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  Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.SEL-487B-1 Data Sheet Busbar and Breaker Failure Protection, Automation, and Control System The SEL-487B-1 Relay provides bus current differential protection, circuit breaker failure protection, andbackup overcurrent protection. The relay has 21 analog current inputs and three analog voltage inputs. Forbuses with no more than seven terminals, use one SEL-487B-1 in a single-relay application. For buses witheight to ten terminals, use two SEL-487B-1 relays. For buses with up to 21 terminals, use three SEL-487B-1relays; each relay provides up to six independent and adaptable zones of protection. Contact SEL Research &Development for methods on protecting larger systems. Major Features and Benefits ➤ Busbar differential protection operates in less than one cycle to increase system stability margins andreduce equipment damage. ➤ Flexible zone selection and six differential zones provide protection for multiple busbar applications. ➤ Failed CT detection elements reliably indicate open and shorted CTs for alarming and/or blocking. ➤ Differential protection accommodates up to 10:1 CT ratio mismatch without auxiliary CTs. ➤ Differential protection is secure for external faults with minimal CT requirements. ➤ Breaker failure protection for each terminal integrates bus and breaker failure protection. ➤ Instantaneous and inverse time-overcurrent elements provide backup protection for each terminal. ➤ Negative- and zero-sequence over- and undervoltage elements provide for differential element supervision. ➤ Interconnect with automation systems using IEC 61850 or DNP3 protocols directly or DNP3 through aCommunications Processor. Use FTP for high-speed data collection. ➤ Record a wide range of system events with up to 8 kHz sampling rates, and as much as 24 seconds of data per COMTRADE compliant event report. ➤ Three dedicated check zones are available in each relay to supervise complex bus differential schemes. SEL-487B-1 Relay  SEL-487B-1 Data SheetSchweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. 2 Functional Overview Figure1SEL-487B-1 Relay Basic Functions in a Double-Bus Application SEL-487B-1 Relay ã Phase-Segregated Measurementã 10:1 CT Mismatchã Stability Against CT Saturationã Open CT Detectionã Single-Relay Protection System: 2 Three-Phase Zones for up to 7 Terminalsã Two-Relay Protection System: 3 Three-Phase Zones for up to 10 Terminalsã Three-Relay Protection System: 6 Three-Phase Zones for up to 21 Terminalsã Dynamic Zone Selectionã Three Independent Check Zonesã Monitor Logic for 60 Disconnectsã Breaker Failure Protection for Each Terminalã 50 and 51 for Each Terminalã Voltage Inputs for Phase, Negative- and Zero-Sequence Elementsã I/O (Fully Equipped: 1 Main, 4 I/O Boards)* 74 Common and 29 Independent Inputs; 24 High-Speed, High-Current Outputs and 16 Standard Outputsã Expanded SEL OGIC ® Control Equationsã Station Battery Monitorã COMTRADE Oscillography of up to 8 kHz resolutionã 1000 Sequential Events Recorder Events and 250 Monitoring Pointsã Ethernet Support**ã DNP3 Level 2 Slave (Serial and LAN/WAN)**ã IEC 61850 Support**ã Differential Current, Phase Current, and Voltage Meteringã Disconnect Status and Travel Monitoringã Four EIA-232 Serial Ports * Standard Main Board: 7 Inputs, 8 Outputs Optional I/O Board: 2 Groups of 9 Common Inputs, 6 Independent Inputs, 8 Outputs **Optional Feature 8752-3 52-4 3333333 52-127/595052-251 51 5151 51 5150BF 50BF 50BF50BF 50BF 50BFZone 2Zone 150 50 5050 508752-5Zone 1 Zone 2PTTie Breaker89 89 89 8989 89  Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.SEL-487B-1 Data Sheet 3 Protection Features Order the 9U chassis version of the SEL-487B-1 to equipthe relay with a maximum of four interface boards. Withfour interface boards, the relay has a total of 103 inputs(72common inputs and 31 independent inputs) and40outputs (24 high-speed, high-current interrupting out-puts and 16 standard outputs).Order the 7U chassis version of the SEL-487B-1 to equipthe relay with a maximum of two interface boards. Withtwo interface boards, the relay has a total of 55 inputs(36common inputs and 19 independent inputs) and24outputs (12high-speed, high-current interruptingoutputs and 12standard outputs).The 7U and 9U chassis options for the SEL-487B-1 bothcontain 21 current inputs and three voltage inputs.With the flexibility of the expanded SEL OGIC  controlequations, you need no external auxiliary relays toconfigure the relay for complex busbar arrangements.The SEL-487B-1 provides station-wide protectionthrough the use of up to six zones of differentialprotection, advanced zone selection algorithms, and per-terminal breaker failure and overcurrent protection. Dynamic Zone Configuration The SEL-487B-1 dynamically assigns the input currentsto the correct differential elements without the need forauxiliary relays. Connect the digital inputs from the bus-bar disconnect auxiliary contacts directly to the relay.SEL OGIC control equations and zone selection logic willcorrectly assign the currents to the differential elements,even for complex bus arrangements such as the one in Figure 2 .Busbar configuration information, as a function of thedisconnect status, is readily available. Figure 3  depictsthe response of the relay to the ZONE  command,showing the terminals and bus-zones assigned to eachprotection zone. Figure2Bus-Zone Protection Based on Disconnect Switch Positions 52525252SiliconZone 1Zone 2Zone 4Zone 3Helium52Argon52LithiumKrypton52SodiumNeonNorth52BoronEastWestSouthDS1DS2DS3  SEL-487B-1 Data SheetSchweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. 4 =>> ZONE <Enter> BUS PROTECTIONRinadel StationTerminals in Protection Zone 1HELIUM SILICONBus-Zones in Protection Zone 1NORTHTerminals in Protection Zone 2BORON ARGON LITHIUM Bus-Zones in Protection Zone 2EASTTerminals in Protection Zone 3SILICON KRYPTONBus-Zones in Protection Zone 3SOUTHTerminals in Protection Zone 4SODIUM NEONBus-Zones in Protection Zone 4WEST =>> Figure3Result of ZONE Command Indicating the Protection Zone Configuration According to Disconnect Switch PositionsFigure4Bus Arrangement With Disconnect DS2 Closed; the New Zone 1 That Includes Bus-Zones North and East =>> ZONE <Enter> BUS PROTECTIONRinadel StationTerminals in Protection Zone 1HELIUM SILICON BORON ARGON LITHIUMBus-Zones in Protection Zone 1NORTH EASTTerminals in Protection Zone 3SILICON KRYPTONBus-Zones in Protection Zone 3SOUTHTerminals in Protection Zone 4SODIUM NEONBus-Zones in Protection Zone 4WEST =>> Figure5Result of ZONE Command, Showing the Protection Zone Configuration After Zone 1 Merges With Zone 2 5252525252525252SiliconZone 4Zone 1Zone 3HeliumBoronArgonLithiumKryptonSodiumNeonNorthEast WestSouthDS1DS2 DS3
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