Journal of Arboriculture 14(3): March 1988 79 TOWNS WITH TREE NAMES by F.W. Holmes Almost as a hobby I began two years ago to Because the American people came from every enter on two data base computer diskettes, from a land in the world, so do our U.S. place names. In zip-code (postal code) manual, the names of all certain cases I chanced to know that a town name U.S. cities and towns with tree names. The tw
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  Journal of Arboriculture 14(3): March 198879 TOWNS WITH TREE NAMES by F W Holmes Almost as a hobby I began two years ago toenter on two data base computer diskettes, from a zip-code (postal code) manual, the names of allU.S. cities and towns with tree names. The twofiles now contain 2,210 entries: 1,293 names ofparticular tree kinds (Black Oak, Arkansas 72414)and 917 with names about trees in general(Edgewood, Georgia 31907). For oaks, 183towns have been named For particular trees, I also entered a category word.  In the case of foreign words, I used theEnglish meaning (Boston, from Dutch bos =forest).The data can be listed by state(s), town(s), zip code,  and genus/category; eight different tablesare possible. Each table can be sorted within onecategory by another category. For example, alltowns in Massachusetts that are named for  elm,  orall particular tree-named towns in Illinois, or allstates that have a town with a certain name.Figure  1  shows the U.S. towns named for walnut,and Figure 2 shows the particular tree-namedtowns in West Virginia. WalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutWalnutBottomCoveCreekCreekGroveGroveGroveGroveGroveGroveHillHillHillRidgeShadeSprings Street DaytonWalnutgroveWalnutport NCMSKSCAIAPAPANCOHCAMOALMSIKCAMNVAFLTXAKMOTXOHGAPA 28753386836678091789515771708217266270524468794596657703599039189425639569056180238033256875220724766577176690454123020918088JuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglansJuglans Because the American people came from  every land in the world, so do our U.S. place names. Incertain cases I chanced to know that a town namewent beck to a tree name in the Dutch, German, orFrench language. For Spanish names in the  Puer to Rico list, I consulted a Guatemalan refugee.And in a few cases  I  know that a town name from acertain American Indian language meant a tree(Orono.Maine and Chicopee,Massachusetts bothmean an area of elm trees). But: 1.  The very many tribal languages among ourIndians may have introduced many moretree names into our town names, where onlythe local inhabitants would know. 2.  Town names in the U.S. may derive from anyof the world's languages. WV Apple GroveWV Ash fordWV AshlandWV AshtonWV Beech BottomWV Birch RiverWV BloomingroseWV CatawbaWV Cedar GroveWV CedarvilleWV Cherry GroveWV Cherry  Bun WV Crab OrchardWV  Elm  GroveWV FilbertWV HazelgreenWV HazeltonWV HemlockWV HollywoodWV IvydaleWV LindenWV Little BirchWV MaplewoodWV MyrtleWV  Oak  HillWV OakvaleWV OsageWV  Paw Paw WV Peach CreekWV Pine GroveWV PinevilleWV PineyWV Piney ViewWV Sugar GroveWV White  Oak WV Willow BendWV Willow Island25502250092481025503260302661025024265642503926611268032541825827260032483526367265352622524947251132525626629258742568425901247392654325434256392641924874264202590626815259892499226190MalusFraxinusFraxinusFraxinusFagusBetulaRosaCatalpaJuniperusJuniperusPrunusPrunusMalusUlmusCory 1 usCory 1 usCorylusTsugaIlexParthenocissusTiliaBetulaAcerVincaQuercusQuercusMaduraAsiminaPrunus persicaPinusPinusPinusPinusAcer saccharumQuercusSalixSalix Figure 1Figure 2  80Holmes: Towns With Tree Names3. Many named communities may have noseparate postal code number or no separatetown government, yet they appear on mapsand bear tree names.This article,  then,  is an appeal for input from ISAmembers. You know your state. Which of yourtowns have names of trees (English or any otherlanguage, especially in languages of Indian tribesin your area)? Please send your information to:F.W. Holmes, 24 Berkshire Terrace, Amherst,Massachusetts 01002. And, if you would like mytwo lists for your state, send a #10 envelopebearing your name and address, plus $1.00 (forpostage and photocopying).  irector Shade Tree LaboratoriesUniversity of MassachusettsAmherst Massachusetts 01003 INDICES TO THIRTEEN YEARS OF ISA RESEARCHGRANTS by Francis W Holmes The Memorial Research Trust of the International Society of Arboriculture supports research on treecare with grants. The projects are prioritized by a research committee of the ISA and selected by thetrustees of the Memorial Research Trust. A major component in the selection procedure is the usefulnessof the obtained data to the arborist. The Trust through 1987 had distributed funds to 132 projects. Thesecover a wide range of subjects and have been distributed to several states, provinces, institutions andscientists. The four indices that follow will illustrate the scope and distribution.The number in the index that follows the subject or name refers to the number of the grant. These arelisted in your 1987 ISA Yearbook beginning on page 27. Please refer to this yearbook for a more com-plete understanding of these indices. SUBJECT INDEX Acclimatizing treesAdapting to land-fill gas......role of mycorrhizaeAdaptability to poorly aerated soilsAir pollutionAnatomical effectsAnti-viral compoundsArborist practices (I.P.M.)Apple scab controlApple tree borer, flat-headed......control ofArid environment  rmiliarla  mellea... ...rhizomorph development Ash,  remedy for chlorosis53114507,354544711001111109798Austrian pine, improvement ofBackfill effects on rootsBacteria, xylem-related (oak scorch)Bagworm populationsBark-beetles (elm)   .attracted by pruning on wrong date 104...feeding on elms 79Barrier zones (re vascular combium) 73Baskets, wire, effects on tree growth 113Benefits of trees 7Benomyl 2Beta-glucoside level/microbial ecology...... of salt-injured sugar maples 91Biochemical effects 45Biological controls 61, 669046756504BirchBirch, paper...defoliation stress vs. borers   .moisture stress vs. borers...nutrient stress vs. borers   .resistance to bronze birch borer31,34123123123123Borers  31,  34, flat-headed, in maple, controM 11...bronze birch, resistance in paper...birch 123...entomogenous nematodes against 129...two-lined chestnut, prediction in...oaks 130Branch dieback, of dogwood 69  ursaphelenchus  lignicolus  51
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