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  Anthropometry ―Dr. Ankit Yadavendra, M. B. B. S. (Dr. V. M. G. M. C., Solapur),M. D. Paediatrics resident (B. H. I. M. S., Mumbai)  Referencestakenandadaptedfrom: 1. “Kleigman, Behrman, Jenson, Stanton, Nelson Textbook ofPaediatrics”, 1st South Asia Edition, Saunders Elsevier2. “K. Park, Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine”,23rd Edition, Bhanot3. “Vinod K. Paul, Arvind Bagga, Ghai Essential Pediatrics”, 8thEdition, CBS4. “Krishna M. Goel, Devendra K. Gupta, Hutchison’s Paediatrics”,2nd Edition, Jaypee5. “MKC Nair, PSN Menon, Ritabrata Kundu, IAP Textbook ofPediatrics”, 6th Edition, Jaypee6. “Dr. Mayoor K. Chheda, Practical aspects of Pediatrics”, 7thEdition, Bhalani book depot7. “Meharban Singh, Pediatric Clinical Methods”, 3rd Edition8. “National Health and Nutrition Examination SurveyAnthropometry Procedures Manual, CDC”, Jan 20079. “Aruchamy Lakshmanaswamy, Clinical Paediatrics historytaking and case discussion”, 3rd Edition, Wolters Kluwer,Lippincott Williams & Wilkins10. “N C Joshi, Clinical Pediatrics”, 2nd Edition, Elsevier  Etymology: Greek word “anthropo” = “human”; “metron” = “measure”(Ulajaszek, 1994) Definition: Study of the measurement of the human body in terms of thedimensions of bone, muscle, and adipose tissue. Importance: 1. It is a key component of nutrition status assessment in childrenand adults.2. It reflects general health status and dietary adequacy.3. It can be used to track trends in growth and development overtime.  ãWeight Instruments: 1. Digital weight scale2. Portable scales3. Beam type (Detecto): infants4. Spring machine or bathroom scale Neonates: They are placed on the scale with all clothes anddiapers removed. Smallchildren: Children who cannot stand alone on the scale willbe weighed with the assistance of an adult. First the adult willstand on the scale and then press the tare button to show zero,and then will carry the child to record his weight. Olderchildren: They are asked to remove the shoes and thenstand on the scale.


May 2, 2019


May 2, 2019
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