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  1 YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY 2014 - 2015 SPRING, WEEK 14   SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES READING WORKSHEET 4 B-C - LEVEL   Week 14 May 18 –  22)   TE HER’S  COPY READING CAFÉ 4   On the menu this week is: PART I VOCABULARY REVISION 1. Complete the text with the words given in the box. pure dimensions symbol nearby reunified reserved restricted illustrates Hawaii In present- day Hawaii, there are at least twelve different ethnic groups. The largest groups are the Japanese, the Europeans, the Chinese, the Filipinos, the part-Hawaiians and the people from mixed families. Everyone has more opportunities to meet people of other ethnic groups and to learn about their culture. With this experience, people can learn to respect each other’s ideas and ways of life. This 1) illustrates  that children grow up to be more tolerant as adults, more willing to accept differences. In the long run, it can mean less social tension, and probably less poverty and violence. One way to measure the level of tolerance in Hawaii is by the percentage of mixed marriages. Marriages between people from different ethnic groups aren’t 2) restricted .  Children from mixed marriages are called ‘hapas’. If their parents are separated, they can meet again after a while and can be 3) reunited . Usually they do not need to make a big ceremony again and they choose to go to a 4) nearby  church to marry. Also, it will be getting hard to see 5) pure  Hawaiian as most people are mixed with other cultures. One of the most important traditions is very much alive today - wearing “lei” ( a necklace made of flowers). Leis are created from the many kinds of fresh flowers found on the island. The flowers are sewn together to form a large circle. The 6) dimensions  of leis differ from one meter to two meters. They are still 7) symbol  of peace and friendship. A colourful, long lei is prepared and 8) reserved  for a non-Hawaiian visitor by a host family. When the guest arrives, the lei is placed his or her neck, with the traditional greeting, “Aloha”.    2 2. Complete the sentences below using the correct form of the words in the box. impact x 2 wrap demonstrate grip 1. Dressing well for a job interview and showing up on time is considered a   demonstration  of your seriousness about the job.  2. In traditional Kırkpınar wrestling competitions, each wrestler impacts  his rival with great force and try to knock them down.  3. You can keep your roommate from trying to change the channel by gripping  the TV remote controller or hiding it.  4. She wrapped  her old set of porcelain cups in a cloth, put them in plastic bags and then packed them inside boxes in the garage.  5.  A new manager has come into our department and he quickly wants to make an impact , so he is trying to offer creative ideas for the new project.   3. Complete the text with the words given in the box. Air Pollution The burning of polluting fuel in industry and motor vehicle exhaust gases have brought us a great gift: air pollution. Burning large 1)   quantity  of fossil fuels, like coal and oil by industry incurably pollutes the air. They produce hazardous toxic chemicals, such as sulphur dioxide. Factories must 2) urgently  possess well-structured filtration systems; otherwise they continue to threaten human health. The burning and destruction of forests also cause air pollution. People are irresponsible, do not pay much attention to forests, and protection against fire is not 3) sufficient,  which cause long-term air pollution. Besides the causes of air pollution, there are important 4) consequences  of it. Firstly, carbon dioxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons are the most widely- known gases which cause what is known as ‘the greenhouse effect’. It results in the phenomenon of global warming. Future climate ch ange and associated impacts will vary from region to region around the globe.   The effects of an 5) unstoppable  increase in global temperature include a rise in sea levels as well as a probable expansion of  deserts. Other likely effects of the warming include more frequent extreme weather events including heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall, and heavy snowfall, ocean acidification; and species extinctions due to 6) shifting  temperature routes.  Another threatening effect of air pollution is acid rain which damages trees and slows their growth. A further effect of acid rain is on water and food 7) resources.  As the acidity levels in lakes, rivers, seas increase, the numbers and types of aquatic plants and animals decrease. In the same sense, as long as crops are poisoned by acid rain and lessened, there won’t be enough food for people, so they will be in danger of 8) starvation.  In summary, air pollution has extremely important effects on human life and well-being. Both governments and multi-national 9) corporations should work together to take precautions and find some solutions. If we want to live longer and give future generations an 10) access  to a cleaner and greener planet, we should be more sensitive about this issue. consequences shifting resources access sufficient unstoppable urgently starvation quantity corporations  3 4. Complete the text with the words given in the box. requirements aboard schemes option tight exhilarating launch resolved relatively ease 10 Minutes with a female pilot   As a first officer with Cityjet, Victoria Humphrey is one of the few women working as a commercial pilot. She tells us about her daily life, the training. She had an adventurous spirit and after an art course and a degree in ancient history, Victoria Humphrey 1)   resolved  to walk through a different field and followed in her father's flight path and became a pilot. Her father gave her advice on her 2) option for getting an advanced career in this job. She is now a first officer at Cityjet. She was influenced by both her fa ther’s success and the spaceships, NASA’s attempts to 3) launch  rockets and capsules into the space. Her daily flight  No two days are the same. Generally speaking there is a routine but things can change rapidly, especially during the winter months when the weather is unpredictable. My duty today was to operate from Dublin to London City airport and back. Before departing, I reviewed the weather to 4) ease landing in London. In the end, we landed safely only moments before the wind picked up and the aircraft behind us was diverted. Needless to say, the passengers 5) aboard  were very relaxed and got happy. Her career Passing my instrument rating first time was 6) relatively  rewarding especially after 18 months of intensive training. During this training process, there were various 7) schemes  to encourage me to be a successful pilot. It was the first challenge of my flying career since I faced with several 8) tight conditions I had to struggle, yet I never forget the great sense of achievement.    After graduating as a flying instructor, I went on becoming a training captain. Before joining Cityjet I completed an Airbus 320 type rating and flew 350 hours on the airbus. Flying the 321 out of Heathrow to Manchester on my first day as a first officer was pretty 9) exhilarating  - I felt over the moon. Being a young female European working for a Turkish airline based out of Istanbul definitely presented its both challenges and 10) requirements  like being qualified and having the expected standard, however there were many variables which contributed to this including the culture, deep rooted traditions and particularly the language barrier. Despite difficulties, it is a great career, a unique one and one that certainly provides a few good stories round the dinner table! PART II  STRATEGY   PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT   Making Inferences  An inference has been defined as “a statement about the unknown made on the basis of the known.” In other words, an  inference is an educated guess. Use your knowledge, experience, and the available clues to help you answer the questions that follow each of the passages: 1. Here is a student - instructor conversation: Instructor:   “Here’s your test, Gary. I’d like to suggest you come in during my office hours and talk about it.”   Gary : “I blew it again? Maybe I’d better drop this course.”   Instructor:   “Now, don’t panic. It’s only the second test.”   Gary :   “I was never good in history.”    4 Circle the items below that can be inferred from the conversation. A. Gary failed his test. B. It’s not the first time Gary has failed in the class. C. The instructor feels the fault in Gary’s failure is that he doesn’t study enough.   D. Gary feels like a failure in his history class. E. Gary doesn’t like his history instructor.   2. Here is News Flash! “Yesterday scientists revealed beer contains small traces of female hormones. To prove their theory, the scientists fed 100 men 12 pints of beer and observed 100% of them gained weight, talked excessively without making sense, became emotional, and couldn’t drive. No further testing is planned.” Was this piece written by a man or woman? On what clues did you base your inference? MAN  –  Indirectly making fun of women Inference questions on a text are perhaps the most difficult questions to answer. The answers to these questions are not directly stated in the passage but are understood, or implied. To answer inference questions, you must decide what logical conclusion follows from the facts stated in the passage. These ideas may be what the author believes to be true but has not stated in the passage. Example: In last year’s competition, of the six contestants chosen, one was from White Springs, two from other towns in Idaho, and the rest from neighbouring areas of the Pacific Northwest. Using the facts of the text itself, we can make several inferences (conclusions based on facts) about this sentence: 1. What or where is White Springs? We can infer that White Springs is a town in Idaho, based on the phrase other towns in Idaho . 2. Where is Idaho? We can infer that both White Springs and Idaho are in the Pacific Northwest, based on from neighbouring areas of the Pacific Northwest  . 3. How many contestants are from the rest of the Pacific Northwest? We can infer that there were three contestants from the neighbouring areas of the Pacific Northwest by using simple arithmetic. 4. What type of competition might this be — regional, national, or international? We can infer something about the competition or contest. We can guess that it was a local competition, rather than national, since all the contestants came from the same geographic area. 5. What probably preceded this sentence? We can infer that the information given before this sentence was probably about the contestants in this year’s competition , based on the phrase In last year’s competition .
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