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  Delta Power Meter DPM Series  Automation for a Changing World  1 2  High Precision Power Measurement   ► Highly precise measurement of bidirectional electrical energy and power parameters, meeting Class 0.5S of IEC 62053 and CNS14607 standards.   ► Supports power quality measurement, including total and individual harmonic distortion, voltage and current unbalance, and more. Easy Operation and Installation   ► Easy installation and disassembling with two fixing mounts, no screws or extra tools required.   ► Built-in RS-485 communication port supports MODBUS communication.   ► Transmission of all measurement values to the PLCs via communication. Large Screen LCD DPM-C530A   ► White-light widescreen LCD with resolution of 198x160 dots.   ■ Visibility better than segment-type LCD Ptot 123456.78  kW Etot 123456.78  kVARh Features Delta's Power Meter DPM Series offers precise measurement of various electrical energy values and power quality parameters, including power factor, harmonics, and current / voltage unbalance with functions such as off-limit alarms and history logs. It provides exceptional communication quality and monitoring functions that are especially suitable for sectors where power quality is critical. Specifications Model Name DPM-C530A DPM-C520 DPM-D520I Product Appearance Accuracy Class  Active Energy (IEC 62053-22) Class 0.5SClass 0.5SClass 0.5S Measurement Accuracy Current 1 A / 5 A1 A / 5 A 63 A Voltage  ● ● ● Frequency  ● ● ●  Active, Reactive, and Apparent Power   ● ● ● Power Factor   ● ● ●  Active, Reactive, and Apparent Energy  ● ● ● Interval Energy  ●  -  ● Demand Values Current  ●  -  ● Power   ●  -  ● Calculation Mode Block  - Block Multiple Rate Interval Numbers 8 groups -8 groups Power Quality Measurement Current / Voltage Unbalance  ● ● ● Total Voltage Harmonic Distortion  ● ● ● Total Current Harmonic Distortion  ● ● ● Individual Current / Voltage Harmonic Distortion 2 ~ 31  - - Data Recording Max. / Min. of Instantaneous Values With Timestamp  ● ● ● Data Logs Type Selectable 17measurement values -Selectable 17measurement values Data Logs Recording Duration Up to 2 months -Up to 2 months  Alarms History 500 -500 Alarms  Alarm Types 29 10 29 Communication RS-485 Interface  ● ● ● Parameter Grouping  ● ● ● MODBUS MODBUS RTU/ASCIIMODBUS RTUMODBUS RTU/ASCII * Min. / max. of instantaneous : Phase voltage, line voltage, current, frequency, total 3 - phase active power, total 3 - phase reactive power, total 3 - phase apparent power, total power factor, total voltage harmonic distortion, total phase voltage harmonic distortion, total current harmonic distortion, phase voltage unbalance, 3 - phase voltage unbalance, 3 - phase current unbalance* Alarm types: Over-current, under-current, over natural current, over line voltage, under line voltage, over phase voltage, under phase voltage, over voltage unbalance, over current unbalance, over active power, over reactive power, over apparent power, power factor (lead), power factor (lag), over current demand, over active power demand, over reactive power demand, over apparent power demand, over frequency, under frequency, over total voltage harmonic distortion, over total current harmonic distortion, phase lose, meter restore factory, phase sequence reversal, over DUI, over EU* Data log: Phase voltage, line voltage, current, natural current, power factor, displacement power factor, total active power, total reactive power, total apparent power, positive active energy, reversed active energy, positive reactive energy, reversed reactive energy, positive apparent energy, reversed apparent energy, total voltage harmonic distortion, total current harmonic distortion Product Introduction SCADA Server HMIPLC MODBUS RTUEthernet DPM-C530ADPM-D520I    3 4 Features PC-based Conguration Software   ► Utilizing DPMSoft software through MODBUS communication for power meter setup and data acquisition provides easy power management and analysis. Event Alarms and History Logs DPM-C530A & DPM-D520I   ► Keeps max. 2 months of power and electricity energy measurement values for history analysis. Up to 17 power parameters selectable for recording different time intervals (ex. recording 17 electricity parameters every 5 minutes, for up to 2 months). 29 types of built-in event alarms for up to 500 event records. DPM-C520   ► 10 types of built-in event alarms. ► Front LED indicators for real-time alarms. Alarm messages with time stamps can be transmitted to PLCs via communication. Auto Meter Reading DPM-C530A & DPM-D520I   ► Two built-in individual data registers record active / reactive energy in a certain given time lapse when triggered through communication. 500 STARTSTART ENDEND Two individual time lapse settings Parameter Grouping ► Grouping the measurands for faster data transmission and reading by the PLCs improves the efciency and performance of data transmission. Current Voltage Energy Demand SCADA Server RS-485 Power System   DPM   RS - 485 IFD6500 PC Notebook DPM    5 6  Applications   ► Power Monitoring and Control, Energy Management Systems, Medium / Low Voltage Power Distribution Panels, Building Energy Management Systems, Factory Energy Management Systems, Factory Automation and Intelligent Buildings. Factory AutomationEnergy Management Systems TemperatureController PressureSensor Timer / Counter / Tachometer  MODBUS MODBUS Human MachineInterfaceProgrammableLogic Controller   AC Servo DrivePower Meter  HVAC SystemElevator Lighting System Human MachineInterface Active Front EndIntegratedElevator DriveProgrammableLogic Controller Power Meter  AC Motor Drive AC Motor Drive AC Motor DrivePermanent MagneticSynchronous Motor  AC Reactor Programmable LogicController Programmable LogicController  1F2F3F4F5F6F7F Ethernet Common Technical Data   Model Name DPM-C530A DPM-C520 DPM-D520I Electrical Characteristics Measurement AccuracyCurrent  ±  0.2%  ±  0.5% Voltage  ±  0.2%  ±  0.5%Power   ± 0.5% Active EnergyIEC 62053-22 Class 0.5SReactive Energy  ± 0.5%Power Factor   ± 0.5%Frequency  ± 0.5%InputWiring Method1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W3P3W, 3P4W Voltage Wire voltage: 35 ~ 690 V  AC (L-L)   Phase voltage: 20 ~ 400 V  AC (L-N)Current1 A / 5 A 63 A Frequency Range45 ~ 70 HzPower Supply80 ~ 265 V  AC (Max. power consumption 4.6 W)   100 ~ 300 V DC Communication RS-485 InterfaceBaud rate 9600 / 19200 / 38400 bps, MODBUS Mechanical Characteristics IP Degree of ProtectionFront DisplayIP54-Meter BodyIP20IP20Dimensions ( W x H x D )96 x 96 x 95.4 mm126 x 90 x 67.4 mm Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature -20 ℃  ~ +70 ℃ Storage Temperature -30 ℃  ~ +80 ℃ Relative Humidity~ 95% RH AltitudeBelow 2000 m Electromagnetic Compatibility Electrostatic DischargeIEC 61000-4-2Immunity to Radiated FieldsIEC 61000-4-3Immunity to Fast Transients IEC 61000-4-4Immunity to Impulse Waves IEC 61000-4-5Conducted Immunity IEC 61000-4-6Immunity to Magnetic FieldsIEC 61000-4-8Immunity to Voltage Dips IEC 61000-4-11 Radiated Emissions FCC part 15 EN 55011 Class AConducted EmissionsFCC part 15 EN 55011 Class AHarmonics Emissions IEC 61000-3-2Flicker EmissionsIEC 61000-3-3 Safety EuropeCE, IEC 61010-  AC Motor Drive
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