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    ENGLISH EXAM - I TERM COMPETENCE: Write various types of texts in English as a foreign language.  CAPACITY:  Use INDICATOR: Use vocabulary and grammatical structures of the unit to complete different types of exercises. Grammar and Vocabulary1.Read the text and decide which answer (a, b or c) best fits each gap. ____ / 10 marks   Elena> Hi, Miguel! I’ve (0) b  walked in the door. Miguel> Hey, Elena! Where have you been? Elena> I’ve been out and I’ve done some little jobs to get ready for the Halloween party tonight. Miguel> Good for you! I’ve done some things too. The house looks amazing! I’ve put up the (1)  _____ . Elena> Have you put them up (2) _____ ? Miguel> Yes, there are balloons and coloured lights in all the trees! Oh, and I’ve read all the (3)  _____  from the people who we sent (4) _____  to. Elena> Fantastic! How many people have you heard from? Miguel> I don’t want you to be (5) _____ , but I think there will be over twenty (6) _____ ! Elena> What? I didn’t know we were so (7) _____ ! Miguel> I know! Isn’t it (8) _____ ? Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’ve already got the (9) _____  ready! I’ve just put all the drinks and snacks in the living room. Elena> Really! Well, I’ve already put all my CDs and some video games in a bag to bring to your house. But I haven’t put my costume on yet. Miguel> Oh, I have! Go and put yours on right now and come over! Elena> OK! Don’t be (10) _____  when you see a ghost at your door!  Answers12345678910 1 “SEAMOS CON NUESTRAS ACTITUDES PORTADORES DE LUZ Y VERDAD” FULL NAME: LEVEL:  A2 GRADE: 3rd Sec DATE: ….. May 2019 TIME: 60’ TEACHER :Yolanda Vilchez. PARENT’S SIGNATURE : 0 a yet 1 a decorations 2 a indoors 3 a refreshments  4 a decorations  5 a surprised 6 a refreshments  7 a cheap 8 a excite  9 a refreshments  10 a frightening b  just b presents b outdoors b guests b presents b surprising b guests  b popular  b excited b decorations b frightened c ever  c invitations c inside c replies c invitations  c surprise  c decorations c confusing c exciting c replies c frighten  2. Write a word from the box in each gap.______ / 10 marks1  It’s raining. Let’s put the decorations up _______________ . 2  I’ve bought a cake for the birthday party. It wasn’t _______________ , though. 3  Bill and Jan haven’t _______________  up the house yet. 4 Leo, open the door; the guests have _______________ . 5  Has Hans _______________  the pizzas yet? We’re very hungry! 6 I’ve _______________  everyone in my class to my party. 7 Have you _______________  what to wear to the party? 8 Stella has never _______________  a party before – I hope she knows what to do. 9 Having the party at the sports centre is a great _______________ . 10 We’re really looking _______________  to the school prom. Answers ( Write just only the verb ) Sentence 1Sentence 2Sentence 3Sentence 4Sentence 5Sentence 6Sentence 7Sentence 8Sentence 9Sentence 10 3. Read carefully and circle the correct word._____ / 10 marks (2.5 each exercise)1  Patch is frightened / frightening ; he hates balloons. 2  What an interested / interesting  costume; he’s an alien! 3  Peter was amazed / amazing  that there was so much to do before the wedding. 4  Mum is surprised / surprising ; Dad has just given her an expensive present. 5  We’ve been invited to a wedding, but the directions are very confusing / confused . 6 It was such an amazed  / amazing  party – I loved it! 7 I’m not really interested  / interesting  in video games – I think they’re boring. 8  A present for me? How excited  / exciting ! 2 “SEAMOS CON NUESTRAS ACTITUDES PORTADORES DE LUZ Y VERDAD” arrived cheapdecidedforwardindoorsinvitedorderedorganisedsuggestiontidied  4. Complete the text with ever  , never  ,  just  , already   or yet  . ______ / 10 marks Have you been to a big school dance (0) yet  ? You have? OK. Have you (1) _______________    been to a school prom? They’re very popular in Canada and the US. Usually oneperson invites another person and they go to the dance together. I’ve (2) _______________    been to three proms, but I’ve (3) _______________    asked a girl to go to the prom with me – I’ve always been frightened of what she might say. Have you (4) _______________    asked a girl to go to a dance? You have? Well that’s it! I’ve (5) _______________    decided to ask Mitzy Smith to go with me to this year’s prom! I hope she doesn’t say ‘no’. Answers (write only the correct answer)   12345 COMPETENCE: Read various types of texts written in English as a foreign language .CAPACITY:  Reflect and evaluate INDICATOR: Infer information by deducting the central theme, characteristics and temporalsequences of articles . Reading 1Look at the sentences about gadgets that we use every day. Read the text and decide if each sentence is correct. If it is correct, write A. If it is incorrect, write B. ______ / 10 marks1 The first microwave oven was small and easy to use. _____  2  Everyone wanted to buy the first microwave oven. _____  3  Calculators that we can put in our hand were invented in 1967. _____  4  A kind of calculator was invented more than 4,000 years ago. _____  5 The first battery was smaller than a washing machine. _____  Build it, use it! We’ve got many things in our homes that we have used all our lives. But do you know how they were invented? Or when they were first built? Here are three items that almost all of us use every day.We all know what a microwave oven does, but do you know how it was invented? In 1946, a man named Dr Percy Spencer was doing some tests. He noticed something unusual – a piece of chocolate in his pocket was cooked. How did this happen? He did some more tests and discovered a way to cookfood with ‘microwaves’. Then he built his first oven, which was quite big and difficult to use. No-one wanted it at first, but smaller ones were soon built. 3 “SEAMOS CON NUESTRAS ACTITUDES PORTADORES DE LUZ Y VERDAD”  Calculators as we know them today were invented in 1967. That was when the first calculator that you could hold in your hand was made. Before that, they were as big as a small room! But a kind of calculator has been around for more than 4,000 years. It’s called an abacus and it was used in China, Egypt and many other parts of the world. It was made from wood and of course it was very different from the calculators we use today.These days, we use batteries for many different things – for example radios, clocks and phones. But when was the first battery made? In 1800, a man named Alessandro Volta discovered a way to keep electricity in a safe place and use it later. This became the first true battery. Like the microwave and the calculator, it was very large. It wouldn’t even fit inside a washing machine! But over time, the battery became smaller and now it can fit inside an MP3 player. Reading 2Read the article and decide which answer (a, b or c) best fits each gap. ______ / 10 marksThe people below have all done something to get ready for a friend’s surprise party. Read the six things the people have done and decide who is speaking in texts A–F. For questions 1–5, write the correct letter (A–F). There is one letter which you do not need to use. 1  Omar has put up the decorations. _____  2  Diego has organised the music. _____  3  Beatrice has bought the present. _____  4  Linda has organised the refreshments. _____  5  Matt has invited the guests. _____  A  So, let’s see what I’ve done. I’ve been to the supermarket and I’ve bought lots of snacks. Have I ordered the cake? Yes, I have. Have I ordered the pizzas? No, not yet, it’s still too early. Have I put the drinks on the table for the guests? Yes, I have. Great! I’m ready! B  Right! That’s that! I made the list of people that we wanted to ask to come to the surprise party yesterday and I’ve just been online telling everyone all about where the party is and what time they should get here. Look! I’ve already got three replies! C  … and I’ve finished! Wow, the coloured lights look amazing! Oh, I haven’t put any in the kitchen yet. Oh, well, in a minute. I’ve done a fantastic job with the balloons – I’ve put them everywhere! D  I’m so confused! I’ve got these three things for Pete’s surprise party and I don’t know which one to give him. It’s almost time for the party and I still haven’t decided … the book, the shirt or the fishing rod? I’ve never been good at deciding things! E  That’s better. I’ve cleaned the floor where people spilled their drinks and I’ve collected all the decorations that the dog got and put them in the bin. F  Let me think. Here are the CDs I’ve chosen to play at the party. Oh, and I’ve got all the songs that I’veput onto my MP3 player. Cool! 4 “SEAMOS CON NUESTRAS ACTITUDES PORTADORES DE LUZ Y VERDAD”

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