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  Scanned by CamScanner ©¥A critic*©¥hydnwlic lt*die »t ©¥©¥ occur winn(A) thete is no f©¥w dmN » the soil(B) now t©¥es pl©¥e the soll in the direction of 8ravity©¥) Oow takes place tinouBh the soil in ©¥e direction opposite to w©¥ity v İD) all of the İbove. ÜMaxŠĽŠĽĽshea suessŠĽeoyo faluewaeposuaedby(A S Yenen \ Rankne(C Thescav (D CŠĽiaiano3Amileve o lenghŠĽissu ieLxed to a ŠĽoment M at tree eŠĽ L 71e deflectiQ at mdAUA\Ù©(B)«áXìôì£Lìé¿óMtÊöÞÝ«ÆThe straight lines pQ and QR intersect a Qthe wle of intersection being 70 ÆThe length ofcim©¥ar curve of radim 400 ©¥ which ca©¥¥tr acco between the two lir©¥s is\ 280 Ļlm (B) 488. 7m(C) 4000m P) 3403 ï©¥¥X,) g u m head plant / {D) ©¥w he©¥ Mt?A pik 05 m ia diameter is driven in ©¥c©©¥ hiving an undrained shear strength of50 kNfmz at the base of the m Tbe base \ ty of ©€e pile i$ given by(A) 8836kNT (B) 982kN(C) 5596kN ) 7854kN7The imp©¥t allowance $ dqg fofces alwe cuicauy hng, cran(ø¢)©¥% of the static wheel load(B) 5% of st©¥tic whee©¥load Ver 0% of the wei ¢ç of crab and the weight lifted on the crane(D) 5% of the weight of ctab and the weight lifted on (he crane ĺPTO  Scanned by CamScanner of aler i©¥¥ilmio©¥¥š®r sewer©¥i©¥¥lim per tlnu711eï£Ê¥Ê¥©¥ï£ÂÀdüÞùÞÞÌÞÌraies 7ÑÏ(B) 500 and 5000(A) 250and 500 (D) 50000and 500000JC) 5000 and 50000 Đ9The¨¤on beMeasures(A) the dynamic pressure/ (B) the static A(c)thc tolaŠĨpressure4 1P) the difference of dyŠĨĨĨmic and static pressureV1oMe Manning ķ formulo calculate velocity ŠŠan 09 channel b W(A) V = NR? s, /2 ŠŦ)V =IR 2/3s,' (C) V = N (D, V-Jjiiãwhet, N is W. oe ïici'' f ru gyity is h ľdraui c ĮY?; isadŠĨĨ ; S is Hydrauic dope11ascssor crossover c@ of. 7 lt «m ab ? Ŝc ei ă ćm oyenr( Á)four pairs 0 wsl  Ëa of swiŠĽhes and ' two pairs of switches and two diamonds ) ç(D) ãwo pairs of switcbes12TWo lines of a MGand a BGcross a hver and are carried over the same brnge W providingthree rails with one commoth the gauwsTŠ¤eere the two luŠĽt pvided is known asdA) Scotch blocktk)ďËree thďŁwŤó13The power trans hollow shaft ww more than that of solid shaft if their weighŠŠ& ?nsity b9 A ) same / (B) diffef entot known (D none  ?Fxedpon /(D Tandem  Scanned by CamScanner 14For a grit chmber, if the recommended velocity of f©¥wU ms, and de©¥ntion p «iod i©¥ Ź minutes, the length of the tank isŠĽRead the followin8 statements(i) The base diter of cone in dynamic co test is 50 mm(ii) e base ߣmeter of cone in stade cone test is 357 mmChoose the coniect answer from the foŠĽĽwingBoth ) and on ue W ÀB) Only O) is correct T(C) Only (ii) iscorr©¡t (D) bothareincornect16wnen a stn çhŠĽal load comes on a ŠĽil strata Wb soil wu be ha mi ˘ um seaŠĽŠĽentso (B) normally consoli ?ted clay stratumC )clay silt stratum y (D) a silt cŠĽy stratum r17IVe strength QncneŠĽ ŠĽavc wfc ratio() W) higherO ») negligible(C) sa©¥eX8Fo©¥owing field used for fir©¥ing the soil mcyc©¥c test ©¥©¥¥(C) b©¥ck resonance test19, of Jhe acts inte šª the vertical s©¥flcmr in resisš±ngthe lois taken asd Á) 2o tinm ¨ącess gube web on qier side of the stiffener(B) 40 times the thickness of the web on either side of the stiffener125 times the thickness of ? web on either side of the s¨ąfenerńé) totaŠĽwidth of stifteners tim thc thickness of the web Đ2oThesw o thecwbe bes sutedfo ceneCOŠĄementsJASrgl ling(B paaboic(D combnaiono sragh and(C elipąa321(5Bpara[PT01/@-. w*w j@tt L @  Scanned by CamScanner

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