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  Case Study Performance Management of Parks and Horticultural Authority, Lahore SUBMITED BY TAHIR, JUNAID, SOHA, HASSAM, IQRA  A Case Study on the Performance Management Issue of Parks and Horticultural Authority, Lahore Abstract: The purpose of this article is to provide organizations with an understanding about performance management (PM) and its potential value in Parks and Horticultural Authority, the paper makes a study on this objective in the following parts. In order to research on the performance management of the Parks and Horticultural Authority. Firstly, this report introduces for the performance management of authority. Secondly, it forms in different periods and their characteristics in business, aiming to explore and analyze the findings and examines the impacts of the performance management on management practices and employees preferred management of authority. Finally, the author gives some advices on an appropriate performance management of Parks and Horticultural Authority, on the basis of the findings of the survey. Meanwhile, it also points out the limitations of this research. Keywords:  Performance Management (PM), Demotivation, Job Dissatisfaction, Late Arrived, Absenteeism, of Parks and Horticultural Authority, inefficient management cultures   History:   In September 1998, the Parks and Horticultural Authority’s was established by merging the horticulture wing of the Lahore Development Authority and Metropolitan Corporation, Lahore. Horticulture had suffered badly due to the extensive roads rehabilitation project in the city, and the need was felt for a specialized organization to meet the challenge. PHA was assigned the task to make up for the loss of trees and green belts, and furthermore, to give impetus to the city’s beautification in the best of its green tradition.  Since its creation, the PHA has conducted its activities with great imagination, zeal and commitment. A distinct and pleasant change has come about in Lahore in these past few years. And while it has been the result of a multi-pronged effort also involving the improvement of roads, street lights and traffic management. PHA has played a key role in this positive transformation, working on many fronts. Other than its functional success, the PHA has proved to be a trendsetter in financial terms as well. In 1998, the total revenue for outdoor advertisement generated by LDA and MCL was Rs. 12.5 million. In a shorts period the marketing wing of the   Authority has raised figure to Rs. 160 million .  It has introduced modem concepts like the Government-Private partnership for public services of the horticulture staff that come their parent civic agencies. All organizational and developmental expenses met by the funds generated by the Authority itself. Today’ s, Lahore is a city of more than about seven million with complex environmental problem and civic needs. The challenges to its beauty and green tradition are bigger than they have ever been through its long and dynamic history. The PHA is working diligently to meet the challenges, and carry the torch of a charming heritage. The DG of PHA said in an interview, “Lahore may not be the capital of Pakistan, yet it is undoubtedly the country's social, cultural and historical hub. Besides its architecture. the greenery of Lahore has always been a hall mark of the city with a rich depiction of its flora and fauna in the shape of paintings, carvings and sculptures. Since its inception in 1998, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has come a long way in making this historic city cleaner, greener and brighter. Over the years, infrastructural demands of urban population resulted in unbridled concrete growth in the shape of buildings and road structure in Lahore. this growth necessitated the corresponding increase in green cover to balance out the cityscape and thus provide a more softer and gentle feel to city dwellers. PHA Lahore is trying its best to keep the balance and enhance the aesthetic beauty of city through rich landscaping along city roads and plantation all along the roads and city parks”    Ex DG ’s of PHA : Mr. Kamran Lashari (1998-2003)   Mr. Shabbir Ahmad (2003-2006) Mr. Irfan Ali (2006-2007) Mr. Raja Muhammad Abbas   (2007-2008) Mr. Nadeem Aslam Ch   (2008-2009) Mr. Dr. Rahel Ahmad Siddiqui (2009-2010) Mr. Abdul Jabbar Shaheen (2010-2012) Mr. Muhammad Mahmood (2012-2013) Mr. Shakeel Ahmed (2013 to Till Date). Introduction of Authority: Parks & Horticulture Authority Lahore (PHA) was established in September, 1998 under the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 vide Government of the Punjab Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department's Notification No. SO(P)-3-4/98 Dated 21-09-1998. Later on, the status of the entity has been established as Authority through the "THE PARKS & HORTICULTURE AUTHORITY ACT 2012" (Act XL VII of 2012)  duly passed by the Provincial Assembly in terms of clause (3) of Article 116 of the constitution, published in the Punjab, Gazette (Extraordinary), dated 30-06-2012.    Plantations (Roadside/Cluster) Roundabouts Fountains & Lights New Fountains Triangles/Junctions/Green Verges Planters Nightscapes Parks Sport Complex/ Community Play Courts Floriculture & Nursery Progress Shows & festivals Tajdeed-e-Lahore Project. Trees, Shrubs, Grounds Covers and Grass. Street Furniture I-e Benches, Dust Bins, Fountains, Lampposts, Water Facilities, Monuments, Planters, Sitting Areas, Kiosks, Curb Stones, Tuff Tiles, Pavements, Steel Fence, Bus Shelters, etc. Spot Lights, Illumination etc. Other than the activities mentioned above, PHA also manages and maintains more than 500 Parks within the city and has also developed many new Parks under a short span of time. Annual Chrysanthemum Show was held in Jillani Park Lahore. Along with lot of Chrysanthemum flowers on display and competition, there was many gardening stalls as well from which people bought flowers, gardening accessories, seeds, fertilizers etc. Chrysanthemum flowers called "Gul-e-Daudi"   in Urdu are also called "mums" as common name. They are perennial in Lahore but treated as annual because they require some care in summer months and in monsoon. Over watering in monsoon kills these plants. PHA Light Up Lahore on the Occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan on 14th August . Fireworks at the Greater Iqbal on Independence Day of Pakistan Organized by PHA Lahore. At the inauguration of Greater Iqbal Park, the CM of Punjab said that “  Ever since the establishment of PHA in 1998, the authority has come a long way in improving the green cover in the city of Lahore. I am  proud to say that today, Lahore is the most beautiful city of Pakistan and PHA has played a major role to achieve this distinction. The horticulture designing and landscaping on city road, the interchanges of Motorway and Lahore Ring Road is really appreciable. The initiative of pictorial documentation of horticulture development along with the photography of historic monuments in Lahore is also commendable. I congratulate the management of PHA for this initiative and hope it will keep on upgrading the level of horticulture in the provincial metropolis. I also take this opportunity to advise that PHA must focus on extensive plantation of indigenous tree species, thereby bringing back the past glory of Lahore as the "City of Gardens" The 90% employees of PHA is not educated they only middle or matric pass and working as gardener or security guard, and 10% employees are working as officials like J/C, Assistant, or Directors. They are 4 kinds of employees in PHA. First regular employees, they are almost 3500 employees then contract basis they are 1500 employees, then 89 day / work charge  labour they are almost 750 employees, at the end daily paid employees its about 3000 employees. The performance management of Parks and Horticultural Authority:     Performance Management (PM) is one of the significant topics in Organization’s today. The objectives and indicators of PM are then associated with operational metrics and linked to performance incentives, which lead to effective strategy execution throughout the organization. PM involves an array of integrated operational and analytical processes that accomplish two sequential tasks. First, it facilitates the creation of strategic goals by stipulating specific objectives and key performance indicators that are meaningful to the organization. Second, it supports the subsequent management of the performance to those goals. The PM is without best model, while a perfect performance management program may be adapted to an authority, another company may not necessarily produce good results. There is a huge difference among International Business Performance Management. The multinational companies choose more complicated and important model in making performance management.PM is a consolidation of concepts that companies have been practicing for some time, such as data warehousing, business intelligence, and total quality management. In an effort to provide clarity to the industry, a PM standards group was established in 2003. They define PM as a set of integrated, closed-loop management and analytic processes, supported by technologies that address financial and operational activities. PM helps businesses define strategic goals and measure and manage performance against those goals. An in-depth interview method based on the PM theory was used to Parks and Horticulture Authority. It hopes that through the in-depth analysis and application of the theory of corporations of the outstanding performance management mode of operation of corporations’ in Pakistan for performance management problems. In the analysis of transnational corporations, the thesis seeks the effective implementation of performance management and promoting transnational corporations and raising the level of performance management, for the operation of Parks and Horticulture Authority in Pakistan. Key Problems of the Organization: Defining absenteeism should be simple. "A person either is or is not at work." However, there is not universal agreement on its meaning many studies argue that job satisfaction and absenteeism are related among employees, but the connection is
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