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  About  Vedantu FREE Webinars by Expert Teachers MASTER CLASSES FREE  LIVE ONLINE Register for FREE Awesome Master Teachers Anand Prakash Pulkit  Jain Namo Kaul 6,80,900+ Hours of LIVE Learning 3,13,100+ Happy Students 95% Top Results Vedantu   Study Material FREE MASTER CLASS SERIES  Register for FREE  SECTION - A 1.Write the energy conversion that takes place in a hydropower plant.Ans.Potential energy of water stored in a dam is converted into kinetic energy of the falling water. Thewater falls on the turbine, so kinetic energy of the flowing water is converted into the kinetic energy of the armature of the generator connected to the turbine. Then kinetic energy is converted into theelectrical energy known as hydro-electricity.2.A Mendelian experiment consisted of breeding pea plants bearing violet .flowers with pea plants bearing white flowers. What will be the result in F 1  pregeny ?Ans.In mendelian experiment, breeding of pea plants bearing violet flowers with pea plant bearing whiteflower leds to production of all violet coloured flowers (F 1  progeny plants). The plants bearing violetcoloured of the flower is dominant over write coloured flower in pea plant.3.(a)Name one gustatory receptor and one alfactory receptor present in human beings.(b)Write a  and b  in the given flow chart of neuron through which information travels as an electricalimpulse. DendriteabEndpointofNewron     Ans.(a)Gustatory receptors – TongueOlfactory receptors – Nose(b)   Dendrite   →  Cyton  →  Axon  →  End    point   of     Newron X - CBSE BOARD - 2018 Date: 16.03.2018   S cience  - Q uestion P aper S olutions 1  Study Materials NCERT Solutions for Class 6 to 12 (Math & Science)Revision Notes for Class 6 to 12 (Math & Science)RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 to 12 MathematicsRS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 6, 7 & 10 MathematicsImportant Questions for Class 6 to 12 (Math & Science)CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9, 10 & 12 (Math & Science)Important Formula for Class 6 to 12 MathCBSE Syllabus for Class 6 to 12Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 & 10Previous Year Question PaperCBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question PaperCBSE Class 10 Previous Year Question PaperJEE Main & Advanced Question PaperNEET Previous Year Question Paper Vedantu Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Score high with a personal teacher, Learn LIVE Online!  22 4.If the image formed by a spherical mirror for all positions of the object placed in front of it is alwayserect and diminished, what type of mirror is it ? Draw a labelled ray diagram to support your answer.Ans.To get erect and diminished image mirror used is convex mirror.5.A compound ‘X’ on heating with excess conc. sulphuric acid at 443 K gives an unsaturated compound‘Y’. ‘X’ also reacts with sodium metal to evolve a colourless gas ‘Z’. Identify ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. Writethe equation of the chemical reaction of formation of ‘Y’ and also Write the role of sulphuric acid inthe reaction.Ans.Compound ‘X’ on heating with excess conc. sulphuric acid at 443 gives unsaturated compound.    4433224222 conc.Alcohol  K  CH CH OH H SO CH CH H O      ––  32322 CH CH OH Na CH CH ONa H      ––––  Concentrated 24  H SO  act as a dehydrating agent 25  X C H OH   24 Y C H   2  Z H    6.State the laws of refraction of light. Explain the term ‘absolute refractive index of a medium’ and writean expression to relate it with the speed of light in vacuum.Ans. Laws of Refraction of light : Refraction of light follows the following two laws : First Law :  The incident ray, the normal to the transparent surface at the point of incidence and therefracted ray, all lie in one and the same plane. Second Law :  The ratio of sine of the incidence angle   i   to the sine of the refracted angle of themedium is called refractive index. It is denoted by n .sini.e., sin inr   Refractive index of second medium with respect to the first medium is denoted by 21 n . 2
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