Chapter 4 - Landfill Operations and Gas Energy Recovery

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  Health and safety Laws in Pakistan 1  OHS Laws-International Perspective Country OHS Laws European Union Directive 89/391/EECUnitedKingdom Health & Safety at Work Act 1974United States Occupational Safety & Health Act 1970Malaysia Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994ChinaOccupational Work Safety Act 2002Singapore Workplace Safety & Health Act 2006Australia Occupational Safety & Health Act 1984New Zealand Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 2  Situation in Pakistan ã Veryhighrate -occupational injuries and diseases dailyWhy? ã Reason-1: hundredsoflabourersareexposedtothehazardousworkingenvironment. ã Reason-2: ReliabledataonOHS--notavailableinPakistanWhy? ã majorityofthe accidents are notreported/recorded . 3  OSH Laws in Pakistan ã OHS regulation ,their  structure andthe substructure ã Notsatisf    actory inPakistan(Why?) ã 3Reasons (1) Regulations: Currentlyinmuchscatteredform(2)noeffectiveimplementationpolicy(3)nostrictrequirementsforrecordingmish   apsatworkplaces. 4

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Mar 17, 2019
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