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  Republic of the PhilippinesREGIONAL TRIAL COURT  FIRST JUDICIAL REGION Branch 6 La Trinidad, Benguet PEOPLE OF TE PILIPPINE! ,  Plaintiff,   CRI INAL CA!E NO# R$%%&% -Versus- For' !erious Ph(sical In)uriesER AR B# GUER*ON+  Accused .X---------------------------------------X APPLICATION FOR PROBATION The accused, through undersigned counsel, unto this Honorable Court, respectfully states that:(!He is of legal age, single, ilipino citi#en and a resident of $u%ber &' Buyagan, oblacion, La Trinidad, Benguet)(&!*n +anuary , &, the Honorable Court rendered udg%ent on the abo/e-entitled case con/icting hi% of the cri%e of serious physical inuries and sentencing hi% to suffer the penalty of i%prison%ent, the dispositi/e portion of 0hich read as follo0s: “Wherefore, judgment is hereby rendered, finding the accused guilty of serious physical injuries defined and penalized under Article 263 of the Reised  Penal !ode, ho is hereby sentenced to suffer an indeterminate penalty of t o #2$ months and one #%$ day of Arresto &ayor, as minimum and one #%$ year and four #'$ months of Prision !orreccional, as ma(imum)*n the !iil aspect, accused is hereby ordered to pay the complainant the amount of +eenty ie -housand pesos #PhP ./,000)00$as reimbursement for actual e(penses)+o ordered)1 ('!1n /ie0 of the foregoing udg%ent, the accused hereby %ost respectfully applies before the Honorable Court for probation)(2!The accused further states that he is not one a%ong those offenders dis3ualified to a/ail of the benefits of probation, as pro/ided under 4ection 5, of residential 6ecree $o. 578, as a%ended, to 0it: Section 9.  isualified *ffenders) -he benefits of this ecree shall not be e(tended to those4#a$ sentenced to sere a ma(imum term of imprisonment of more than si( years5#b$ conicted of any offense against the security of the +tate5#c$ ho hae preiously been conicted by final judgment of an offense punished by imprisonment of not less than one month and one day andor a fine of not less than - o 7undred Pesos5#d$ ho hae been once on probation under the proisions of this ecree5 and#e$ ho are already sering sentence at the time the substantie proisions of this  ecree became applicable pursuant to +ection 33 hereof) #italics supplied$  (!The accused has not perfected nor does he intend to perfect an appeal fro% the afore%entioned udg%ent of the Honorable Court)(7!He further underta9es to faithfully and religiously co%ply 0ith the conditions of the probation as pro/ided for under .6. 57 (robation La0 of 57! or as %ay be ordered by the Honorable Court should this application for probation be granted. PRA,ER -EREFORE , pre%ises considered, it is respectfully prayed that this pleading be noted and %ade part of the records of the abo/e-entitled case and that this ;pplication for robation filed by the accused <r%ar B. =uer#on be granted.*ther relief ust and e3uitable in the foregoing is li9e0ise prayed for.6one this & th  day of ebruary & in La Trinidad, Benguet hilippines. ATT,# GLO.ER RAI! !U AIL !ounsel for the Accused >oo% '8 ine/alley Building,?%. 2 La Trinidad, Benguet>oll $o. 272&) -&-&T> $o. 5887&5) -&-) Benguet1B $o. &'&) -'-) Baguio-Benguet NOTICE OF EARINGPRO!# FRANCI! ALLEN T# PALIGAN+ /R# +ustice Hall, La Trinidad, Benguet =reetings@lease ta9e notice that on ebruary &&, & at &: in the afternoon or soon thereafter as counsel %ay be heard, the undersigned 0ill re3uest the Honorable Court to appro/e the foregoing ;pplication for robation 0ithout further argu%ent and appearance fro% counsel. ATT,# GLO.ER RAI! !U AIL
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