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  Workshop on the Adoption of the Eurocodes in the EU New Member, Accession and Candidate Countries7-9 of November, !! in #$C, %spra, %ta&'()r*ani+ed b' DG Joint Research Centre  and DG ENTERPRISE  of the European Commission under the JRC Enlargement andIntegration Action.  UMMA$ .AC/0$)UN1 ).#EC2%3E 4$)0$AMME C)NC5U%)N 6 $EC)MMEN1A2%)N   Nationa& %mp&ementation of the Eurocodes  4romotion, 2rainin* and Education   Maintenance and urther deve&opment   #$C contribution to %mp&ementation, Maintenance, 4romotion, 2rainin*, 8armoni+ation and urther 1eve&opment UMMA$   As part of the #oint $esearch Centres activities to support the en&ar*ement and inte*ration of the European Union, the workshop was dedicated to assistin* the transfer of the ac:uis communautaire ;the bod' of EU &e*is&ation and standards to be imp&emented and monitored< to the New Member, Accession and Candidate Countries(2he Workshop was participated b' = representatives of the Nationa& Authorities, Nationa& tandardi+ation .odies, Academia and Chambers of En*ineers from a&& the >? New Member, Accession and Candidate Countries( CEN@2C  ! was represented b' its Chairman, 8( .ossenma'er, and #(A( Ca&*aro, 8( 0u&vanessian, 0( ed&acek and 4( 5uchin*er( M( e&dmann, 3( de 3i&&e, 5( anpao&esi and M( 3irtanen presented the eperience of the Bo&dB EU member countries in the adoption and imp&ementation of the Eurocodes in the desi*n of structures( $( /&ein, 8ead of Construction Unit, 10 EN2$, 0( Caratti, 8ead of Unit En&ar*ement and Associate %nitiatives, 10 #$C, M( 0eradin, 8ead of the European 5aborator' for tructura& assessment ;E5A<, 10 #$C and staff of E5A invo&ved in the re&evant activities, contributed to the Workshop( 2he tota& number of the participants was =(2he pro*ramme of the Workshop was composed of three partsD  5ectures on the basics of Eurocodes draftin* and imp&ementation, and presentation of the #$C@E5A activities on theAdministrative Arran*ement with 10 EN2$ on support to the imp&ementation, harmoni+ation and further deve&opment of the EN Eurocodes(  Nationa& presentations on the pro*ress in adoption of Nationa& tandards imp&ementin* EN Eurocodes, advancementin assessment of the Nationa&&' 1etermined 4arameters, views and eperience in education and trainin* to the Eurocodes, production of handbooks, desi*n aids and software to faci&itate the imp&ementation of the EN Eurocodes and potentia& specific needs to achieve improved desi*n *uide&ines(  $ound tab&e discussions on the education and trainin* to the EN Eurocodes and on the EN Eurocodes imp&ementation(  2he main conc&usion was that the process for the imp&ementation of EN Eurocodes in the New Member and the Accession countries isunder wa'( 2here is a *ood pro*ress on Eurocodes trans&ations and the preparation of the NAs and N14s, especia&&' on EN >99! and EN >99>( 2he work on the seismic ha+ard map and the maps of snow &oads, wind and temperature is sti&& *oin* on( Common&', it is decided to fo&&ow the recommended va&ues, c&asses and methods, when decidin* the Nationa&&' determined 4arameters ;N14s<, un&ess stron* reasons eisted for the contrar'( %n most of the countries the Nationa& Authorities are financin* trans&ation and adoption of Eurocode standards, but this fundin* is not sufficient(Aimin* at acce&eration of the further pro*ress in adoption and imp&ementation of the EN Eurocodes in the EU New Member, Accession and Candidate Countries, the fo&&owin* main recommendations were formu&ated as outcome of the ana&'sis of the state-of-the-art of the processD  Use of En&ar*ement funds ;e(*( the 5atvia Eurocodes imp&ementation proect financed b' the 2ransition aci&it' pro*ramme< and other EU funds to support imp&ementation( More financia& support for the trans&ations of the EN Eurocodes and determination of the N14s shou&d be sou*ht in both, the Nationa& and EU sources(  %ncrease the echan*e of eperience and stren*thenin* the internationa&@re*iona& cooperation throu*hD oint proects under different EU pro*rams and initiatives on the methods and approaches for estimation of the Nationa&&' 1etermined 4arametersF re*iona& networkin* for deve&opment of seismic re*u&ations re&evant to the Eurocodes standards, e(*( drawin* up seismic maps for the border areas to*ether with the nei*hborin* countriesFuse and contribution of@to the Eurocodes 4orta&(  $aise pub&ic awareness on the importance of Eurocodes standards and benefits emanatin* from their use( 4ub&ication of information &eaf&ets on the use of Eurocodes and information materia&s in the Nationa& Authorities websites is ver' important ;e(*( the U/ 0reen .ook on the Eurocodes<(  A&& back*round documents that eist to an' 4art of the EN Eurocodes shou&d be avai&ab&e throu*h the Nationa& Authorities@Nationa& tandardi+ation .odies to the Nationa& 2echnica& Committees and responsib&e specia&ists for production of handbooks, desi*n aids, software, etc( to faci&itate the education, trainin* and imp&ementation of the EN Eurocodes(  urther deve&opment of the EN Eurocodes shou&d be directed towardsD new materia&s ;fibre reinforced concrete, po&'mers and fibre reinforced po&'mers, *&ass<, assessment of eistin* structures, structura& desi*n for durabi&it' and environmenta& sustainabi&it', concrete structures under hi*her temperature, protection a*ainst etreme ha+ards(  Nationa& EN Eurocodes he&pdesks shou&d be created and &inked to the Centra&i+ed 8e&p 1esk maintained b' #$C@E5A( Nationa& Authorities @ Nationa& tandardi+ation .odies shou&d nominate Nationa& contact persons for the up&oad of the Nationa&&' 1etermined 4arameters and for Nationa& information to the website, created b' #$C@E5A( 2he Workshop offered ver' *ood opportunit' of dia&o*ue between a&& the partners in the process of EN Eurocodes adoption( 2he positive atmosphere created durin* the echan*e of eperience and opinions considerab&' contributed the success of the Workshop( %n !!G are p&anned simi&ar Workshops for the Mediterranean countries, as we&& as for the EU Bo&dB member countries(.AC/0$)UN1   EN Eurocodes are intended b' the European Commission services and the Member tates to become the European recommended means for the structura& desi*n of works and parts thereof, to faci&itate the echan*e of construction services ;construction works  and re&ated en*ineerin* services< and to improve the functionin* of the interna& market( %n order to take into account specific *eo*raphica&, *eo&o*ica& or c&imatic conditions, as we&& as specific &eve&s of protection app&icab&e in their territor', Member tates ma' need specific parameters and the Eurocodes therefore contain Nationa&&' 1etermined 4arameters( 2he' are however encoura*ed to co-operate to minimise the number of cases where the Nationa&&' 1etermined 4arameters differ from the recommended va&ues( 2he' shou&d a&so promote instruction in the use of the Eurocodes, especia&&' in en*ineerin* schoo&s and as continuous professiona& deve&opment courses for en*ineers and technicians(As part of the #oint $esearch Centres activities to support the en&ar*ement and inte*ration of the European Union, the workshop is dedicated to assistin* the transfer of the ac:uis communautaire ;the bod' of EU &e*is&ation and standards to be imp&emented and monitored< to the New Member, Accession and Candidate Countries().#EC2%3E    )verview of the preparedness of the New Member, Accession and Candidate Countries for adoption of Nationa& tandards on the Eurocodes(  %dentification of the specific prob&ems and of the research and &e*is&ation needs for adoption of Nationa& tandards imp&ementin* Eurocodes(  Echan*e of eperience and views on the strate*' of trainin* and on the e&aboration of *uide&ines and trainin* materia&s(  tren*thenin* of the internationa& co-operation on the methods and approaches for adoption of the Nationa&&' 1etermined 4arameters aimin* at their future harmoni+ation( Contribution to the settin*-up of a network of European ke' research institutions en*a*ed in the assessment of the Nationa&&' 1etermined 4arameters(  Co&&ection and echan*e of information about comp&eted Nationa& Annees(  1irect feedback b' the representatives of the Commission and CEN@2C ! to the potentia& &e*is&ation and technica& prob&ems in the adoption of the Eurocodes(  ettin*-up of an internationa& network of eperts aimin* at information echan*e and co&&aboration(4$)0$AMME   1A >ChairsD M( 0Hradin ;#$C, 8ost<, 0( Caratti ;#$C, Co- or*ani+er<, and A( 4into ;)r*ani+in* Committee<  We&come addresses, #-M( Cadiou, 1irector, %4C, #$C and M( 0Hradin, Unit 8ead, E5A, #$C  0( Caratti, 8ead of Unit, En&ar*ement and Associated %nitiatives, #$C( )pportunities in the #$C En&ar*ement and %nte*rationAction  8( .ossenma'er, Chairman of CEN@2C !( 2he EN Eurocodes and the ro&e of CEN@2C !  8( 0u&vanessian, CEN@2C !( 2he EN Eurocodes for bui&din*s and the ro&e of EN >99! - .asis of structura& desi*nChairsD $( /&ein and #-A( Ca&*aro  $( /&ein, 8ead of Construction Unit at 10 EN2$( %mportance of the Eurocodes for the European Union  8( 0u&vanessian, CEN@2C !( 2he C41 and the EN Eurocodes   4( 5uchin*er, CEN@2C !( Evo&ution of the EN Eurocodes  #-A( Ca&*aro, CEN@2C !( 2he EN Eurocodes forbrid*es ChairsD 8( .ossenma'er and 4( .ar  0( ed&acek, CEN@2C !( Needs for new codification  $( rank and #-A( Ca&*aro, Ico&e Nationa&e des 4onts et ChaussHes( Eurocodes education and trainin*(  3( de 3i&&e, .ureau 0reisch, .e&*ium( App&ication of the Eurocodes in the desi*n of Mi&&au viaduct  5( anpao&esi, Universit' of 4isa, %ta&'( Adoption of the EN- Eurocodes in %ta&'ChairsD 0( ed&acek and M( 0reen&e'  M( 3irtanen, 8ead, innish de&e*ation to CC( Adoption of the EN-Eurocodes in in&and(  A( 4into, E5A Unit, #$C( #$C Contribution to the imp&ementation and further deve&opment of the Eurocodes  ( 1imova and /( Mehr, E5A Unit, #$C( 1eve&opment of the EC web site on the EN Eurocodes and database for the Nationa&&' determined parametersChairsD 8( 0u&vanessian and A( 4into  Juestions and comments 1A ChairsD 3( An*e&ieva and 3( $enda  Nationa& 4resentation from &oveniaD 1( .e*, A( /rasovec-3rhovec and M( 4re*&( Adoption of tructura& Eurocodes in &ovenia  Nationa& 4resentation from C+ech $epub&icD M( 8o&ick' and K( A&daba*hova( Eperience from imp&ementation of Eurocodes in the C+ech $epub&ic  Nationa& 4resentation from EstoniaD #( /ur*, /( 5oorits, /( $aur and E( $ebanne( Adoption of Eurocodes in Estonia ChairsD C( Chr'sostomou and 0( o&omos  Nationa& 4resentation from 8un*ar'D 0( arkas, #( /orda, .( /ovacs and #( +abo( tate of the art concernin* the imp&ementation of EN Eurocodes in 8un*ar'  Nationa& 4resentations from 5atviaD A( teinerts and 1( pro*e( %mp&ementation of Eurocode standards in 5atvia A( 4ae*&itis( 2he use of Eurocodes in transportation infrastructure proects in 5atvia  Nationa& 4resentation from 5ithuaniaD E( Meskauskiene and .( ickus( Nationa& annees of EurocodesD situation in 5ithuaniaChairsD 1( 5un*u and E( 0utierre+
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