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  Supply Chain Management By Dr. Asif Mahmood Chapter 5: Managing Economies of Scale in a Supply Chain: Cycle Inventory  Independent Demand AB(4) C(2)D(2) E(1) D(3) F(2) Dependent Demand Inventory  : a stock or store of goods Inventory  Independent demand  – finished goods, items that are ready to be sold  Demand is uncertain. E.g. a computer   Dependent demand  – components of finished products  Demand is certain.  E.g. parts that make up the computer   Types of Inventories ã Raw materials & purchased parts ã Partially completed goods called work in progress ã Finished-goods inventories  – ( manufacturing firms ) or ã Merchandise  –  (retail stores) ã Replacement parts, tools, & supplies ã Goods-in-transit to warehouses or customers  Role of Inventory in the Supply Chain Improve Matching of Supplyand DemandImproved ForecastingReduce Material Flow TimeReduce Waiting TimeReduce Buffer InventoryEconomies of ScaleSupply / DemandVariabilitySeasonalVariabilityCycle InventorySafety Inventory   Seasonal Inventory

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