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  Grades 1 to 12 Daily Lesson Log   School ZAMBALES NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Grade Level GRADE 11 Teacher CHRISTIAN A. TORRES Learning Area PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Teaching Dates and Time MARCH 06-10, 2017 Quarter Second Quarter/Unit 4 Session 1 (March 06, 2017) Session 2 (March 06, 2017) Session 3 (March 06, 2017) Session 4 (March 06, 2017) Session 5 (March 06, 2017) I. OBJECTIVES Objectives must be met over the week and connected to the curriculum standards. To meet the objectives, necessary procedures must be followed and if needed, additional lessons, exercises and remedial activities may be done for developing content knowledge and competencies. These are assessed using Formative Assessment strategies. Valuing objectives support the learning of content and competencies and enable children to find significance and joy in learning the lessons. Weekly objectives shall be derived from the curriculum guides. A. Content Standard The learners demonstrate understanding external factors influencing career choices and his/her personal development as an important component of setting career and life goals.   B. Performance Standard The learners shall make a career plan based on his/her personal goal, and external factors influencing career choices and analyse his/her personal development as an important component of setting career and life goals.   C. Learning Competencies Write the LC code for each. The Learners: 13.1discuss the external factors influencing career choices that may help in career decision making. EsP-PD11/12CP-IIg-13.1 The Learners: 13.2 identify pros and cons of various career options with the guidance of parent, teacher or counsellor, EsP-PD11/12CP-IIg-13.2 The Learners: 14.1 explain the factors in  personal development that may guide him/her in making important career decisions as adolescents. EsP-PD11/12IOPD-IIi-14.1   The Learners: 14.2 share insights that make him/her realize the importance of personal development in making a career decision as adolescent. EsP-PD11/12IOPD-IIi-14.2   The Learners: 14.3. construct a creative visualization of his/her  personal development through of the various stages he/she went through, stressors etc. EsP-PD11/12IOPD-IIi-14.3   II.CONTENT CAREER PATHWAYS III. LEARNING RESOURCES List the materials to be used in different days. Varied sources of materials sustain children’s interest in the lesson and in learning . Ensure that there is a mix of concrete and manipulative materials as well as paper-based materials. Hands-on learning promotes concept development. A. References Teacher’s Guide in Senior High School (Personal Development)   1. Teacher’s Guide pages   2. Learner’s Material pages  3. Textbook pages 4. Additional Material from Learning Resource (LR) Portal B. Other Learning Resources IV. PROCEDURES These steps should be done across the week. Spread out the activities appropriately so that students will learn well. Always be guided by demonstration of learning  by the students which you can infer from formative assessment activities. Sustain learning systematically by providing students with multiple ways to learn new things, practice their learning, question their learning processes, and draw conclusions about what they learned in relation to their life experiences and previous knowledge. Indicate the time allotment for each step.  A. Reviewing previous lesson or  presenting the new lesson. Ask the learners on the last week’s lesson  The teacher will do the recap of yesterday’s lesson  The teacher will ask the learners on the previous topic in Profession or Ask the learners “Are you the master of your own emotions? And the learners will answer promptly with different answers and opinions. Let the learners review the lesson. B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson The teacher will ask what are the least learned and so, the teacher will initiate the discussion The teacher will ask the learners the profession they want in the near future.. The teacher will present the topic by a video  presentation on how to find love. The teacher will present the topic by discussing the “ Types of Responses”   the Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive Responses.   The teacher will administer Post test C. Presenting Examples/ instances of the new lesson To start up the review for the upcoming quarterly exam, the teacher will discuss the least learned topic: Mental illness The teacher will collate ideas and opinions The learners will cite opinions and examples and will have an open session. D. Discussing new concepts and  practicing new skills #1 The teacher will enumerate the kinds of mental illness and its onset. The teacher will discuss the 10 ways/rules for finding love and creating long lasting, authentic relationship E. Discussing new concepts and  practicing new skills #2 Do the activity: I know the signs of a healthy relationship F. Developing mastery (Leads to Formative Assessment 3) G. Finding practical applications of concepts and skills in daily living For their activity, they have to do the activity MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL. Wherein they will portray their characters with outfits of their dream jobs. The learners will be group into three and will role play regarding the types of responses. H. Making generalizations and abstractions about the lesson The learners acknowledge and realize of having a good mental health. The learners generalize the topic Ask the students how their emotions effect by the lesson. The learners presented and acquired knowledge. Check the post test and review their scores I. Evaluating learning J. Additional activities for application or remediation V. REMARKS VI. REFLECTION Reflect on your teaching and assess yourself as a teacher. Think about your students’ progress this week. What works? What else needs to be done to help the students learn? Identify what help your instructional supervisors can provide for you so when you meet them, you can ask them relevant questions.  A. No.of learners who earned 80% on the formative assessment B. No.of learners who require additional activities for remediation. C. Did the remedial lessons work?  No.of learners who have caught up with the lesson. D. No.of learners who continue to require remediation E. Which of my teaching strategies worked well?Why did these work? F. What difficulties did I encounter which my principal or supervisor can help me solve? G. What innovation or localized materials did I use/discover which I wish to share with other teachers? Prepared by:    Noted: CHRISTIAN A. TORRES ROWENA D. MENDEZ Teacher SHS Assistant Principal II
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