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  The BA WayBrand Guidelines 2007 Version 1. September 2007.  1.0 Summary2.0 Toolkit 3.0 Application 4.0 Library Appendix A: Tone of voice Appendix B: Examples Brand Guidelines Version 1. September 2007.  The BA way The visual identity of British Airways has been revised to meet both the challenges of the commercial world and the expectations of our customers. We set out to refresh the look of the brand through brighter colour and an extended colour palette.The Speedmarque has been simplified.Most importantly we have created a framework through which we have the flexibility to engage with customers through lines of thought and conversation. Brand Guidelines Version 1. September 2007.  Introduction The following guidelines show how to use the basic principles of the revised British Airways identity.The identity comprises of a very simple kit of parts which used together carefully with the correct relationships will form the distinctive visual expression of the British Airways brand.This document outlines the components, their structure and their relationships which will help you to apply the British Airways brand consistently across the international network.Every detail of the British Airways brand identity has been created to ensure that it is expressive of the brand and its values.The refreshed identity is designed to meet the future challenges of a competitive airline business, and to connect naturally with our customers.Building on our strong heritage the refreshed identity provides a robustand flexible graphic platform, providing a simple, seamless and consistent look and feel at all our stations around the world. Simple, global, seamless.Warm, thoughtful, engaging.Confident. Brand Guidelines Version 1. September 2007.


Jan 14, 2019


Jan 14, 2019
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