Aleksandra Mir Delves into the Mysteries of the Universe

Mir shares the interviews she conducted with 16 space scientists and academics, many of whom helped to inform her series of black-and-white drawings of space travel.
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  4/28/2018Aleksandra Mir Delves into the Mysteries of the Universe Intallation view of pace Tapetr: arthOervation & Human paceight  , Modern ArtOxford, June 24–Novemer 12, 2017 (imagecourte Alekandra Mir) We Can’t top Thinking Aout the Future itechnicall a catalogue for Alekandra Mir’recent exhiition at Modern ArtOxford and Tate Liverpool, ut it’ alo much more than that, with the focu not omuch on the artwork a on the people andtorie ehind it. Mir comine image of her mot recent large-cale project, paceTapetr , with interview he conducted with 16 pace cientit and academic,man of whom helped to inform her erie of lack-and-white drawing of pace travel, inuenced  the aeux Tapetr and depiction of Halle’Comet in the Middle Age. OOK  Alekandra Mir Delve into the Mterie of the Univere Mir hare the interview he conducted with 16 pacecientit and academic, man of whom helped to inform hererie of lack-and-white drawing of pace travel. 󰁅     󰁬   󰁥     󰁮     󰁡     󰀠󰁇      󰁯󰁵󰁫     󰁡     󰁳󰁳󰁩   󰁡     󰁮     󰁎      󰁯󰁶     󰁥     󰁭       󰁢󰁥     󰁲    󰀠 󰀲󰀴󰀬   󰀠 󰀲󰀰󰀱󰀷     4/28/2018Aleksandra Mir Delves into the Mysteries of the Universe Firt TV image of Mar (image courte NAA/JPL/Dan Good)aeux Tapetr cene 32: Men taring atHalle’ Comet (image courte Mraella, via Wikimedia Common) In 1066, when the right, urning light of Halle’ Comet wa oerved paingthrough the k over ngland, it wa een a an omen. In Octoer of that ame ear, the Norman invaion at the attle of Hating took the life of King HaroldII, and William the Conqueror wa crowned king on Chritma Da. Theceletial event plaed uch a large role in pulic memor that Halle’ Comet wa even woven into the aeux Tapetr.Like it hitorical predeceor, Alekandra Mir’ pace Tapetr  tell a viualtor created  a team of collaorator, all of whom laored together to createthe immene work  hand. In preparation for the project, Mir oughtinformation and advice from more than a dozen cientit who pecialize in allthing related to pace — from atellite deigner to atrophicit and eventhe Director General of the uropean pace Agenc. When the project wanall completed two ear later, he came ack to interview them for thecatalogue.Mir’ converation veer from dicuion of her project attempting to capturethe “Hule aethetic” to how agencie chooe atronaut — cientit orpilot? Militar or civilian? — the complication of planetar nomenclature,and even the democratization of pace and pace tourim. Often, the world of cience and the art collide in unexpected wa.In her converation with atronomer MarekKukula, Mir dicover that the ver rtdigital image of Mar wa actuall a craondrawing from the 1960. It eem thecientit couldn’t wait to nd out what thelandcape looked like — the computer tooka long time to generate an image from  4/28/2018Aleksandra Mir Delves into the Mysteries of the Universe numer in what wa one of the rt digitalimaging technologie — o the hand-colored it, like a paint--numer picture. Mir and Kukula alo dicu theimportance of photograph to atronom, and vice vera. (In the earl da of photograph, while the art world fought over whether or not it wa toomechanical to e art, reearcher argued that it might not e mechanicalenough for cience.) Mir even encourage Kukula to pulih a cienticall uele photo of empt pace — the telecope wa pointed at the wrongcoordinate — a art. Cover of We Can’t top Thinking Aout TheFuture: ARTIT ALKANDRA MIR PAKWITH TH PAC WORLD , trange AttractorPre, London / MIT Pre, Camridge, MA (image courte Alekandra Mir) Mir talk with Jill tuart, director of MTI (Meaging xtraterretrialIntelligence) International, aout the quetion of colonization (“we earch theunivere to nd ourelve,” tuart a), and to pace archaeologit AliceGorman aout tranlating Asrcinal culture into pace and protecting “lunarheritage” and the ite of the 1969 moon landing. tuart ve, who i developingthe concept of “pace Trac Control,” dicue cleaning up pace deri andthe catalogue of 23,000 oject (excluding militar technolog) that oftencollide, creating pace hrapnel. Apparentl, in the old da, len cap oncamera in outer pace were deigned to jut pop o into the ether.One of the mot humling converation in term of the limit of humanknowledge i toward the end of the ook, when medical doctor and pacephiologit Thai Ruomano ponder how familiar force we thought we  4/28/2018Aleksandra Mir Delves into the Mysteries of the Universe ome of Alekandra Mir’ aitant poe infront of a work at pace Tapetr: Farawa Miion , Tate Liverpool, June 23–Octoer 15,2017 (image courte Alekandra Mir) knew aout (like gravit) act on the human od in outer pace. “Gravit haother eect we don’t know aout et,” he a, citing a recent tud thatfound an increaed preure on the human rain in what we alwa thought of a a micro-gravit environment. (There’ no uch thing a true “zero gravit.”)Like much of Mir’ artwork, We Can’t topThinking Aout the Future  i a collaoration, with the artit erving a a manager of ort.The ook in’t even directl aout her.Rather, the converational interviewdelving into the mterie of the univereare littered with clue aout Mir, herproject and philoophie. It’ epeciall refrehing to read interview that crodicipline. What ring all thee peopletogether i an unridled curioit. A Jan Woerner, director general of the uropean pace Agenc tell Mir, “it i in ourgene to dicover the unknown.” We Can’t top Thinking Aout the Future  i out now from  MIT Pre. MOR FROM HYPRALLRGIC
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