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  - P OLICE DEPARTMENT”(MAHARASHTRA STATE ) ( Desk-1) Quarterly list of Officers of the Indian Police Serviceand State Police Service as on27/11/2018   DesignationNameOffice /FaxNo. 1. Director General of Police,Maharashtra State, Mumbai. Cadre Post Shri.D. D. Padsalgikar , IPS (30/06/2018 AN)Extension inperiod of Three Monthsbeyond the date if hissuperannuation i.e.31/08/2018vide Central Govt.OrderNo.6/26/2018-EO(SM-1)/Dt.28/08/2018O:Fax2202667222021680228405982. Addl.Director General of Police(L&O), M.S., Mumbai. Cadre Post Shri. P. B. Singh (RR)(O-30/07/2018)Relived fromThane C.P. on 01/08/2018O:Fax22026747220267473. Addl. Director General of Police (Estt.),M.S., Mumbai. Cadre Post Shri. KulwantkumarSarangal, IPS(02/11/2018)Relived from Sale Tax M.S.Mumbai on02/11/2018O :Fax22026192228232964. Addl. Director General of Police(P & C), M.S., Mumbai. Cadre post ( Post Upgraded dtd. 14/06/07 ) Shri. Dhananjay D.Kamalakar, IPS (04/06/2018)O :Fax22023399220233995. Addl. Director General of Police(Admn), M.S., Mumbai. Cadre post ( Post Upgraded dtd. 14/06/07 ) Dr.Pradnya Saravade,IPS(16/05/2016 A.N.)Addl.Charge withAddl.Director General of Police(Equipments & Provisions)M.S., Mumbai. 14/04/2018O :Fax22026651220266516.Addl. Director General of Police(Equipments & Provisions) M.S.,Mumbai. Non-Cadre post (New Post  –  3 rd Phase)Post upgraded from AIGP to DIGP videGovt. Order dtd. 28/08/2009.Post upgraded from DIGP to Spl.I.G.P. videGovt. Order dtd. 24/02/2012.(This post is upgraded from IGP to ADGPlevel & change the name of Designation VideGovt. order dtd.13/05/2016) Vacant on 12/10/2018)Addl.Charge of Shri.Dhananjay D. KamalakarAdg.(P & C)MS,Mumbai on12/10/2018O :Fax22028346220283467.Addl. Director General of Police(Economic Offence) M.S., Mumbai New Post vide G.R.No.APO-3617/Pra.Kra.117/Pol-3/Dt.10/05/2018 Shri. Prabhat Kumar, IPS(31/05/2018)8.Spl. Inspector General of Police (Estt.),M.S., Mumbai. Cadre post Shri. R. M. Vhatkar, IPS(08/02/2016 B.N.) O :Fax22026525220265259.Spl. Inspector General of Police (Admn),M.S., Mumbai. Cadre post ( Upgraded Post of AIGP (Admn)w.e.f. 7/8/01)(Post of DIGP (Admn) upgraded vide orderdtd.29/08/2009)(Post of Spl. IGP (Admn) regular upgradedvide Govt. order dtd. 28/07/2010) Shri. Anup KumarBalbirSingh, IPS04/05/2017B.N.Addl.Charge withsSpl.Inspector General of Police (Low & Order) M.S.,Mumbai. /2018O :Fax220274572202745710.Spl. Inspector General of Police (L&O),M.S., Mumbai. Cadre Post Post of DIGP upgraded vide Govt. orderdtd.29/08/2009 Shri MilindBharambe(01/08/2018}Relived fromAurangabad on 28/07/2018Heis on leave from 01/08/2018 oO :Fax2202660122023083  - (Post of Spl. IGP (L&O) regular upgradedvide Govt. order dtd. 28/07/2010) 31/10/2018 Addl.Charge fromSpl.IGP(ADM)01/08/201811.Spl. Inspector General of Police, (CyberSecurity), M.S., Mumbai. Cadre post Off. :-Mantralaya. ( Post Upgraded dtd. 14/06/07 )( Spl.IGP Post Upgraded dtd.19/03/2015)Post down graded from ADGP to DIGP vide Govt.Order dtd.20/10/2015. DIGP level Post upgraded to IGP Level &that post is transfer from Pune to MumbaiVide Govt. Order, Dtd.5/1/2016. Shri. Brijesh B. Singh, IPS (11/01/2016 B.N.) 12.Spl. Inspector General of Police,P.C.R.,M.S., Mumbai. Non-Cadre Post (Post downgraded from ADGP to IGP videGovt. order dtd. 05/10/2010).(Post upgraded from IGP to ADGP videGovt. order dtd. June, 2012)(Post downgraded from ADGP to IGP videGovt. order dtd. 20/10/2015)Post downgraded from IGP to DIGP levelvide G.R. dtd. 05/01/2016.(Post upgraded from DIGP to IGP level VideGovt. Order, dtd.12/01/2016) Shri. Md.QuaiserKhalid, IPS(27/06/2016B.N.) O :Fax220206322207036113.Spl. Inspector General of Police, Prevention OFAttrocitiesagainstWomen ., M.S., Mumbai . Cadre Post (New Creation of Post vide GRdtd.08/03/2018) Vacanton08/03/2018Addl.Charge Spl. IGP,VIPSecurity, M.S., Mumbai(Shri. Krishna Prakash,IPS) 14.Dy.Inspector Generalof Police, CyberSecurity M.S., Mumbai Cadre postVacanton 16/10/2018 New Post created videNotification No GSR1036(E) /Dt.16/10/2018 15.Asstt. Inspector General of Police / Chief Editor (Dakshata), M.S, Mumbai. Vacant from 31/05/2018 Shri. Yashwant NamdeoVhatkar, SPSdue to retiredfrom 31/05/2018O :Fax220497012204970116.S.P., State PoliceControlRoom&(Admn.), M.S., Mumbai.(New Post) Shri. Vijay M. Kharat, SPS 23/05/2017B.N.O :Fax220493892287331817.D.C.P., S.P.Control Room, M.S.,Mumbai.(New Post)Shri. Balasaheb B. Patil, SPS10/07/2017B.N.O :Fax22026636A.I.G.P. (Estt.), M.S., Mumbai. Post Created vide GR No.SPS-1308/ CR-228/Pol-1 A, dtd.22/10/09 Post transfer to EconomicOffencce, Mumbai.O :Fax18A.I.G.P. (L. & O.), D.G.P Office, M.S.,Mumbai. PostCreatedvide GR No.APO-3109/836/ CR.340/Pol-3, dtd.31/12/2009 Shri.V.B.Deshmukh IPS01/08/2018Relived fromMumbai on 31/07/2018O :Fax19A.I.G.P.(P. & C.), D.G.P Office, M.S.,Mumbai. Non-Cadre Post PostCreatedvide GR No.APO-3109/836/ CR.340/Pol-3, dtd.31/12/2009 Shri. Hiremath SudhirKallaya (RR)13/08/2018Relived from Cyber CrimePune on 04/08/2018O :Fax20.S.P.(Economic Offence) M.S., Mumbai Shri.Atul Uttam Zende(SPS)(01/11/2018)Relived fromNashik Rural25/10/2018 21Supdt. of Police, PAW & Cyber Crime,Mumbai.OFF.-World Trade Centre, 32 nd floor, Shri. Balsing KhandusingRajput, SPS (08/03/2016) 022-22160084  - Cuff Parade, Mumbai.(New Post GR 14/06/07) Post transfer to Spl.IGP (Cyber & PAW)Mumbai Vide G.R.No.Sankirna-2015/C.R.119/ SB-3A, dtd.03/03/2016. 22 Supdt. of Police , CyberSecurityCrime,M.S.,Mumbai - (NonCadre)  uohu in fuekZ.k >kys vlq u( kk-fu-Ø-vs ihvks s@3616@iz-Ø-165@iks y&3@x`gfoHkkx@ ea =ky;@fn- 04@03@2017 Shri.Sachin Suresh Pandkar(SPS) New Post O-17/10/2018Relived from sindudurg on SPECIAL OPERATIONS Sr.NoDesignationNameOffice /FaxNo.1Addl. Director General of Police(Special Operations), Maharashtra State,Mumbai. NonCadre Post (Post Created vide GR dtd. 16/07/2009 byUpgrading the Post of ADG, Trg &Spl.Units, Mumbai upto by 31/07/2009)and (vide GR.dtd.15/10/2009 the post of Commdt. General Home Guards &Director , Civil Defence, MaharashtraState, Mumbai has been abolished andtransferred as Director General, SpecialOperations, Mumbai w.e.f.01/08/09) and(Govt. of Maharashtra, Home Deptt,Order No.IPS-1710/C.R.54/ Pol-I, dtd.26/02/2010 the Post of DirectorGeneral (Operations), M.S., Mumbai hasbeen downgraded to ADG (Operations),M.S., Mumbai )Vacant on12/10/2018Addl.Charge Shri. SanjaySaxena, IPS Adg.Trg.&Spl.Unit,MS,Mumbai on12/10/2018O :Fax22021005220236371.Staff Officer,ADG (Operations), M.S.,Mumbai.(SP RANKS)(PostCreated videGRNo. SPS-1308/ CR-228/Pol-1 A,dtd.22/10/09) Smt. Sheela Sail, SPS(05/04/2017B.N.)07/06/2016 Retuns off Deputation at southsudan on 01/06/2017 B.N.O :Fax Anti Terrorist Squad   Sr.NoDesignationNameOffice /FaxNo.1.Addl. DirectorGeneral of Police, AntiTerrorist Squad,M.S.Mumbai. Cadre Post Shri. AtulchandraM. Kulkarni,IPS(26/05/2016 A.N.)O :Fax022/23087336022/230873362.Spl. Inspector General of Police,A.T.S., Mumbai. NonCadre Post Post upgraded from DIGP to Spl.I.G.P. videGovt. Order dtd. 01/03/2014 Dr. Suhas M. Warke IPS )videG.R.NO.Camp orderNagpur/2018/pra.kra.05/pol-01/dt.19/07/2018 O :Fax022/23083223022/230531583.Dy. Inspector General of Police,A.T.S. (2), Pune./ Mumbai ( Internal) Cadre PostVide G.O.M. Order No.ISS-1009/CR-60/ SB-4,dtd.27/07/2009 Shri. Dattratray Karale IPSPramotion to DIGP videGovt.Order Dt.27/07/2018&01/09/2018 (11/09/2018)O :Fax022/23083223022/23053158  - 4.D.C.P, A.T.S. (1), Mumbai.Shri.Dhananjay R. KulkarniSPSto IPS(15/02/2018Smt. Geeta Shyamrao Chavan,SPSDue to transferD.T.S.Nashik on 27/02/2018O :Fax022/23003038022/230531585.D.C.P, A.T.S. (2), AurangabadRest of Maharashtra Vide G.O.M. Order No.ISS-1009/CR-60/ SB-4,dtd.27/07/2009 Shri. Avinash M. Bargal, SPS(10/08/2018)Relived fromBhokar Nanded on 03/08/2018 O :Fax0240-23905010240-23938886.S.P, Intelligence Cell, A.T.S., Mumbai. (Post Created vide GR No.SPS /1308/ CR-228/Pol-1 A, dtd.22/10/09) Shri. M. M.Dahikar, SPS( 11/01/2017 B .N. )O :Fax022-23077778022-230531587.S.P, Technical Cell, A.T.S., Mumbai./Pune (Post Created vide GR No. SPS/1308/ CR-228/Pol-1 A, dtd.22/10/09)VideGR No APO-3616/CR-12/Pol-3, dated22/12/2016 Shri. Ravindrasing singPardeshi,SPS (04/08/2018 )Relived fromNagpur on 01/08/2018O :Fax020-25543838020-25543838 NAGPUR (ANO) Sr.NoDesignationNameOffice / Fax No.1Spl. I.G.P., Anti Naxalite Operation,Nagpur. Non-Cadre Post (Spl.IGP,ANO,Nagpur post up gradedto ADG rank videG.R dtd. 14/06/2007)(Post down graded to Spl. IGP levelGovt. order dtd. 28/07/2010)(Post down graded to DIGP level Govt,order dtd. 15/10/2010)(DIGP, ANO, Nagpur post directlyupgraded to ADG rank vide Govt.order , dtd. 23/05/2011)(Post down graded to Spl. IGP levelGovt, order dtd. June, 2012)Shri. Sharad Shelar IPS02/05/2017 B.N.Addl.ChargeSRPF Nagpur on 28/07/2018O :Fax07104-240033/ 240030 / 28015007104-2400280712/ 25626980712/ 25614361Supdt. of Police, Special Action Group(under A.N.O.), Nagpur.(Vide G.R dtd. 17/02/2006) Shri.Himmat Hindurao Jadhav(SPS)(O-17/10/2018) Relivedfrom Latur on O :Fax0712/25613580712/2561436
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