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Healthy Connections: The End. Or Is It? Healthy Connections Newsletter! by: Sarah Ulmer Newsletter Home Newsletter Archive Path to Perfect Health Know Thy pH . . Conference Calls Current Newsletter The End. Or Is It? If you read our last few articles, you already know we are chatting about the stages of transformation, not only on a chemical level but also on a mental/spiritual level. These stages of transformation/transmutation are called an alchemical process. Last time I invaded your inbox,
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  Healthy Connections: The End. Or Is It?[11/14/2011 4:51:48 AM]   Healthy Connections Newsletter! by: Sarah Ulmer The End. Or Is It? If you read our last few articles, you alreadyknow we are chatting about the stages of transformation, not only on a chemical level butalso on a mental/spiritual level. These stages of transformation/transmutation are called analchemical process. Last time I invaded yourinbox, we learned about phase six, Distillation.If you would like to read that article beforedelving into this one, feel free!For the rest of us, let’s head right into the next phase! I realize that so many of our readers are going through major life changes and are having difficultiesmaking the transition with grace and clarity. I hope these articles will shed somelight and at the very least assist you with making a few perception changesabout the process itself. Sometimes just knowing what is happening canalleviate most of the stress associated with the life experience.Stage SevenCoagulation is the seventh and final step on the alchemical process, at least thatis what most historical records will show. There always was a rumor that wasthere was at least one more step, which we will discuss in the next newsletter.Jesus claimed to be the Cornerstone and this stage is better known as ‘theStone’. .Spiritually speaking, Coagulation is marked by a final Truth. Once a personreaches this stage it can almost seem laughable. What seemed so complicatedduring the Dark Night of the Soul could fill volumes with the process thatfollowed and required incredible amounts of energy spent thinking andprocessing information is suddenly ended with one, final thought. This thought isusually a sentence, one sentence. The epitome of an AH HA Moment. It isalmost as if we put a very large equation into a computer and after a year of processing, the computer spits out a little piece of paper with words of wisdomakin to a fortune cookie, a proverb.This portion of the process is actually the easiest to accomplish as long as theDistillation portion was allowed to do its job with no hindrance from the egomind. It comes on so suddenly that the seeker literally sits up, slaps hisforehead and shouts, ‘DUH!’ Example? Let’s say we take my divorce process and the aftermath and stick itinto the alchemical processor, if you will. What seemed as the hugest destructionof my life, the act that triggered me to sit and contemplate taking my own life,turned out to be the largest AH HA Moment that I can currently fathom. I sat inthe Dark Night of the Soul, amongst the ash, which was filled with every egoidentity I knew. I am mother. I am daughter. I am wife. I am rich. I am aChristian. I am a Republican. I am a woman. I am a sister. I am attractive. I amskinny. I am flawed. I am broken. I am a friend. I am an enemy. I am ahomemaker. I am a Real Estate Agent. I am a missionary. I am an ex-wife. I amAmerican. etc. The list was long. Every label I just wrote would have been what   Newsletter HomeNewsletter ArchivePath to Perfect HealthKnow Thy pH..Conference CallsCurrent Newsletter  Healthy Connections: The End. Or Is It?[11/14/2011 4:51:48 AM] I thought I was. I mean if you ask a person, “Who are you?” many would usethe same labels. I won’t fault myself for doing the same. But in the time thatfollowed the devastation of my divorce, I watched each label fall away, one byone. The illusion was shattered. If I truly was a wife, then I would havedisintegrated on the spot the moment my divorce papers were signed, wouldn’tI? I mean it would have been the end of ‘me.’ My essence would have beenremoved, wouldn’t it? I was literally left in the dark, myself reduced to the barebones, all flesh removed and I was freaking out. Who am I then? WHO THEHECK AM I?And that question led to the most glorious nugget of gold, my coagulation. Thefinal answer, an answer that not only caused me to weep with joy but also laughwith sheer irony.The final answer?So simple. I am Love Itself. I am Joy Itself. I am Peace Itself. I am Life Itself. Iam literally Truth Itself and nothing can change that. My True IdentityLITERALLY can ONLY be found in The Christ. I’d heard that statement my entirelife, my father was a Baptist minister after all. Why had it never sunk in? Whydidn’t I KNOW that? Why was it not integrated into my body, mind and soul?How had I come to a moment where I realized I set up illusions instead only tohave them crashing and burning around me? Answer: I didn’t KNOW the Truth, Isimply ‘knew about’ It. Oh sure, I realized it was an option, but it was definitelynot coagulated as THE ONLY OPTION. I sure put the Truth to the test didn’t I? Ibuilt up every label contrary to It, testing It as if I was Satan himself. “Are yousure? Are you suuuuuuuuure you are Love, Sarah? Do you love the personabusing you right now? If you are Love then the course of action would comenaturally to you. Do you love yourself, just as you are, or are you living in judgment? Are you patient? Longsuffering? Are you puffed up and full of self orare you instead Full of the True Self? Are you honorable? Do you unconditionallylove Hitler? Judas? Or do you see yourself as separate from those beings andtheir actions? Do you seek revenge or are you Peace? Is your identity reallllllllyin The Christ or do you seem to lose it when push comes to shove? Did Jesushunt down Judas and the angry mob after the cross, as your country did withBin Laden, and then declare that evil was eradicated while dancing in thestreets? Or did he wash his feet? Did He show himself as He claimed to be, LoveItself, in that moment? Did He shout back while they were in the ultimate rageor did He show himself as He claimed to be, Peace Itself? Who are you, Sarah?Because you don’t seem to be SURE.” This Truth was tested at every turn in my life. Sexual and physical abuses. Astrange eating disorder. Self hatred. A view that I was separated from God, eventhough I was told that nothing could separate me from the Love of God, for GodIS Love Itself. I could write a list that would make you sick to your stomach. Iwas told that as soon as I invited The Christ into my body that I would also beOne with The Father, The Great Principle behind all Life but yet I was still in abelief that I was separate. I had to go out there and test it, didn’t I? To theextreme. And in the end of it all, as I faced every lie, every illusion, everydemon, I kept coming to the same conclusion. I am Love. No amount of hateslung my way took it away. No amount of abuse robbed me of who I am. Noamount of deep, internal and external suffering erased who I am. In the literalpits of my own fiery hell, I woke up to Truth, so even hell couldn’t separate mefrom it. But don’t you see? I HAD to test it. Doubt was beautiful as it was usedto PROVE that Truth is all there is. Nothing can be contrary to The Truth. Nothing. It is impossible for me to ‘be hate’. It is impossible for me to ‘besuffering’. It is impossible for me to ‘be struggling in internal torment’. Oh sure,it appeared that way, but at every turn, after the process was allowed to takeplace, the answers were still the same. I am Love. And I express this Love that Iam to all mankind, equally. Especially Judas, Hitler, Peter, Bin Laden and CaseyAnthony. Especially them… Unconditional, Agape Love.Nothing can separate me from God now. No thing. I know Truth and It hasliterally set me free. You could throw any suffering my way, and I’d still say thesame. I am Joy Itself as I rejoice in the midst of it! You could throw any stormto me and I’d still say the same. I am Peace Itself as I remain still and focusedright smack dab in the center of it.Give me any situation. Test it over and over. Throw it into The Computer of The  Healthy Connections: The End. Or Is It?[11/14/2011 4:51:48 AM] Christ Mind. Try it. Embrace all the doubt you can and sling it over to The ChristMind and see what happens. I promise you, I mean I PROMISE that at the endof the day, when all hope has seemed lost and you literally began to believe youcould BE anything other than Truth, you will be shocked to discover that you areLove Itself. There’s nothing that can remove you from it. Go ahead, try andbelieve you are separate from It. Believe it until you will wage a war in the nameof it. Carry the belief that you are separated from God. I dare you. Believe ituntil you are in the grave if you want. In the end, you will discover that you onlybelieved you were and you are in suffering solely because of the belief. Justbecause a person believes something that strongly doesn’t make it Truth. Goahead. Live in the separations of hell if you choose, if you must. But pleaserealize that it is only your belief causing the brokenness and only your belief canmake you whole. It truly is that simple.We will talk in the next article of how we can apply these Truths when pushcomes to shove, which is a whole other process in and of itself. I will explainwhat happened to the ‘old identities’ and how they are allowed to return with anew purpose. I suppose that is why it is called Mastery, the mysterious eighthphase of the transmutation process. It isn’t enough to know Truth and be free,one must now reintegrate oneself back into the world and ‘descend’, if you will.It is known as the Second Coming. It simply isn’t enough to ascend to the MostHigh, one must always return and birth The Christ Truth to the world. It is theultimate. But one cannot truly fully obtain Mastery until one knows one’s TrueIdentity. Please know that all are Masters, whether they realize it or not. If onestill believes the ego identities are who one is, they simply ‘know about’ Truthand must continue in the process until something comes along to shatter thoseillusions. I’ll tell you what, divorce sure will do it! A failing economy will removemany of them as well. A natural disaster. A life threatening disease. One mustalways pass from death unto Life, there is simply no way around it.While we are going through this process, we actually recommend the use of theNerve Cell Essential Oil. These oils will help the cellular environment relax so itmight be able to receive Truth as it restores itself to its srcinal blueprint.Simply apply one drop to the palm of your hands and cup over the nose andmouth. Breathe, without thinking, for 2 minutes or longer if necessary.We will delve into stage eight next time, but until then, just be, allow theAH HA Moment to hit you upside the head andTAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN WELL BEING!Be Whole,Sarah Ulmer Privacy Policy |Security Policy|Shipping Policy|Account Login : : 1.888.895.SOAP (7627) Home|Products|Testimonials |Product History |Contact |Disclaimer | Affiliate Program
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