P11D Expenses Benefits 2019

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    A   B   £   £   £   £   E   / /   Cash   equivalent   or    relevant   amount   £   £   £   / /   £   £   £   1A   1A   1A   1A   Gross   amount   or    amount   foregone    Amount   made   good   or    from   which   tax   deducted    Amount   made   good   or    from   which   tax   deducted   / /   / // /   / /   Cost/market   value   or    amount   foregone   £   £   / /   / /   F   C   D   £   £   £   £   Mileage   allowance   payments   not   taxed   at   source   Living   accommodation   Vouchers   and   credit   cards   14   £   9   £   10   £   Cash   equivalent   or    relevant   amount   Cash   equivalent   or    relevant   amount   Assets   transferred   (cars,   property,   goods   or   other   assets)   Description   of    asset   Payments   made   on   behalf    of    employee   Description   of    payment   Tax   on   notional   payments   made   during   the    year    not   borne   by   employee   within   90   days   of    5    April   2019   Cash   equivalent   or    relevant   amount   of    accommodation   provided    for    employee,   or    his/her     family   or    household.   Exemptions   do   not   apply   if    using   Optional   Remuneration    Arrangements   read   P11D   Guide   Enter    the   mileage   allowances   in   excess   of    the   exempt   amounts   only   where    you’ve   not   been   able   to   tax   this   under    PAYE.   The   exemptions   do   not   apply   if    using   Optional   Remuneration    Arrangements   read   P11D   Guide   for    2018   to   2019   Cars   and   car   fuel   -  if    more   than   2   cars   were   made   available,   either    at   the   same   time   or    in   succession,   please   give   details   on   a   separate   sheet   Car   1   Car    2   Make   and   model   Date    first   registered   DD   MM    YY    Approved   CO 2   emissions    figure    for    cars   registered   on   or    after    1   January   1998   tick   box   if    the   car    does   not   have   an   approved   CO 2   figure   g/km   g/km   Engine   size   cc   cc   Type   of     fuel   or    power    used   please   use   the   key   letter    shown   in   the   P11D   Guide   Dates   car    was   available   DD   MM    YY   From   To   From   To   List   price   of    car    including   car    and   standard   accessories   only:   if    there’s   no   list   price ,   or    if    it’s   a   classic   car,   employers   read   tax   guide   480    Accessories   all   non-standard   accessories,   read   P11D   Guide   Capital   contributions   (maximum   £5,000)   the   employee   made   towards   the   cost   of    car    or    accessories    Amount   paid   by   employee    for    private   use   of    the   car    Total   cash   equivalent   or   relevant   amount   of   all   cars   made   available   in   2 18   to   2 19   Total   cash   equivalent   or   amount   foregone   on   fuel   for   all   cars   made   available   in   2 18   to   2 19   do   not   complete   the   ‘From’   box   if    the   car    was   available   on   5    April   2018   or    the   ‘To’   box   if    it   continued   to   be   available   on   6    April   2019   Date    free    fuel   was   withdrawn   tick   if    reinstated   in    year,   read   P11D   Guide   Cash   equivalent   or    relevant   amount    for    each   car    Cash   equivalent   or    amount    foregone   on    fuel    for    each   car    –   =   –   =   Taxable   amount   Read   P11D   Guide   for    details   of    cars   that   have   no   approved   CO 2   figure   Read   P11D   Guide   for    details   of    cars   that   have   no   approved   CO 2   figure    Value   of    vouchers   and   payments   made   using   credit   cards   or    tokens    for    qualifying   childcare   vouchers   read   section   M   of    the   P11D   Guide   12   £   13   £   12   £   15   £   P11D   Expenses   and    benefits   2018   to   2019   Make   sure    your    entries   are   clear    on   both   sides   of    the   form.   Employer    name     Note   to   employer    Fill   in   this   return   for    a   director    or    employee   for    the    year    to   5    April   2019.   Send   all    your    P11Ds   and   one   P11D(b)   by   6   July   2019   to   the   address   on   the   back   of    this   form.   If     you   registered   online   for    payrolling   before   6    April   2018,   do   not   include   payrolled   benefits   on   the   P11D.   For    more   information,   go   to   guidance/paying-your-employees-expenses-and-benefits-through-your-payroll   Employer    PAYE   reference   Employee   name   Date   of    birth   in    figures   (if    known)   If    a   director    tick   here    Works   number/department   National   Insurance   number    Gender    M   –   Male   F   –   Female   Note   to   employee   Keep   this   form   in   a   safe   place.    You’ll   need   it   to   complete    your    2018   to   2019   tax   return   if     you   get   one.   The   box   numberings   on   this   form   are   the   same   as   on   the   ‘Employment’   page   of    the   tax   return.   D D M M Y Y Y Y   Surname   First   name(s)   Employers   pay   Class   1A   National   Insurance   contributions   on   most   benefits.   These   are   shown   in   boxes   which   are   brown   and   have   a   1A   indicator   15   £        P     1     1     D     (     2     0     1     9     )     H     M     R     C     0     1     /     1     9
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