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  Elevate your cloud skills How cloud training and certication can lift your IT career  2 The global cloud skills gap A lack of cloud skills impacts performance 2   68% of IT decision makers say their teams face a shortage of necessary cloud skillsWe work in the cloud. From global enterprises to garage startups, organizations of all kinds increasingly rely on cloud services to get things done. According to IDC, global spending on cloud services increased 20.4% from 2016 to 2017. Within the next three years, more than two-thirds of global IT software and infrastructure will be cloud-based. 1  The widespread adoption of the cloud has increased the need for IT professionals with relevant technical training. Today, cloud skills are in particularly high demand.Unfortunately, the job market can’t keep up with that demand, and many organizations struggle to find and hire cloud-computing experts. 1 Worldwide Public Cloud Services Spending Forecast,  IDC, July 2017 2 2017 IT Skills and Salary Report,  Global Knowledge Top 5 impacts of skills gaps on organizations: 1. Increased stress on current staff 2.  Difficulty meeting quality objectives 3.  Delays in developing new products and services 4. Delayed deployment of new hardware and software 5.  Increased operating costs  This is where  you  come in  4 Training increases your value 3 2017 IT Skills and Salary Report , Global Knowledge Training helps you work with condence in the cloud You can bridge the skills gap and become more valuable to current and future employers through cloud training. While nothing replaces hands-on operations or developer experience in cloud environments, IT professionals in every role can take advantage of self-paced learning and in-depth cloud training to gain a better understanding of cloud technology and learn how to operate in complex environments. Training helps you build the technical skills and condence that make you more productive and valuable in the workplace,  but it’s also an excellent way to stay relevant and keep your competitive edge. Yesterday’s nice-to-know technical skills become today’s must-have knowledge, which is why the average IT worker continually reinvests in their own technical development. In fact, 84% of global IT professionals took some form of training in 2016. 3
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