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  -Bolt-Action Scifi Rules-Version 1.6 Rule mods by Jared Blando Rules tweaks/additions: Alternate Activation and Dice Pulling Instead of having a dice for each unit go into the draw bag at the beginning of each turn, each player subtracts a number of his dice equal to the amount of players in the game. For example, if there are two players, each player will subtract two dicefrom going into the bag, leaving a total of four less dice in the bag. If there are three players, each player subtracts three dicefrom his total going into the draw bag. This will increase the games speed, as well as give a further fog of war. Infantry Damage save starts at 3+ base.  -Inexperienced -1-Regular -Armored +1-H. Armored +2 (H.A drops to Armored if hit with any weapon +2 PEN and up)-Veteran +1 MOVEMENT Rates: Walker- 8 in Open terrain - Move as Infantry. Infantry- 6 in Open terrain- Full movement in Rough and Forest. No run through Rough or Forest. Tracked- 9 in Open terrain- Full movement in Rough, Half in Forest. No run through Rough or Forest. Wheeled- 12 in Open terrain- Half movement in Rough and Forest terrain. No run through Rough or Forest. Grav - 12 in Open terrain- Full movement in Rough, Half in Forest terrain. Run through Rough, No run through Forest. Squad Detachments A Squad may leave behind up to three soldiers called a Detachment. This Detachment may only act normally if they arewithin twelve inches of a soldier from the Parent squad (The rest of the Squad with the Sergeant). The squad leader may not be left behind, but MGs and/or AT assets may be.-Squads Share Activation DiceThe Units still follows all the Activation unit die rules, and these units must follow the order given to the Parent unit. If theyare shot at and pinned, so is the parent unit and vice versa, and they share these markers. A squad ordered Down will affectSquad normally, with both obeying the order die, same as when order to Rally. When ordered to Run, neither may shoot, but may move. If a Detachment moves, it may only move if the Squad is given a Run or Advance order, and it may onlymove towards its Parent unit. The Parent unit may not move outside of the twelve inch Detachment bubble.When the Parent is given an Advance or Fire order die, the Detachment may fire at a separate unit than the Parent unit.-Enemy Shooting and CasualtiesIf an Enemy causes casualties on the squad and both Parent and Detachment are in Range and LOS of the enemy, thencasualties are removed from the squad normally. If an Enemy causes casualties but is only in Range and LOS of either Parent or Detachment, then they may only take casualties from whomever they can see (and are firing at!). An opposing player may specify whether he is firing at the Detachment or Parent unit, but will suffer penalties to his shooting accordingto whatever part they are shooting at.  For Example: An enemy Advancing opens fire at a squad Detachment at Long rangeand in a building. The Enemy unit will suffer a -5 to hit ( The Detachment is a Small unit -1, Hard cover-2, Advancing -1, Long Range -1, equals -5 to hit Penalty), forcing them to roll 6's then 6's to score a hit. However, any hits will pin the entire squad, and any casualties caused may only be taken from the Detachment. Any Casualties are tallied up normally whentaking 50% casualties from enemy shooting and forcing a Morale check. Squad Coherency A Squad may spread up to two inches away from each other and still maintain coherency.  Special Rules: Air Support - A Commander (2 nd Lieutenant and up) may act as a Forward air observer for a single turn with no penalty,using the same rules as a Forward Air Observer. A Platoon Sergeant may do the same, though he suffers a -1 to his die rollfor the Air Strike Chart. A Fire order Die must be given to the whole unit. Also an Enemy who also posseses Airsupportmay negate this attack on a 5+. If the Strike is negated, the Strike is lost. If you have already called in an Air strike and anenemy calls one in, you may still roll a 5+ to negate their strike. Advanced Guidence System Marker - AGSMOnce per turn, a friendly unit within 16” of a Unit possessing and AGSM may gain a +1 to hit when launching an ATMissile at an enemy target, as long as the enemy target is also visible to the Unit. If the Unit is Pinned, it may not use thisability. For Snipers- If the Sniper uses the AGSM system before he is issued an activation die and fires at another unit in thesame turn, he will not be able to select the model to be removed from the enemy squad. His spotter is too busy using theAGSM to spot for the sniper. If he fires before using the AGSM, then he may select an enemy model as normal. Anti Missile System – AMS (4+ or 5+)On a D6, 4+ (X+) against successful missile hit negates hit. However an AMS may be overwhelmed with shots on the sameturn. Every shot after the first will decrease the die roll by one on the same turn.  Ex- second missile hit on the same turn will be a 5+ to intercept, the third will be a 6. AT Missiles - AT missiles do not suffer a -1 PEN for over half range due to the nature of the penetrating warhead. Grenade Launchers - Direct fire only.Infantry/Light- (Assault Weapon, 24” Range, D2HE +1 to Hit)Medium- ( Assault Weapon, 36” Range, D3 HE)Automatic- (x 2 shots) Grav Vehicle-   Grav Vehicles move as wheeled vehicles with no restrictions over Rough terrain with the exception of trees. They may NOT move over impassible terrain such as buildings. HQ Comms - Command vehicles have a 24” inch range to grant +1 leadership bonus to vehicles. Vehicles may pass thisLeadership bonus off to an infantry unit within its vicinity up to 6 away. An unmounted infantry unit will benefit from thisLeadership bonus only if its within 8 of a vehicle, OR if its within 16 of the HQ group or Command vehicle. An HQgroup without a Command vehicle has leadership bonus range of 16 . No Shaped Charge Rule . Reactive Armor - ERAWhen a vehicle with Reactive Armor is successfully hit with a Maingun or AT missile with +4 PEN and up, it mayautomatically count its armor as one category higher than it is for the resolution of the hit. (EX: Medium armor goes to Heavy, Heavy goes to Super Heavy, etc.) After the first hit however, the armor is compromised and will only benefit fromthe ERA armor on a D6 roll of 5+ for each hit thereafter. ERA is not used if hit in the Rear arc. Smoke Grenades- (Once per game) –  An infantry squad may use their Smoke Grenades at any time during their turn,whether Assaulting or Advancing, etc. The entire infantry unit counts as having soft cover for giving or receiving fire for the duration of that turn. Smoke Launchers - ( Once per game) –  Vehicle may trigger its Smoke Launchers at any time during its turn, after shooting for example. Smoke gives a vehicle Soft Cover for the rest of the turn when receiving or giving fire. Stabilizers - Vehicle does NOT suffer from the -1 to hit during an Advance order with their main AT gun. Weapon must be+2 PEN and up. Sub-Orbital Insertion  –  A Unit with Sub-Orbital Insertion may deploy normally as other infantry, or may be held inReserve (In ANY mission). If held in Reserve, you may deploy them onto the table at any point during the game, though aReserve LD test must be passed as normal. If you decide to bring them in and you pass your reserve roll, pick an insertion point anywhere on the table and mark it with a token. Roll a D6 and consult the Sub-Orbital Insertion Chart. Once landed,the Unit acts normally, and may receive any order die of the players choosing. (Including a Run order to assault!)  Sub-Orbital Insertion Chart1 - The unit arrives on the token but takes D3 casualties and is Pinned. 2, 3 - The Unit is delayed, put a Down Dice on the Unit. Add a +1 to your next roll on this Chart for this Unit. 4 - The Unit arrives but lands 10” away from the token. Each player rolls a D6, the highest roller moves the unit as theychoose. 5   - The Unit arrives but lands 10” away from the token. Controlling player moves the unit as he chooses. 6 - The Unit arrives on the token! Walker Assault! - When walkers wade into a close combat, they receive a number of dice equal to their size to rollagainst their enemy for the resolution of the combat. Walkers receive Enemy Defensive fire even within 6” they are just too big to surprise anybody! They roll their Attack die first and the enemy removes casualties. Then the enemy rolls his attack die and tallies up the hits. If the hits of the defender outnumber the hits of the Attacker, than the Walker is destroyed. If not,the walker wins the combat and the enemy platoon is destroyed. Walkers may assault vehicles, but follow the same rules as per infantry, and ignore the Tank Terror morale test.Regular walkers are hit on a 4+ in CC, Veteran walkers are hit on a 5+ in CC. Heavy Walkers add +1 to this.Walker Attack DiceLight Walker- 10 Dice, No PENMedium Walker – 8 Dice +1 PENHeavy Walker – 6 Dice +2 PEN UAV Drones–    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Drones are a common sight on the future battlefield, especially as a localizedreconnaissance or attack element. Small and mobile, they provide invaluable assistance to NCOs on the frontlines.Using UAVs- There are three types of UAV's, Recon, Strike, and Jammers. UAVs may be shot at with any weapon with +1PEN and lower, but the shooter will ALWAYS need 6 then 6's to hit. Any enemy shooter more than 18” away may NOTfire at a UAV as they are just too small and fast for heavier weapons to hit, unless those weapons have the FLAK specialrule. A unit in Ambush may fire at them as usual. A UAV drone has a DV of 4+. Hits on a UAV will not Pin the UAV or the Parent unit. UAV's do not count against the squad that launched them for Morale purposes if they are destroyed. If destroyed the Parent squad may not relaunch another UAV for the rest of the game. If the UAV is still alive at the end of theturn, a D6 roll of 4+ will return the UAV to the squad (remove the UAV from the table, and the squad may relaunch it againwhen they are issued another Order die). On a 1-3 the UAV is left on the table and may move again normally once thesquad is issued another Order die. Recon UAV -   A Recon Drone may be launched by an Infantry squad when the squad is issued an Advance, Fire, or anAmbush Order Die. Once Activated, the Recon drone maybe be placed anywhere within 16” of the Parent squad. If theUAV is within 8” of an enemy unit, the UAV may choose to do one of two things.  Reveal - The UAV may Reveal an enemy Hidden unit, in which case the Hidden marker is taken off of the Enemy unit immediately. Target Spotter - The UAV may give a +1 to hit bonus to any friedly unt within 24” and LOS of the target Enemy unit. Thisbonus only applies to one unit in a turn. To be a Target Spotter, the UAV must be within LOS of the Enemy unit. Strike UAV –  A Strike Drone may be launched by an Infantry squad when the squad is issued an Advance, Fire, or anAmbush Order Die. Once Activated, the Strike drone maybe be placed anywhere within 12” of the Parent squad. If theUAV is within 16” of an enemy unit, the UAV may open fire. A Strike UAV has Stabilizers and does not suffer from either Long or Short Range, though it obeys other normal shooting Rules.  Anti Infantry - The UAV opens up on an enemy squad with underslung machineguns. (LMGS, ROF6 Range 16 “)  Anti Tank - The UAV Fires underslung missiles at an enemy vehicle. (Light AT missiles, ROF2, +3 PEN Range 16”) Jammer UAV -   A Jammer Drone may be launched by an Infantry squad when the squad is issued an Advance, Fire, or anAmbush Order Die. Once Activated, the Jammer drone maybe be placed anywhere within 12” of the Parent squad. If theUAV is within 8” of any enemy units, the UAV has a possibility of disrupting the enemies communications.  Satellite Scramble - When an enemy player wants to issue an order to a unit within 8” of a Jammer Drone, that unit must roll a Leadership test (Including Pins). If passed, the unit received the Order die as usual, and the unit may act normally. If the test is failed, the unit may not accept the Order die and the enemy player must issue the Order die to another unit. The Jammer drone may affect multiple units in a turn. If a FUBAR is rolled, the order die is LOST and put aside from the bag  for the duration of the turn.  NATO Force Selection Infantry Platoon1-2 Command Squad3-6 Combat Infantry Squads (No transports)0-2 Combat Vehicles1-5 Support Vehicles1-4 Support UnitsMechanized Infantry Platoon (+1 on die roll to see who is attacking)1 Command Squad (Transport must be taken, but DO NOT count as support vehicles) 2-4 Combat Infantry Squads (Transports must be taken, but DO NOT count as support vehicles) 1-4 Combat Vehicles0-4 Support Vehicles0-2 Support UnitsArmored Platoon (+2 on die roll to see who is attacking)1 Command Squad (Transport must be taken, but DO NOT count as support vehicles) 0-2 Combat Infantry Squads (Transports must be taken, but DO NOT count as support vehicles) 2-7 Combat Vehicles0-3 Support Vehicles0-3 Support Units NATO FORCES
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