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PROPRIETARRY DATA NOT TO BE DISCLOSED OR REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF BHEL. BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED 235-029 DEPT.235 – TIRUCHIRAPALLI – 620 014 Non-Destructive Testing BHE:NDT:PB:UT- 01 Revision 08 Page 1 of 29 PROCEDURE FOR ULTRASONIC EXAMINATION OF WELDS -----------------------------------------------------Prepared : M.S.Ramachandran Manager/NDT Level III -----------------------------------------------------Reviewed : R.J.Pardikar Manager/NDT Level III ------------------
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   235-029 BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED DEPT.235 – TIRUCHIRAPALLI – 620 014Non-Destructive Testing   BHE:NDT:PB:UT- 01Revision 08Page 1 of 29 P R OP RI  E T ARRYDAT A N OT T  OBE DI   S  C L  O S E D ORRE P R OD U C E D WI  T H O UT   PROCEDURE FOR ULTRASONIC EXAMINATION OF WELDS------------------------------------------------------Prepared : M.S.RamachandranManager/NDTLevel III------------------------------------------------------Reviewed : R.J.PardikarManager/NDTLevel III------------------------------------------------------Approved : P.S.SubrahmanyamSr.Manager/NDTSr.Level III-------------------------------------------------------Effective from : May 26, 1997.   235-029 BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED DEPT.235 – TIRUCHIRAPALLI – 620 014Non-Destructive Testing   BHE:NDT:PB:UT- 01Revision 08Page 2 of 29 P R OP RI  E T ARRYDAT A N OT T  OBE DI   S  C L  O S E D ORRE P R OD U C E D WI  T H O UT   RECORD OF REVISION---------------------------------------------------Revn Rev. Details of RevisionNo Date---------------------------------------------------06 28-3-94 Revised in entirety.07 01-08-96 Revised in entirety.08 01-04-97 Revised to merge and replaceBHE:NDT:PB:UT:01/01,01/02,01/03,11,13,14,16,17 & 25 to represent asa single procedure.---------------------------------------------------   235-029 BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED DEPT.235 – TIRUCHIRAPALLI – 620 014Non-Destructive Testing   BHE:NDT:PB:UT- 01Revision 08Page 3 of 29 P R OP RI  E T ARRYDAT A N OT T  OBE DI   S  C L  O S E D ORRE P R OD U C E D WI  T H O UT   1.0 SCOPE1.1 This procedure defines the requirements of equipment,calibration, examination procedure and acceptance standardsfor ultrasonic examination of ferritic welds that is requiredto be performed by contract or referencing code for thefollowing products :a) Butt,corner and Tee joints in components of boilers, Pressurevessels , heat-exchangers and HP/LP bypass sulzer Valves,with a dia greater than 120 mm and thickness equal to orgreater than 10 mm.b) Butt joints in pipes of dia greater than 120 mm and thicknessequal to or greater than 10 mm .c) Butt joints in boiler pipes/tubes í 31.8 to 120 mm andthickness 3.6 mm to 13 mm.2.0 REFERENCE2.1 ASME Section I/V/VIII Divn. 1&2,/1995 & 1996 Addenda.3.0 EQUIPMENT3.1 The equipment shall be of pulse - echo type that responds tofrequencies 1 MHz to 6 MHz.3.1.1 Krautkramer/Germany and equivalent models will be used.3.2 Equipment Calibration3.2.1 The Screen height linearity and amplitude control linearityshall be performed in accordance with BHE:NDT:UT:Calib:1at the beginning of each period of extended use or every 3months whichever is less.3.3 Probes3.3.1 Probes can be either single or dual transducer elements. Probeswith curved contact wedges may be used to improve ultrasoniccoupling in which case calibration shall be done with contactwedges used during the examination.3.3.2 The nominal probe frequency shall be 2 MHz. High frequency(4 MHz) probes will be used to improve flaw resolution and flawlength dimensioning. Frequency < 2 MHz will be used to assureadequate penetration, when coarse grain structures areencountered.   235-029 BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED DEPT.235 – TIRUCHIRAPALLI – 620 014Non-Destructive Testing   BHE:NDT:PB:UT- 01Revision 08Page 4 of 29 P R OP RI  E T ARRYDAT A N OT T  OBE DI   S  C L  O S E D ORRE P R OD U C E D WI  T H O UT   3.4 Couplant3.4.1 Grease - oil mix ,oil or glycerine will be used ascouplant. The couplant used for the examination shall be thesame that is used for calibration.4.0 PERSONNEL QUALIFICATION4.1 Personnel performing examinations shall be qualified inaccordance with BHE:NDT:G :CRT: The testing andevaluation shall be conducted by minimum Level-IPersonnel.5.0 SURFACE PREPARATION5.1 For longitudinal flaw scanning the base metal on both surfacesand each side of the weld shall be free of weld spatter,impurities, rust, scale, foreign matter and disturbingunevenness for appropriate skip distances to allow free movementof probes.5.2 For transverse flaw scanning where the weld surfaceinterferes with the examination, both inner & outer weld surfacesshall be flush ground to permit examination.6.0 EXAMINATION6.1 The entire volume of the weld inclusive of adjacent base metalshall be examined by moving the probe over the examinationsurface. During scanning the probes shall be moved to and fro,with swiveling action of 10º to15º on either side withoverlap between successive scannings. Each pass of theprobe shall over-lap aminimum of 10% of the crystal element dimensionperpendicular to the direction of the scan.6.2 Rate of probe movement6.2.1 The rate of probe movement for examination shall be < 150 mm/sec.6.3 Angle beam/Longitudinal flaw scanning6.3.1 The angle beam shall be directed at 90ø to the weld axis.The probe shall be manipulated so that ultrasonic energy passesthrough the required volumes of weld and adjacent base material.
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