE (1300–1600). 7is7&s 8 'a i''& &7 a7is7&s 8 'a *,!. T+is 7+&&-da9 s9"#,si!" is ,$ani&d :9 Da$"a Ei*+:&$& (Ti& Uni&si79; a7i%&/) and +i'i##& L,-&n7 (ais-S,:,nn&; C&n7& nd< C+as7&'). T+& &&n7 is s!##,7&d :9 7+& C&n7& nd< C+as7&'= L>E and RTIFE= an ERC-#,?&*7 a7 7+& Uni&si79 ,% Ti&. En,'"&n7 %, 7+& s9"#,si!" is %&& ,% *+a$&. Ea'9 &$is7a7i,n is &*,""&nd&d :&*a!s& ,% 'i"i7&d s&a7in$. S*+,OSIU+ -OCATION @ ais= INH= C&n7& nd< C+as7&' ENUE@ Sa''& asai= INH= 2a'&i& C,':&7= A= !& ii&nn&= B00A ais S*+,OSIU+ DAT @ 1 – A1= !n& A01 S*+,OSIU+ OR/ANIRS ,%. D. +i'i##& L,&n7= ais-S,:,nn& ; C&n7& nd< C+as7&' ,%. D. Da$"a Ei*+:&$&= Uni&si7G7 Ti&= F> III K!ns7$&s*+i*+7&  TK; SHRC. S*+,OSIU+ R/ISTRATION ia@ a7is7&.*,'',!&J$"ai'.*," CONTCT ERSON@ D. nn&-!'i& La%a9&= ais-S,:,nn& DEDLINE FOR RE2ISTRTION@ 4,nda9  !n& A01 E>SITE@ +77#@;;.'&+s7!+'-!ns7$&s*+i*+7&-7i&.d&;&ans7a'7!n$&n;7a$!n$&n; 2OT-S @ T+& s9"#,si!" ,%%i*& is n,7 in a #,si7i,n 7, ,$ani& a**,"",da7i,n. a7i*i#an7s a& 7+&&%,& ind'9 as&d 7, "a& 7+&i ,n aan$&"&n7s. S*+,OSIU+ ,RO/RA++ DA* 1 T2URSDA*# 1 4une 501 @00@ RE2ISTRTION in 7+& F,9& ,% INH (A= !& ii&nn&= B00A ais) 10@00-10@30 %-CO+  :9 ,%. D. Dan9 SNDRON (ais-S,:,nn&; C&n7& nd< C+as7&') INTRODUCTION  :9 ,%. D. +i'i##& LORENTM (ais-S,:,nn&; C&n7& nd< C+as7&')  ,%. D. Da$"a EICH>ER2ER (Ti& Uni&si79; a7i%&/)    10@30-1A@30 SSSION 1 T2 STATUS O7 T2 ARTIST TR+INO-O/* AND CONDITIONS 8a9 C+ai@ ,%. D. +i'i##& LORENTM (ais-S,:,nn&; C&n7& nd< C+as7&') D&. Sa!ine :R/R  (ais-S,:,nn&)@ 7is7&s &7 "a7&s dP!& a! s&i*& d&s *,ns&i''&s ,9a!/ dans 'a Fan*& d&s ann<&s 1300Q D&. -udo;ic N*S  (a'&n*i&nn&s Uni&si79)@ Q7is7& d& *,! ,! a7is7& 8 'a *,!  L& *as d!n& #&7i7& *,! s! '&s *,n%ins s&#7&n7i,na!/ d! R,9a!"&@ '& Haina!7 d&s &sn&s &7 d&s >ai<&s= 1A0–11BQ D&. T"o<as RA,IN  (,i7i&s Uni&si79)@ L&s a7is7&s d! :7i"&n7 ins7a''<s 8 'a *,! d! d!* d& >&9 @ L& 7<",i$na$& d&s s,!*&s *,n7&"#,ain&sQ DISCUSSION 1A@30-13@ LUNCH >REK 1@00-16@00 SSSION 5 T2 STATUS O7 T2 ARTIST TR+INO-O/* AND CONDITIONS (!) C+ai@ ,%. D. T+,"as 4ISSEN (ais= D&!7s*+&s His7,is*+&s Ins7i7!7) ,&o. D&. ,"iippe -ORNT  (ais-S,:,nn&; C&n7& nd< C+as7&')@ &in7& &7 a'&7 d& *+a":&@ 7i7& +,n,i%i!& ,! #,s7& :!d$<7ai& ,&o. D&. =&ista D 4ON/  (L&!&n Uni&si79)@ VT+& WE"#&,Xs Ys7sZ >&7&&n C,!7 and 7+& Ci79 in 7+& Si/7&&n7+-C&n7!9 L, C,!n7i&s D&. Natas>a ,TRS  (>!ss&'s= R,9a' 4i'i7a9 4!s&!")@  $!i'ds &9& i& ,n a7. 7is7i* #,d!*7i,n and 7+& *,#,a7& ,'d in n7&#Q (*a. 10–1600). DISCUSSION 16@00-1B@00 >REK 1B@00-1@00 SSSION 3 =*NOT -CTUR INTRODUCTION@ ,%. D. Da$"a Ei*+:&$& (Ti& Uni&si79 ;a7i%&/) ,&o. D&. And&e? +ORRA--  (N& [,= >ad 2ad!a7& C&n7&)@ U:an Ca%7s"&n and 7+& C,!7s in Si/7&&n7+-C&n7!9 2&"an9Q DISCUSSION DA* 5 7&ida@# 50 4une 501 @00-10@ SSSION  ARC2ITCTS AND +ASTR :UI-DRS C+ai@ ,%. D. Dan9 Sand,n (ais-S,:,nn&) D&. :&a< VANNIU%2U*  (L&!&n Uni&si79) and >,is HORE4NS= 4.. (>!ss&'s= Uni-&si7< Li:&; HOST)@ VL&s an*i&ns Wa*+i7&*7sZ :!/&'',is (1i\"& – 1Bi\"& si\*'&s)@ a7is7&s-%,n*7i,nnai&s ,! ind<#&ndan7s D&. Susana A:RU  (,7, Uni&si79)@ V*+i7&*7s a7 *,!7@ Di&$, d& Sa$&d,= Fan*is*, d& H,'anda and 7+& a7is7i* "i'i&! in S#ain and ,7!$a'= *. 100–10 ,&o. D&. +adeon SI+ONS  ("s7&da" Uni&si79)@ VT+& a7is7s a7 7+& C,!7s in a$!& and i&nna in 7+& Si/7&&n7+ C&n7!9Q DISCUSSION 10@-11@30 >REK  11@30-1A@ SSSION  T2 CIT* AND T2 CIT* ,AINTR 8a9 C+ai@ ,%. D. Da$"a EICH>ER2ER (Ti& Uni&si79; a7i%&/) ,&o. D&. 4aco! %ISS  (N& [,= S7&n C,''&$&;Di&*7,= [&s+ia Uni&si79 4!s&!")@ VCii* a7,na$& and 7+& R&*,$ni7i,n ,% E/7a,dina9 7is7i* Ta'&n7 Danica :RNNR# +.A . (Ti& Uni&si79; a7i%&/)@ V!%$a:&n%&'d& !nd s,ia'& S7a7!s d& S7ad7"a'& i" 16. !nd 1B. a++!nd&7 DISCUSSION 1A@-13@ LUNCH >REK 1@00-1@1 SSSION 6 T2 CIT* AND T2 CIT* ,AINTR 8!9 C+ai@ ,%. D. Da$"a EICH>ER2ER (Ti& Uni&si79 ; a7i%&/) D&. =at&in D*:A--A  (Fan%!7= S7Gd&')@ VM! Di&ns7&n d& S7ad7 !nd d&s H,%&s@ 2&,$ &n* (!" 100–10) – Ein W&+:a& Di&n&Z d& R&i*+ss7ad7 N]n:&$ Tan>a -V*# +.A.  (ais-S,:,nn&)@ VZ& n& is !& d& ",n "&s7i&Z @ 'a #'a*& d&s #&in7&s dans 'a i''& d& L9,n (160–130) DISCUSSION 1@1-1@30 SHORT >REK 1@30–1@30 SSSION B T2 COURT – CRA7T AS -UUR* INDUSTR* C+ai@ ,%. D. nn&-4ai& L&$a< (Li''&-3= Uni&si7< C+a'&s d& 2a!''&) D&. +ic"ee TO+ASI  (La!sann& Uni&si79)@ VC,! &7 i''&= *,""and& &7 "a*+< @ ,%\&s &7 #in*&s &n Fan*&= a!7,! 100 D&. Ae$sand&a S%C*=  (,*^a Uni&si79)@ V4a7& d& *,#,a7i,n= a7is7& 8 'a *,!= <"issai& d& 4,ns&i$n&! '<_!& – s! '&s di&s &"#',is d& a!' Ni7s*+= ,%\& 8 ,*^a 4uiette A--I# +.A.  (ais-S,:,nn&)@ V"!i&s 'i:&s &7 a"!i&s d& C,! dans 'a i''& dInns:!* DISCUSSION DA* 3 SATURDA*# 51 4une 501 @30-1A@30 SSSION  C2AN/ AND INNOVATION T2ROU/2 +I/RANT ARTISTS C+ai@ ,%. D. T+,"as Ki*+n& (ais= D&!7s*+&s F,!" %] K!ns7$&s*+i*+7&) D&. Rose+a&ie 7RR  (ais-S,:,nn&)@ Ni*,'as F,"&n7= Z#&in7& d! ,i d& Si*i'&= !n <7an$& 8 'a *,! d! ,i R&n<Q ,&o. D&. Susan +A%--  (Os+,s+= Uni&si79 ,% is*,nsin)@ La9 F,&i$n&s and Indi$-nan7 L,*a's@ In%'!&n*& and Ria'9 in >aaian C,!7 a7,na$&Q DISCUSSION 10@-11@1 SHORT >REK 11@1-1A@30 ,&o. D&. Ae$sand&a -I,INS=A  (>&'in= T&*+nis*+& Uni&si7G7)@ ZI7&" na*+ :&$&&77 S.F.2. &in&n $!77&n Nid&'&ndis*+&n 4&!& 4&is7& ...Z. N&7+&'andis+ a7is7s and *a%7s"&n a7 7+& *,!7 ,% !'i!s D!& ,% >!nsi*-L]n&:!$Q  4uia TRIN=RT = 4.. (Ki&' Uni&si79)@ VK!ns7#,d!7i,n in d& S7ad7 !nd a" H,%. M&i S&-nai&n i" s#G7"i77&'a'7&'i*+&n 4&*'&n:!$Q DISCUSSION 1A@30-13@ LUNCH >REK 1@00-1@00 SSSION  /UST O7 2ONOUR In7,d!*7i,n@ ,%. D. D. nd&as Ta*& (Ti& Uni&si79 ; a7i%&/) ,&o. D&. e<. +a&tin %ARN=  (Ha":!$ Uni&si79)@ K]ns7'&is*+& Ini7ia7i&n d&!7s*+& F]s7&n i" 1. a++!nd&7Q NEL@ ,%. D. Da$"a Ei*+:&$&= ,%. D. +i'i##& L,&n7= ,%. D. nd&as Ta*& 1@00-1@00 SSSION 10 COURT AND CIT* – +ID CARR ,AT2S C+ai@ D. >i$i7 U'i& 4ÜNCH (Ti& Uni&si79) O'a VASSI-IVACODO/NT# +.A.  (ais= E*,'& d&s Ha!7&s E7!d&s &n S*i&n*&s S,*ia'&s)@ En7& 'a i''& &7 'a *,! @ O77, a&ni!s ,! '& #i/ d& 'a 'i:&7<Q ,&o. D&. 4e&e@ C2I,,S S+IT2  (!s7in= Uni&si79 ,% T&/as)@ &n&' a"ni7&@ Fa",!s 9&7 %&&Q DISCUSSION 16@1-16@ SHORT >REK 16@-1@00 D&. Sand&a DI7NT2A-R  (S7!77$a7= S7aa7s$a'&i&)@ Ein s7Gd7is*+& H,%]ns7'&@ C+is7,#+ S*+a (!" 1–1A)Q D&. U&sua TI+ANN  (Ti& Uni&si79 ; a7i%&/)@ H,%"a'& !nd M!n%7"a'&. K]ns7'&s*+i*sa'& a!s d&" 16. !nd 1B. a++!nd&7Q DISKUSSION 1@00-A0@00@ DRINKS %:SIT  +77#@;;.'&+s7!+'-!ns7$&s*+i*+7&-7i&.d&;&ans7a'7!n$&n;7a$!n$&n; 
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