Ecuador vs Columbia

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  ECUADOR VSCOLUMBIA  AERIAL HERBICIDE SPRAYING  QUICK STATEMENT OF THE FACTS ã Ecuador informed the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of a dispute between itself and Colombia concerning the alleged aerial spraying by Colombia of toxic herbicides ã Ecuador claims that toxic herbicides have caused damages to human health, property and environment ã Ecuador has also been engaged in border struggles with Colombia concerning guerilla fighters, which spill over into Ecuador ã Ecuador thus requests the Court to adjudge and declare that Colombia violated its obligations under international law  ECUADOR’S CLAIM ã The spraying has already caused serious damage to people, to crops, to animals, and to the natural environment on the Ecuadorian side of the frontier, and poses a grave risk of further damage over time ã Repeated and sustained efforts to negotiate an end to the fumigations have proved unsuccessful  COLUMBIA’S CLAIM ã Colombia‘s defense is based on the presence of guerilla fighters near the borders. ã Colombia adopted “Plan Colombia,” a counter -narcotics plan emphasizing the use of aerial herbicides along Colombia’s southwest border, which lies adjacent to Ecuador’s provinces ã Colombia maintains that their use of aerial herbicides is not causing illnesses in the area. ã Colombia is convinced that the herbicide used in aerial spray of coca and poppy crops is harmless for human health and the environment

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