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  TERMINAL MONTHLYINSPECTION CHECKLIST TERMINAL LOCATION: MANNED?DATE OF INSP.N:COMPLETED BY (Print):COMPLETED BY (Sign):  NOTE: 1. If applicable, this inspection should preferably be performed on (or shortly after) the day of the audible alarm test.2. This inspection should be applied to unmanned terminals e!ery three months. SAFETY, QALITY, EN!IRONMENTAL MANA EMENT AND ADMIN. ITEMTOPIC IDELINESY#NCOMMENTS 1Have any new employees been engaged since the last terminal monthly inspection?  Note who and review job description and training needs analysis. Has an induction and basic training been completed?2What training has been completedsince the last terminal monthly inspection was completed?  Refer to the training needs analysis  forms which must be prepared for each employee. What training has been scheduled?  Record details What training is still to be scheduled?3Is there a qualified first aid officer on site? Who is responsible for assisting injured people and maintaining the contents of the first aid cabinet. 4re all staff familiar with the site emergency plan and the site emergency shutdown system?  Do all know what to do in an emergency, what the E! system does and where the activation  points are #hoose an employee and ask $what would you do % !Have all #$ updates been  processed to the relevant employees?  &ob description lists relevant  procedures #heck against !' updates. %ny incidents since last monthly inspection completed?  (f investigation reveals unreported incidents its not too late to report now.    Review all reports. &'(2)*#+,- 1 of .I$$/- 0- 24'%1.  ITEMTOPIC IDELINESY#NCOMMENTS (ny haards or ris5s identified from incidents or reports?  )a*ards or risk reports sent to responsible person for inclusion in risk register. .Has any statutory authority visitedthe terminal?  +rovide a record of the visit and theitems that were discussed or reviewed  6re there any current in7ury cases in the terminal?  Record name of person involved and planned actions to ensure  person is returned to work as soon as practicable. Have they been correctly reported?1're safety meetings held?  Record when the last meeting was held, review meeting notes and actions.note - mandatory for terminals employing over /  persons, recommended for 0 or more persons1 Record toolbo2 mtgs etc. 8ast meeting 99999::date+eople at terminal 9999::ny actions unresolved?11re wor5 permits being used for non;standard wor5 in the terminal?  Review the work permit file to check ade3uacy of permits Who is issuing them ?0o they cover all non;standard activities? eg4 repairs on gas e3uipment, calibration, general maint., etc. CONTRACTORS. 12Is a preferred supplier contractor data base maintained? #heck to ensure that current details of all licenses and insurance are held for all   service providers used by the terminal. EMER ENCY AND SAFETY EQIPMENT 13-mergency $ervices #anifest< $ite plan< #aterial $afety 0ata $heets and -mergency =ontacts list in good condition > accurate?  'ust be available for Emergency ervices near terminal entrance 14Has a staff emergency drill been completed in the last month?  Emergency Drill. (nternal1 Record details1 1!What plans are intended to involve eternal authorities in an emergency drill?  Emergency Drill. E2ternal1 Record details1 1%Intrinsically safe torch available and in wor5ing order? pare bulb and batteries 1()irst aid 5it adequately stoc5ed and items within @use byA date? #ompare with schedule of contents &'(2)*#+,- 2 of .I$$/- 0- 24'%1.  ITEMTOPIC IDELINESY#NCOMMENTS 1.Have fire etinguishers been chec5ed?  (ndependent checking of these is re3uired    each 5 months. record tag dates1 re etinguishers in good condition? 6erify e2tinguisher dial indicator needles are still in the $green%  section of the dial, tags are current and e2tinguisher is located correctly. 16Have fire hoses BreelsC been chec5ed?  (ndependent checking of these is re3uired    each 5 months. record tag dates1 2're fire hydrants in good condition? !utlets free of debris, corrosion, etc re all hydrants easily accessible? #heck for parking, informal  storage, etc Have hydrants been chec5ed?  (ndependent checking of these is re3uired    each 7 months. record tag dates1 re hydrant hoses stored neatly?re hoses in good condition?  Roll out to check  Is there an ad7ustable spray type nole in the hose bo? YARD AREA, FENCIN , ATES $ SI NA E ITEMTOPIC IDELINESY#NCOMMENTS 21re fencing and gates in good condition? 8hey must provide ade3uate  security to prevent unauthorised access in all practicable circumstances. 22Is all signage in place and legible?  )a*chem , No ources of (gnition no smoking, no mobile phones1,  9): Emergency #ontact number 7;// /<0 005 , 6isitor access instruction, site specific signage. 23Is the yard surface acceptable?  No potholes = Dust under control. 24Is yard house5eeping acceptable? :rass and weeds under control, cylinders well ordered, and the yard  free of combustible materials Have any house5eeping issues from previous terminal monthly inspection been resolved?2!Is the security adequate? #ompany contracted to maintain  security checks. Have any previous security issues been resolved?2%0oes area  flood lighting wor5 and is it adequate?2(re there operational areas where water collectswhich are muddy? &'(2)*#+,- 3 of .I$$/- 0- 24'%1.  DEL E AND ESO%& 2.Has the fire pump and deluge system been chec5ed '*+  for the following items?  +lease check and initial each listed item. Record any defects on back page. Date     Date     Date     Date     Date    I#E $%&$  InitialInitialInitialInitialInitial  )as the engine coolant been checked  )as the battery electrolyte level been checked  )as the engine oil level checked  )as the engine fuel level been checked do not overfill1 )ave all $v% belts been checked for damage or wear  (s the general condition of engine and pump !9  )as the engine been started and warmed through > 'inutes1 (s the water coverage of vessels ade3uate  (s the water run?off drainage !9  )as the engine been shut down and re?started from remote emergency activation location  &'IN %$$IE* $#'+ +TE&   (s the main stop valve locked open  )as the control valve been opened and water spray activated  (s the water coverage of vessels ade3uate  (s the water run?off drainage !9  )as the control valve been closed 26  EOs . @re the E!As functioning correctly #hoose a different E! location each -ee   and activate. (nitial each E! test and record shutdown time in seconds. 8imeBBB..8imeBBB..8imeBBB..8imeBBB..8imeBBB..  NOTE / Items 20 and 2 &%T be carried out on a EE3+ basis as a re4uirement of ' 1051.16and ' 157 respecti!ely.hen fitted, the audible alarm must be acti!ated at the prescribed time and date (Inspection date8) sothat nei9hbours are a-are of test only status &'(2)*#+,- 4 of .I$$/- 0- 24'%1.


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