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  NARMADA COLLEE OF SCIENCE &COMMERCE SUKALTIRATH ROAD, ZADESHWAR, BHARUCH-392001 MINI PROJECT REPORTONTOUCH SWITCHSINHASHASHIRANJANEC2005I P! #$!% '%$%()# * #+) !!  * ). ))* BACHELOR OF SCIENCE$ELECTRONICS/'$) M  JA4ESH P /ANDHID)6! #()# * ELECTRONICS7  NARMADA COLLE/E OF SCIENCE AND COMMERCE ZADESHWAR, BHARUCH 392011 ELECTRONICS DEPARTMENT CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project entitled “TOUCH SWITCH” is a bonafidework of Sinha Shashi Ranjan!ada #a neet  $d U esh% of S! &Sc 'lectronics d(rin) the acade*ic year +,-./+,-01The project work has been co*pleted satisfactorily (nder the )(idance of 2$r1 3ayesh 41 5andhi%  P *8)# /'$) H)! * #+) D)6! #()# J!):+ P /!+$ K!%6): / R!;!%  ACKNOWLED/EMENT 6t the o(tset we e7press o(r )ratit(de to the 68$I5HT! who has been with (sd(rin) each and e ery step that we ha e taken towards the co*pletion of this project1  Every project big or small is successful largely due to the effort of a number of wonderful people who have always given their valuable advice or lent a helping hand. I sincerely appreciate the inspiration; support and guidance of all those peoplewho have been instrumental in making this project a success project. $yself Sinha Shashiranjan 91 st(dent of #ar*ada Colle)e of science :co**erce are e7tre*ely )ratef(l to $r1 3 4 5andhi for the confidence he bestowed in (s and entr(stin) o(r project entitled “TOUCH O#;O<< SWITCH”1 We feel )reat pleas(re to acknowled)e all those in ol ed in the process of o(r ed(cation and research1 In the first place we wo(ld like to record o(r deep and sincere)ratit(de to o(r in char)e 4r1 3141 5andhi for his s(per ision ad ice )(idance andcr(cial contrib(tion which *ade hi* a backbone of this project1 His (nderstandin)enco(ra)in) and personal )(idance ha e pro ided a )ood basis for the present project1His in ol e*ent with his ori)inality has tri))ered and no(rished o(r intellect(al*at(rity that we will benefit fro* for a lon) ti*e to co*e1 I a* thankf(l to o(r project )(ide $r13 4 5andhi for his constant enco(ra)e*entand ti*ely )(idance and sol e the proble*s we faced1 I can=t i*a)ine o(r projectwitho(t $r1 3 4 5andhi>s help1 We can=t for)et the helpin) hands he lent towards (s1 I e7press o(r )ratit(de to HO9 9r1?151Ra al   for arran)in) the workshop in)ood sched(le1 I also e7tend o(r )ratit(de to $r1 3 4 5andhi   who helped (s in  making the Project successful. We wish to e7press o(r )ratit(de towards o(r all teachers who helped (s thro()ho(to(r co(rse work1 We e7tend o(r acknowled)e*ent to o(r lab *ates lab staff who aredirectly or indirectly in ol ed in carryin) o(t the project work1 wo(ld also like tothank all the fac(lty *e*bers of   Department of Electronics  for their critical ad iceand   )(idance .  8ast b(t not the least we place a deep sense of )ratit(de to o(r fa*ily *e*bersand o(r friends who ha e been  constant source of    inspiration   d(rin) the preparation of this project work1 On a personal note we s(b*it o(r thanks to o(r belo ed parents and friends1Witho(t their )enero(s sacrifice this project wo(ld not see li)ht of the day1  ABSTRACT The project is desi)ned to de elop a To(ch Switch to control any load1 6 @@@ ti*er is (sedin *onostable *ode to dri e a relay to switch O# or O<< a load for fi7ed ti*e d(ration1The @@@ ti*er is tri))ered by a to(ch plate connected to its tri))er pin1 The o(tp(t of @@@ deli ers lo)ic hi)h for a fi7ed ti*e inter al as decided by the RC ti*e constant connected to the ti*er1 This o(tp(t dri es a relay which in t(rn switches O# the load for that d(ration after which is switches O<< a(to*atically1 H(*an body ind(ced *ains s(pply de elops a olta)e on the to(ch plate to tri))er the IC2@@@%1
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