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    An    Introduction to the Fundamentals of Bolognese Swordsmanship by Steven Reich 1/12/2008 10:52 AM     Copyright © 2007 by Steven Reich and The Order of the Seven Hearts 1 Introduction  There are five known authors from the Bolognese school of the 1500s who have either published books or left manuscripts. They are Antonio Manciolino (1531), Achille Marozzo (1536), Giovanni Dall‟Agocchie (1572), Angelo Viggiani (1575), and the anonymous author of Manuscripts 345 and 346 from Ravenna (c. 1550). I have used all of these and also works of their contemporaries in the analysis of the Bolognese system. However, the focus of this document and my class is the The Anonymous   (i.e. the anonymous from Ravenna), with the others in an important but supporting role. One of the most significant hurdles when interpreting the Bolognese system as compared to the earlier systems is the incredible number of actions described in the texts: the more than 400 distinct plays for sword alone in The Anonymous   dwarfs the Italian works of the previous century, making analysis a long and laborious process. Furthermore, unlike the works of the following century, the Bolognese treatises do not lay out a discreet set of rules of the art; instead, they require you to learn the rules implicitly through analysis and practice of the many actions described in the texts. It becomes the job of the researcher, therefore, to extract these rules through careful analysis and comparison of the various sources. Thus, my main task is to give students a clear picture of the system as it is distilled from the hundreds of pages and thousands of techniques. What follows is much of the requisite knowledge to understand and practice the Bolognese system as I teach it.  Copyright © 2007 by Steven Reich and The Order of the Seven Hearts 2
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