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  Resume Writing Tips from India's best executive resume writing and CV development service - Vibranturre: premium professional resume development for senior ...[2/13/2013 6:28:11 PM] India's best executive resume writing serviceHome ServicesApproachEthicsResume TipsTestimonialsBuy Resume Writing Tips Cover Letter Writing Tips Writing your resume or even evaluating the quality of your current resume is often a daunting task.Perhaps the following resume tips will make life easier for you! We have just begun this section; as we goalong there will be many more hot tips for you.1. The basic question first - so what is aresume after all?2. What is the purpose of my resume?3. How long should my resume be?4. What are the key elements of my resume?5. Why bother to sculpt my resume atVibranturre?6. What should be the focus of my resume?7. Where should I list all my weaknesses?8. Vibranturre seems to be a costly option tome - am I right?9. I have expertise in multiple subject areasand want to apply for different positions. CanI?10. What is the first step in writing myresume?11. What are the main guidelines for designand presentation of my resume?12. What should I NOT include in myresume?13. What are the worst things I can do whilewriting my resume?14. Which address should I put down in myresume?15. Should I include my part time workexperience?16. What about references - do I mentionthem in my resume?17. Should I mention my hobbies andinterests?18. What can I do about gaps in my  Resume Writing Tips from India's best executive resume writing and CV development service - Vibranturre: premium professional resume development for senior ...[2/13/2013 6:28:11 PM] employment?19. Do I require a Personal section in myprofessional resume?20. Can I change my job title in my resumeif it does not reflect my job profileappropriately?   1. The basic question first - so what is a resume after all?Your resume is your primary career marketing device. The word r�sum� has a French root meaning summary or synopsis - of your career. More to the point it summarizes your skills, experience,education and achievements, and presents you as a viable and attractive candidate for a job or role. Yourresume makes the first impression on your prospective employer. It is your very own placement agencyand the strongest tool during your job search. Often your resume is your only ally in your hard struggleto get the right job. Your resume is your friend, your sales agent and your personal advertisement.Even fifteen years ago, a recommendation letter might have been considered more important for a jobsearch in India than your resume, but thankfully things have changed for the better, and today most jobsin most Indian private companies are given through a fairly competitive process. Your resume istherefore definitely the most important career document in your life. In your absence - it speaks for you,explains your career progression, focuses on your areas of professional and personal strengths and sellsyou as the ideal person for the applied job. Your resume is a chronicle of what you are, how you haveperformed, what your aspirations are and what you can achieve.2. What is the purpose of your resume?The main purpose of a resume is to win you an invite to a job interview. The common fallacy that aresume is supposed to get you the job will hold only if the job you are applying for is that of a resumewriter!Another extremely crucial purpose of the resume is to support you during the interview. I have seen evenprofessional resume writers often make the mistake of assuming that the complete purpose of a resumeis served when an invitation for the interview arrives. That of course is not the case as even most of thequestions asked by an interviewer are usually based on the direction given by the resume. A goodresume will guide the interviewer towards areas which you want to talk about. Of course those areasshould be your strengths.Yet another critical purpose of your resume includes avoiding the trash can - in the first 30 seconds (bycreating a quick positive impression), in the next 2 minutes (by establishing yourself as not  unsuitable forthe job), in the next 1 hour (by positioning you as an attractive candidate) and in the next few days (bypositioning your profile as superior to the competition).Even if you are not actively seeking a job, your resume will provide you with a sense of direction byforcing a disciplined response to key career questions that face you. Though most often used in the jobcontext your resume might also be required while applying for a freelance project, graduate school or aneducational grant/scholarship.3. How long should your resume be?One page whenever possible. Two pages, if not.Since the purpose is to help the employer make a snap decision (seldom exceeding 2 minutes perresume) about sending you an interview invite, the shorter your resume the better. The length of theresume should be correlated to the time the employer can possible allot for you rather than the length orbreadth of your career. If large multi-billion $ companies, huge cities and historical figures can have theirsketches written in a single page why can't you?In India we do not yet have a standard resume length and I have seen resumes ranging from 1-23pages! I am a strong votary for a single page resume standard in India, which will not only allow clearand concise presentation of a profile, but also save millions of man-hours - for prospective employeesand employers. Having said that, I must affirm that if you are confident of holding the attention andinterest of the employer, I will not object even to a 1000 page treatise!4. What are the key elements of your resume?The key elements of a resume are content, focus, uniqueness, structure and design. Each in it's own wayis critical.Content is king. The message and information that you convey (or do not convey) will decide the fate of your resume. Include all relevant details that will help you but exclude all extraneous data - that above  Resume Writing Tips from India's best executive resume writing and CV development service - Vibranturre: premium professional resume development for senior ...[2/13/2013 6:28:11 PM] everything else should be your focus while developing your resume.Communication, like everything else, works best when unambiguously focused. Choose an area (industry,expertise, function) that you want to focus on and within that define a place for yourself. Since in 99% of the cases the employer is looking at specific requirements, make your positioning as specific as possible -you can easily uncover the employer's focus area with some research.A large number of my clients initially feel that their profile cannot be differentiated from that of theirpeers within the same function. Gradually they come around to my point of view that even identical twinsworking for same company in similar functions cannot possible be identical. So the first step in presentingyourself uniquely (which in the final analysis is THE objective of the entire resume writing exercise) is tounderstand that you ARE unique.Your resume should be structured logically. Ensure that important aspects that you have identified ascritical to your candidature are presented as early as possible (after which they must preferably berepeated and substantiated). Data that can be substantiated should find supportive arguments orincidents earlier than later. The information flow should not be counter-intuitive: e.g. your core jobprofile should precede a listing of your ancillary responsibilities.The visual design of your resume is helpful at two separate levels. Firstly it will attract attention in thecrucial 0.25 seconds of the first look and extend the life of your resume to stage two. Secondly it willmake easier reading once your content convinces the employer to give it a fuller reading.All these will not only help you create a good resume, but will also present you as an intelligentprofessional with organizational, writing, analytical and logical thinking skills.5. Why bother to sculpt your resume at Vibranturre?If you are serious about your career, you require a serious resume to propel your career forward. Youcould be a fresher or a professional with vast experience, male or female, applying in India or abroad, forsenior management position or at entry level. You might be a seasoned professional - Software Engineer,Accountant, CEO, Admin Manager, Design Engineer, Sales Executive, Factory Machinist, Professor, HRExecutive, Hardware Engineer, Scientist - or you might be a graduate seeking your first job through acampus interview. If it is a truly remarkable resume that you require, then Vibranturre is definitely theplace for you.Vibranturre is almost certainly the best resume writing service in India (and Asia), and one of the best inthe world. So if you believe that yours must be the finest resume that money can buy, you are just aclick awayfrom it.6. What should be the focus of my resume?The hero of this single-page script, your resume, is indubitably - YOU.For most people their resume is often the only biography that is ever written of them. So go ahead andpresent yourself in the best possible light.Approach the resume as if you are creating an advertisement for you - and you actually are too! Talkabout what makes you valuable to a prospective employer and what made you valuable to your earlieremployers. Underscore your skills, strengths and expertise areas with appropriate accomplishments fromyour work history. List your relevant academic achievements and qualifications. Show that you are thebest - after all the objective of this entire exercise is to choose one (or more) of the best from a selectionof competing candidates.7. Where should I list all my weaknesses? Perhaps in your autobiography, or in a letter to your fianc�e or fianc�, or maybe even as a confessional for self-improvement - but certainly not in your resume. Your resume is your own personalizedadvertisement - which is the last ad you have seen that lists all the weaknesses or problems of theproduct?Whenever you feel that a particular facet or characteristic might work to your disadvantage, go rightahead and delete it from your resume. Take an exception to this rule only if you feel strongly that amissing piece of information is too obvious or that it might convey a deliberately incomplete image of your self. Of course, if you have the skills to do it, the best option is to neutralize a weakness bydeemphasizing its importance (through positioning, using language or by juxtaposition with a strength).Having said that, understanding your weaknesses (either through introspection or through talks withfriends and colleagues) will be of immeasurable help either in an interview context or more critically inchoosing job positions that use your strengths most aptly.8. Vibranturre seems to be a costly option to me - am I right?Whether it is getting a job, catching a train, negotiating a deal, winning a date, running a marathon..whatever.. in the final analysis whether you lose or gain depends on a thin margin of error. Maybe thefact that Vibranturre is probably Asia's bestresumewriting service might be the difference that will win  Resume Writing Tips from India's best executive resume writing and CV development service - Vibranturre: premium professional resume development for senior ...[2/13/2013 6:28:11 PM] the day for you. Do you think you deserve the best? Then perhaps Vibranturre is your next call.You are the best judge of the value of your resume and in the larger perspective, your career.Quantitatively analyzing the worth of your man-days might be an objective method starting this process.So assuming you are drawing a salary of Rs.100,000 per month, and assuming you work 25 days amonth, your daily earning is Rs.4,000. Similarly a salary of Rs.50,000 would work out to daily earningsof Rs.2,000 and a salary of Rs.200,000 would work out to daily earnings of Rs.8,000.Now decide if your payment for a truly high quality resume can save you, in time and effort calculations,what you might save by getting a job earlier. Decide if the cost is worth the comfort of facing yourinterview with greater confidence. Decide if the cost is worth knowing that you will probably beconsidered a superior candidate based on the sheer quality of the resume alone. Of course I am not evenbeginning to calculate the value of being short-listed for an interview, when without a truly standoutresume, you would not have been invited for the interview.Perhaps you can also compare it with what that value represents in terms of other purchases. Let us takespecifics. What you pay for your resume might be roughly equal to the cost of a two night stay in a hotelsuite. So? The decision is still yours to make.9. I have expertise in multiple subject areas and want to apply for different positions. Can I?Sure... with different resumes.While an individual might possess the skills to apply for jobs in varied functions and industries, even thebest resume can seldom achieve such a multi-tasking proficiency. The reason is simple: differentsuccessful job pursuits involve different presentations about the self, different interview answers andaltogether different approaches. Since the requirements and expectations from different jobs might varygreatly, you naturally assume the appropriate cultural mindset for the specific job.Obviously the resume cannot change itself automatically! So when applying for different job profiles doapply with separately customized resumes for each targeted job. In fact even when applying to the SAMEdesignation and function in different companies try to send focused resumes that highlight your differing,specific potential value to each employer.Aim everywhere and you will get nowhere. So choose carefully and focus determinedly.10. What is the first step in writing my resume?Introspect deeply. This introspection is the most critical part of your resume creation process. Talk to theperson who knows you best - yourself - and answer critical questions about what you want to achievethrough your resume. Delineate your objectives, target industries/companies, functional and professionalstrengths and expertise areas. Ask yourself questions that you might expect in a tough job interview -find objections to your candidature and incorporate rebuttals within the body of your resume, whenevernecessary (remember that listing all weaknesses is wrong strategy). At Vibranturre our intensive one-hour discussion session is designed specifically to force introspection through the right questions(different for each person) and uncover all main aspects of your profile.Make extensive notes on yourself, your academics, your skill sets and each of your job tenures. Bug yourspouse and close friends to make brief SWOT analyses of YOU. Ask skilled friends or qualifiedprofessionals to conduct mock interviews. Once you have used all these avenues the resume writingprocess can begin.11. What are the main guidelines for design and presentation of my resume?Visually the resume should be attractive and easy to read. A single look should automatically draw theattention of the reader to the main 1-2 points you want to strongly convey. Please ensure quality in eachfacet of your presentation.Paper: In India use size A4 sheets (8.27 width and 11.69 height) and print only on one side of thepaper. Standard size is preferred as it allows the employer to easily file your resume. While white or off-white paper is the standard feel free to use other light colored papers - if you feel that your personality,that of the applied for job and that of the employer allow it.Font: Use clear typefaces like Verdana, Times New Roman, Helvetica or Tahoma. Font size ranging from 9to 14 points is best: however different fonts have different sizes for the same font size, so use asappropriate. Preferably use just a single font or expand the selection to two, to include an additional fontfor emphasis or headings.Cover: Do NOT fold the resume. Use an A4+ or foolscap hard paper cover to mail your resume. Type theaddress clearly at front and back.Printing: Laser print your resume. Its simple, effective and cheap.Design Consistency: Follow simple and consistent rules of design within your resume. Italics, alignment,boldface, bulleting, underlining, and font sizes should reflect similar ideas throughout the resume. Forexample, if your first header is middle aligned and bold, the next one should be too; or job dates are inmonth/year format they should be similar throughout the resume.
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