Design of Box culvert-5x1.5

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  DESIGN OF BOX CULVERT 1/5x1.5/0  General Features: Clear width= 5 m Vertical Clearance= 1.5 mMaterial UsedConcrete Grade= M-35 Reinforcement steel= Fe-500 Bulk Density of Earth= 2.0 t/m 3 Unit wt. of Concrete= 2.500 t/m 3  Thickness of Wearing Coat:= 0.065 mHeight of Fill= 0.100 m(Conservative Side Assumed 1.5m Cushion) Vertical Load due to fill/wc=0.2t/m 2 FRL0.10.40.15x0.15 VxH50.351.5 VxH0.450.15x0.15Box Cross-section (Showing Square dimensions) Idealized Box Model : 5.350.1750. Constant :Cu= 1600 t/m3Ky =Cu*A A =Area supported by spring  Member Properties :   Wall Members1225PRIS Y0.5ZD11126PRIS Y0.425ZD13 To 1027 To 34PRIS Y0.35ZD1235PRIS Y0.425ZD1136PRIS Y0.5ZD1 Top Slab Members0.1750.154.75.35Member No.13To241324PRIS Y0.55ZD11423PRIS Y0.475ZD115To 22PRIS Y0.4ZD1Base Slab Members0.1750.154.75.35Member No.37To480.17513748PRIS Y0.6ZD10.32523847PRIS Y0.525ZD10.5833946PRIS Y0.45ZD11.278334045PRIS Y0.45ZD11.976734144PRIS Y0.45ZD12.67534243PRIS Y0.45ZD1  Earth Pressure & Live Load Surcharge Pressure Calculations :Back Fill Parameter f =Angle of internal friction,=30 o d =Angle of friction between soil and concrete=20 o i =Surcharge angle =0 o a =Angle of wall face with horizontal =90 o g =Dry density of earth =2.0t/m 3 g sat =Saturated density of earth=2.0t/m g sub =Submerged density of earth =1.0t/mEarth pressure at restk  0 = 1-sin(  f  )=0.50Live load surcharge=1.2m equivalent earth pressure=2.4t/m 2 0.30.28191.925Ko g  h* cos d  =2.09Ko*q =1.2t/m 2 Erath pressure at rest
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