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  [ Place State Name Here ] [Place Region Name Here] [PLACE REGIONAL PHOTO HERE] Economic Development Plan [DRAFT/FINAL – Add DATE Here]  Contents Page Stronger Economies Together Iniave2Execuve Summary2Regional Descripon3Region Vision3Introducon3Regional CollaboraonRegional Economic Goals4Regional Economic Development Plan4 [Goal 1]4[Goal 2]4[Goal 3]4[Goal 4]4[Goal 5]4[Goal 6]4 Evidence Base for Plan6Evaluaon Plan6Appendix8 Stronger Economies Together Initiative [SAMPLE TEXT – FEEL FREE TO EDIT] Launched in 2009 by USDA Rural Development in collaboration withthe nation’s Regional Rural Development Centers (RRDC) and their land-grant university partners. Thepurpose of Stronger Economies Together (SET) is to strengthen the capacity of communities in rural Americato work together in developing and implementing an economic development blueprint that strategically buildson the current and emerging economic strengths of their region. Important elements of the Stronger Economies Together program will build collaboration between communities in a region, provides economicanalyses that is tailored to help capture the region’s current or emerging clusters and comparative economicadvantages and is supported by technical assistance provided by land-grant university extension systems tothe regions over a period of several months including the SET training. [REGION] Executive   Summary [SAMPLE TEXT – FEEL FREE TO EDIT] This Regional Economic Development Plan will serve as theroadmap for the future economic development efforts of [PLACE REGION NAME HERE]. Key regionalstakeholders embrace a spirit of regionalism to support this initiative. Implementing the action itemsdescribed within this document will strengthen the ability of the [PLACE REGION NAME HERE] to secure itseconomic future and position it as a competitive region. This plan reflects a nine module planning process withactive participation from business, civic, and community leaders. Significant research and discussions haveled to the development of this plan. DRAFT - Page | 2  [PLACE MAP OF REGION HERE] [Region Name]   Description [INSERT A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE REGION, INCLUDINGGEOGRAPHICAL SPAN, HISTORY OF WORKING TOGETHER, WHYTHIS GEOGRAPHY IS A LOGICAL ECONOMIC REGION][The Region’s applicaon may be a good starng point for someof this wording.] EXAMPLES [Region Name]   Regional   Vision [MODULE 4: PLACE REGIONAL VISION STATEMENT HERE] EXAMPLES Introduction Acknowledgements The [Region Name] Region would like to thank the staff from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, Regional Rural Development Centers, and [Land Grant University] Extension for support throughout the course of this project. We would also like to showour appreciation to [List local sponsors and/or organizations here], thedistinguished individuals that took part in the training sessions, andnumerous other individuals, for their invaluable insight and ideas that led tothe creation of this plan. DRAFT - Page | 3 [PLACE PHOTO HERE [TRAINING SESSION / GROUP] Broadly Supported: PersuasiveKeep in mind throughout thewriting of this document to keep the concepts straightforward and understandable by the general public.  Regional CollaborationRegional Planning Team [Describe the make-up of the Regional Planning Team. Be sure to describe the various sectors that they represent.] Public Input [Describe how the Regional Planning Team sought input from the public during the planning process.] Regional Leadership Support [Describe the support oered my key decision-makers in the region (public endorsements, leers of support, direct parcipaon in planning, oers of resources, etc.] Regional Economic Goals Based on this input from the region coupled with the resources explored throughout the Stronger Economies Together process, we recommend the following goals for the [Region Name] Region: [Add or remove boxes to reect the number of goals for your region] DRAFT - Page | 4 Goal 1: [Writeshortenedgoal] Goal 2: [Writeshortenedgoal] Goal 4: [Writeshortenedgoal] Goal 5: [Writeshortenedgoal] Goal 6:  [Writeshortenedgoal] Goal 3: [Writeshortenedgoal] Broadly Supported: Broad ParticipationPublic InputBuy-In
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