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   Name: Kashish Nayyar   Topic: Types of Listeners in Effective Communication Following are the types of listeners: I.   Active Listener:   This individual will listen to you and hang on your every word. They will take in your message and listen attentively . They often show signs of response  —  either physically or verbally  —  to reassure you they are listening II.   The Inactive Listener: Contrarily, this is the speaker’s worst nightmare. The listener truly allows the words to flow in one ear and out the other.   This listener is not really listening, they are not present. They may be waiting for their turn to speak.  III. The Selective Listener  : A selective listener only hears information needed to formulate a counter argument, or may filter your words until he feels like he has achieved base comprehension to his satisfaction.   IV.   The Rushed Listener: Much like an inactive listener, a rushed listener will listen only as far as is needed to get the gist of what is being said.   Then, they can transition comfortably into an inactive listener.   V.   The Scared Listener: This is really a subcategory of the selective listener, but this listener is focused on avoiding harm. Thus, you will be speaking to a selective listener in self-defense mode.  VI.   The Thoughtful Listener: This is a person who would otherwise be an active listener, and they will give you signs of a concurrence and support, but their only goal is to please you.  VII.   The Uneducated Listener: This is not a listener uneducated in an academic sense. This is a listener who is uneducated as to the arena in which you are speaking.     
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