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  Body builder instructions Volvo Truck Corporation Supersedes VBI Release 07 from 9.15Changes are marked with a bar (|) in the margin.  GeneralWeldingFM (4), FH (4)FL (3), FE (3), FL, FE Contents “General”, page 2“Electric welding on the bodywork”, page 2“Welding when altering the wheelbase”, page 3“Welding attachment plates”, page 4“Plugging holes by welding”, page 4 Welding FM (4), FH (4), FL (3), FE (3), FL, FEENG78638 Date 9.16 Release 08 Page 1 (4) All Rights Reserved   Welding General These instructions apply generally to all types of elec-tric welding work carried out on vehicles. Welding mustbe done with great accuracy to achieve a satisfactory joint. Care must be exercised to avoid damage, person-al injuries and accidents.Welding on the truck should be at a minimum and pref-erably limited to occasional repairs or wheelbasealterations.The welder must be trained, qualified and experiencedin vehicle welding work. Note:  Since illustrations are reused for different var-iants, certain details may differ from the variant inquestion. The essential information in the illustrationsis however always accurate. Restrictions DANGER It is absolutely forbidden to weld the body or body partsto the chassis frame. Electrodes/welding consumables Use ESAB OK 48.30 electrodes or equivalent, for metalarc welding and DC welding.The filler material used for MAG gas-metal arc weldingshould be ESAB Autorod 12.51 Ø1.0 mm or equivalent. Electrode diameters 2.5 mm electrodes shall be used for the root weld on sidemembers and extension profiles. For the subsequent weldand the backing run, use 3.25 mm electrodes. 3.25-4.0mm electrodes should be used for reinforcement profiles. T9006231 Electric welding on the bodywork When welding is being carried out, it is important that thefollowing measures are taken in order to avoid personalinjuries or damage to the vehicle: ã  The welder must be trained, qualified and experiencedin vehicle welding work. ã  It is important to prepare the welding area carefully.Heat sensitive components such as piping and cables(electric and air) must either be protected or disman-tled. Also protect leaf springs and air bellows. ã  The welding area and the location of the welding ma-chine's earth connection must be clean, i.e. any paint,corrosion, oil, grease, dirt, etc. must be removed. Welding FM (4), FH (4), FL (3), FE (3), FL, FEENG78638 Date 9.16 Release 08 Page 2 (4)  ã  The welding machine's earth connection should beconnected as near to the welding point as possible.The cable clip should be in contact with the material tobe welded to prevent damage to any electrical compo-nents. If two parts are to be welded together, it is es-sential that these are connected to the weldingmachine's earth connection. ã  Ensure that no casings of electrical components (e.g.the control unit) come into contact with the weldingelectrode or the welding machine's earth connection. ã  A direct electrical current is generally used for welding. ã  When welding inside a cab, the airbag should be dis-connected to avoid personal injuries. To do this, put thestarter key in stop mode and disconnect the connector underneath the contact reel. ã  When welding inside a cab, put the starter key in stopmode and disconnect the connectors to the instrumentcluster and other control units. T3015658 Welding when altering the wheelbase The strength properties of the chassis frame can be seri-ously impaired if welding is carried out incorrectly, be-cause the frame is made of high strength steel. ã  Only use dry electrodes. ã  Weld beads must be ground flat. ã  Strike marks and welding spatter must be ground off. ã  Always finish with a backing run. ã  The welded area should be visually inspected. ã  Cover the welded surfaces with a rust inhibiting paint. Welding FM (4), FH (4), FL (3), FE (3), FL, FEENG78638 Date 9.16 Release 08 Page 3 (4)  Welding attachment plates When welding attachment plates to the sub frame/helper frame, proceed as follows: ã  The weld should start from a point close to the side of the attachment plate and work inwards, towards thecentre of the attachment plate (please refer to theillustration). ã  Weld from both sides of the plate. Finish the weld atthe same distance from the centre line of the plate. ã  It is not essential for both ends of the weld beads tomeet in the middle. T9007480 Plugging holes by welding Existing holes should be welded closed if new holes arecloser than 50 mm, measured from the edges of theholes. Proceed as follows: ã  Chamfer the edge on one side of the hole to 2/3 of thematerial thickness. ã  Position a copper washer A on the inside of the hole. ã  Weld with a Ø3.25 mm electrode. ã  If the hole has a diameter Ø greater than 20 mm, achamfered washer should be used when it is weldedclosed. ã  Finish the job by additional welding from the inside. T9006236 Welding FM (4), FH (4), FL (3), FE (3), FL, FEENG78638 Date 9.16 Release 08 Page 4 (4)


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