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  First Long Quiz in Research I (English for Science and Technology) II – Maharlika SY 2013 – 2014Prepared by: Virgo M. Gulan Name: ________________________________________Group: ________________Score: _____________ I. True or False . Determine the accuracy of each statement about technical writing by clearly writing “True” if it is correct or“False” if otherwise. (1.5 pts each) ______1. Technical writing is a type of exposition about scientific, engineering, and other allied technical subjects. ______2. Technical writing aims to convey information in objective, impartial, and accurate manners through the absence ofemotion or personal prejudices or opinions. ______3. Technical writing seeks to entertain the readers through various styles of writing, depending upon the choice of the writer. ______4. In using abbreviations and acronyms in technical writing, the writer must spell out the full term followed by theabbreviation or acronym in brackets all throughout the text whenever they are used. ______5. The use of the word “I” is acceptable in technical writing because it gives the author the feeling of authority orcredibility towards his writing. ______6. Whenever possible, a technical writer must use graphic aids to present information clearly. ______7. A technical writer has the option not to recognize the reference materials he used in making the article if the saidreference materials are not familiar to the intended readers.II. Smorga’s Board  . The following items describe the requirements of a technical style in writing. Write the letter of the bestanswer that corresponds to each item. The choices are as follows: (1.5 pts each)A.ConcretenessB.ConsistencyC.DignityD.FactualE.FunctionalF.InformativeG.ObjectiveH.Simplicity ______1. deprived of personal opinions and attitudes ______2. familiar words are used which can be understood by the target readers ______3. tense and point of views are held constant from the start to the end of the article ______4. ideas are presented orderly and highly evident in the text ______5. contractions and non-formal expressions are avoided ______6. non-argumentative, non-amusing information are used to achieve the purpose of the writing ______7. conclusions are derived from solid verifiable facts or data ______8. facts and information derived from the study of experts in the field are givenIII. Multiple Choice . Select from among the choices the answer you think will best satisfy each question. Write the letterbefore the number. (2 pts each)1.Which of the following is the best definition of technical writing?a.It is a scientific form of writing characterized by the use of special vocabulary, conventional report forms, andemphasis on the correctness of mechanics and style.b.It is a special form of writing which seeks to emphasize the detailed account of an accomplished activity basedon consensus of an organization.c.It is a scientific form of writing that gives the writer an option to systematically and creatively emphasize certainaspects.d.It is a special way of writing that seeks to entertain the readers on the various issues of science, technology,medicine and other allied subjects.2.A technical writer must use graphic aids to present information clearly. Which of the following is an example of agraphic aid?a.Abstract picturesb. art exhibitsc. pictographd. journal3.Technical writing is characterized by its use of conventional report forma. Which of the following is the bestdefinition of conventional?a.Deviation to common rules and regulationsc. application of procedures when possibleb.Strict compliance to standards and normsd. following of self-made guidelines4.Technical terms are often encountered in scientific writing. Which of the following terms would most likely mean “toresearch” for teenagers nowadays?a.Surfb. log-inc. facebookd. google5.Which of the following is the best reaction to the statement: “A technical writer has the option not to recognizematerials he used in making the article if the said materials are not familiar to the intended readers.” ?  a.A technical writer must familiarize the intended audience with obscure materials.b.A technical writer must recognize all reference materials regardless of familiarization.c.A technical writer must write what is beneficial to the intended readers.d.A technical writer must select reference materials according to the preference of the readers.6.Which of the following is the best output of technical writing?a.Journalsb. action paperc. reaction paperd. diary7.One significant difference between technical language and non-technical language is that technical language tendsto be more:a.Subjectiveb. sophisticatedc. abstractd. exact*** For item nos. 8 – 10, refer to the given choices that describe the purposes of technical informb. to instructc. to proposed. to recommende. to persuade8.The purpose of writing is to give information in the form of directions, instructions, procedures, so that readers willbe able to do something.9.The purpose of writing is to suggest a series of actions based on alternative possibilities that have been evaluated.10.The purpose of writing is to suggest a plan of actions for a specific problem.IV.Application. (10 pts)Direction: Pretend that you are going to introduce yourself to a complete stranger. In not more than five sentences,make an introduction about yourself following the principles of technical writing.
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