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  “Gecko Breeding Challenge”  A local zoo wants to hire someone to develop plans to breed rare animals. You will take on the role as a breeder and geneticist so you may win the Zoo’s business, and attract future clients in the exotic animal and pet industry. Worldwide, the exotic animal trade is a multibillion dollar industry, so you have a great opportunity to begin your career as a geneticist and breeder. While you are not an expert at breeding geckos, you are confident that you can develop a successful plan  because you already have some ideas about how traits are passed on from parents to children and you believe you can learn what you don’t know. The geckos that you can breed are shown below.   Type of Leopard Gecko   Picture   Gene    Normal    N/A   Albino   Albino   Blizzard   Blizzard   Patternless   Mack Snow   Mack    Patternless  ________________________   Super Mack Snow   Enigma   Enigma   Giant Looks like Normal, but bigger. Male: 90-109g in first year of life Female: 80-89g in first year of life   Giant Supergiant Looks like Normal, but bigger. Male: More than 110g at 1 year old Female: More than 90g at 1 year old   Weights for all geckos other than Giant and Supergiant: Male: 70-90g (as adult) Female: 50-70g (as adult) Background Research After researching the principles of genetics, you have found the following information to assist with your  breeding efforts. Genes are segments of DNA that determine an individual ’s trai ts or phenotype. Each one of these genes has different version called an allele . For example, the trait of eye color comes in different varieties like brown, green, and blue because individuals have different allele, versions of the gene. Since meiosis splits up pairs (homologous) of chromosomes, each parent passes on one copy of each gene. Consequently an individual has two copies of every gene, one from mom (maternal) and one from dad (paternal). The genotype or combination of alleles for an individual determines their phenotype  or traits. The two alleles for a trait can interact in different ways. If an allele covers up another version of the gene, its considered dominant and represented with a capital letter. So whenever an individual  possesses a dominant allele , he or she will have the dominant phenotype  trait . Recessive alleles  are represented by lower case letters, and the recessive phenotype  (trait) is hidden when an individual also has a dominant allele . For a given trait, if an individual has two different alleles the genotype  is heterozygous  (ex. Gg, Tt, Ee, Ff). If an individual has two of the same alleles the genotype  is homozygous  (ex. GG, gg, TT, tt, FF, ff). In a paragraph, describe which Geckos you plan to breed in order to produce a rare type of Gecko unlike any pictured above. Explain your reasoning. Mack  “ Inheritance Rules ”  To begin you breed a blizzard male with a normal female and get the results below. Male Blizzard Parent Female Normal Parent All Normal Offspring As with the cross above, you cannot always easily predict the outcome of a cross, just considering the phenotypes of the  parents. Use pictures A and B below to help understand the process of inheritance. Describe how offspring are generated based on picture A. Picture A Mated with …  Produced …    Describe how picture B illustrates each of the three inheritance rules. If you prefer, you can write or draw on the  picture to show where you think each of the rules is depicted. a.   Each organism has two copies (alleles) of each gene.  b. Each organism gets one allele from the male parent and one allele from the female parent. c. Offspring can only inherit the alleles that are present in the parents.  Picture B  


Oct 8, 2019


Oct 8, 2019
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