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  Viviana Lerma Growth Trajectory When I started as a freshman at HPIAM I was uncollaborative. I would always work by myself. I wasn’t expressive when I needed help. The IDPs helped me learn to work within a group. As I transition into a senior I have become more collaborative. When working in groups I now help my peers and am more commutative. I am better at communicating my ideas and taking input from others. Now I can schedule group meetings and hold my group accountable to deadlines. The new path that I will take on will be being able to work on group projects and be collaborative with my peers in college and in my workplace. My behavior as a freshman at HPIAM was being timid. I wouldn’t participate in class discussions. It took me awhile to open up to people. I didn’t join any extra cu rricular activities. I was falling behind. Things were piling up and I needed help but since I was timid it affected me academically and emotionally. Now that I am in 12th grade I am more outgoing. I joined a club and made more friends. I became more expressive. I participate more in class. I will continue my new path way by going to college knowing that I won’t let anything get in my way. Joining clubs and having good contact with my professors. In 9th grade one of my traits was being unorganized. All of my assignments were out of  place. I would do everything last minute. All of my classes/work was very messy in my folders. Which made me procrastinate. My friends and family members encouraged me to not settle for less and work hard. Seeing my friends being organized motivated me to coordinate my assignments. In my senior year I became more organized. I label things now. I have different  folders for each class. In my work I use graphic organizers to keep my writing in order. My new  path will consist of planning things strategically. I am able to create a schedule. Keeping all of my work in order. When I'm in college being organized will benefit me because I will be on track with my assignments.
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