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Life of India's Eminent Muslim Astronomer

In this paper life of India's eminent astronomer of 20th century has been detailed. Dr. Saleh Alladin was leading astronomer of India who earned his P.hd from Chicago. Besides books he authored hundreds of articles, both on science and religious
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  Life of India’s Eminent Astronomer Dr. Saleh Alladin  1931-2011  By Zakaria Virk, Toronto,Canada One of India’s eminent astronomers Prof. Dr. Saleh Alladin passed aay in Amritsar on !ar"h #$ th , #$%%. &e ta'(ht at Osmania )ni*ersity, &ydera+ad and as past Dire"tor of  a-amiya O+ser*atory, &ydera+ad. Dr. &afe- Saleh Alladin &e as a s"holar, a tr'e (entleman ho had deep "on*i"tions in his +eliefs. &e as a h'm+le, 'nass'min( and don to earth person. On"e he as standin( at the Delhi railay station earin( a red shirt. orkers at the railay station ho transport l'((a(e also ear red shirts as 'niform. A family needed a porter, seein( he as earin( a red shirt, they asked him to take the l'((a(e, hi"h he (ladly did. The man offered money  +'t he ref'sed sayin( /  I helped you because you asked me to do so 0. &e had a ro"k solid +elief in 1od Almi(hty. On"e he as *isitin( 2ara"hi ith his ife. At the airport "'stoms offi"er 3'estioned him a+o't some ele"troni" items, hi"h they took aay from him. &is ife noti"ed all of a s'dden Dr. sahi+ disappeared. After a hilehe "ame +a"k and said4 /  I thought in this situation only God could help us. So I decided to offer Nafal. With total confidence he went back to the customs office. The staff for the next shift had arrived who gladly returned the items to him . / Dr. Alladīn started memorizing the Holy Qur’ān at a very young age by himself and it was only later that a teacher was assigned to teach him. Dr Alladīn was a member of Sadr Anuman A!madīyya Qādiān for several years" and its #resident for four years before his death. Encounters with Dr. Salih Alladin %  It as a+o't %5 years a(o, one day my home phone ran(. The person on the other end said  I am Saleh !lladin , *isitin( my "o'sin !ahmood in Toronto6 e o'ld like to *isit yo' in 2in(ston. I as rather taken a+a"k, +e"a'se Dr. Sahi+ as senior to me so it as my responsi+ility to *isit him in Toronto. I offered to *isit him in Toronto +'t he insisted. One fine S'nday mornin( in 7'ly %888, he arri*ed at my doorstep ith his "o'sin !ahm'd Alladin. e had l'n"h to(ether, talked a+o't o'r m't'al interest  " Islam and Science , and later I (a*e them a to'r of 9'een’s )ni*ersity, 2in(ston. Dr. Alladin told me that he as m'"h impressed +y my arti"les on the history of Islami" s"ien"e hi"h had appeared in The  #eview of #eligions . In fa"t one of these arti"les $bservatories in the Islamic World   as re*ieed +y him +efore its p'+li"ation. : .a"ademia.ed';-akaria*irk  <A+o't %$ years a(o Dr. Alladin *isited his da'(hter Saliha ho as li*in( at the time in aterton, e =ork state, ith her h's+and Dr. !ahmood 9'reshi. At the time aterton as a+o't an ho'r’s dri*e from my home in 2in(ston. D'rin( his stay e spoke to ea"h other on the phone se*eral times. In !ar"h #$$8 I *isited him in 9adian :P'n>a+, India< and met him after the Asr prayers at !as>id !'+arak. &e as deli(hted to see me 'ne?pe"tedly. &e insisted that I sho'ld *isit his ho'se ri(ht then, hi"h I did. e had tea to(ether and talked a+o't the st'ff I as orkin( on and his latest findin(s in the field of reli(ion and s"ien"e, in parti"'lar e"lipses of the s'n and moon. I (a*e him a "opy of my +ook B iography of al%&iruni  and some other arti"les. &e (a*e me a photo"opy of 'urrent Science" (ol )(I" and *ay +,- "ontainin( a nes item4 @a-le Omar esear"h Instit'te, 9adian +y Dr. Bhatna(ar, Dire"tor S"ientifi" and esear"h Co'n"il, India. The learned professor in his openin( statement had said4 /  I also very thoroughly appreciated the honour which this ceremony has offered me of coming into contact with /adhrat 0halifatul *asih. This is a privilege which I had cherished for a long time and its fulfilment today will never be forgotten by me 0, hen I informed him that I as pro"eedin( to Dehli, he asked me to meet !a'lana aheed'ddin 2han, hi"h of "o'rse I did. As #$$8 as +ein( "ele+rated +y ) as 1ear of the !stronomy , 7amia Ahmadiyya 9adian:seminary< had arran(ed his le"t're. &e asked me to >oin him at the meetin( ne?t day and speak to st'dents as ell. It as a fr'itf'l session, made li*elier ith the 3'estions and anser session +y the spirited 7amia st'dents. After the 7amia meetin( I mentioned to Dr. Alladin that Britains distin('ished a'thor on Islam Dr. !ont(omery att :%8$8#$$5< had ritten in the introd'"tion to one of his  +ooks that he +e"ame interested in Islam thro'(h len(thy "on*ersations he had ith his father ho as a st'dent at the time in S"otland. Dr Alladin as impressed ith this  pie"e of information and asked me to pro*ide him do"'mentary e*iden"e, hi"h I did after my ret'rn to Canada. #  e "orresponded ith ea"h other for nearly %# years. &is last letter I re"ei*ed in his on n(lish handritin( as dated E th  7'ly #$%$ in hi"h he rote4 /e"ently I sa yo'r  +ook  *uslamano 0ay science karnamay .  I wish to congratulate you on the work of  *uslim scientists" in all branches of science. I hope and pray that your book inspires the  *uslims to study science and excel in it. 2arlier I had received the article from &adr re my father3s introducing *ontgomery Watt to Islam for which I am very grateful to you. I had given your review on the book Cosmic Anger   to Sira4 sahib as soon as I received it5. D'rin( this period he sent me folloin( +ooks and arti"les. :%<.The 9'ran and modern s"ientifi" dis"o*eries, n(lish translation of his )rd' spee"h hi"h I did in %88F. :#<. Vies of S"ientist on the e?isten"e of 1od :F<. C'rrent S"ien"e !ay %8G5. :G<. S"ientifi" &erita(e of India :H<.  *y life as an astronomer  . :5< S"ientifi" o'tlook of the &oly 9'ran :<. )rd' spee"h /Islam and S"ien"e0. :E<. ay-amiah O+ser*atory Platin'm 7'+ilee Souenir  %8$E%8EF. :8< The Impa"t of Astronomy on the De*elopment of S"ientifi" Tho'(ht J O"to+er %8EF. :%$< The !otion of the !oon and Islami" Calendar, printed in !aha*is*a, Vol #, o %, %8E8.  a-amia O+ser*atory India, esta+lished in %8$E !is scientific career Dr. Alladin as an o'tstandin( astronomer of India. &is s"ientifi" "areer spanned ell o*er H$ years. Simpli"ity as the hallmark of his entire life. A s"holar and a (entleman hehad deep "on*i"tion in his +eliefs. &e en>oyed +est of +oth orlds4 religion and science . &is prin"ipal area of resear"h as Dynami"s of (ala?ies. &e also did stellar ork on the fre3'en"y of o""'rren"es of l'nar and solar e"lipses. Dr Alladin >oined the Department of Astronomy, Osmania )ni*ersity as a le"t'rer in !ay %85G and retired as Professor in !ar"h %88#. &e as dire"tor of the  a-amia O+ser*atory in %8EF. He was among the famous $%% astronomers of the world. &As mentioned in 'orlds  Eminent Scientists (. He served as the educationaladvisor to former )ndian *resident A*+ Abdul ,alam. He wrote several boo-lets" dozens of articles and #ublished more than % research #a#ers. He was member of various scienti/c organizations )nternational Astronomical 0nion" Astronomical Society of )ndia" *lasma F  Science Society of )ndia" and )ndian Association for 1eneral 2elativity and 1ravitation" )ndian Association of *hysics 3eachers. )ndia’s /rst 4irla *lanetarium was inaugurated by *rime 5inister  +awaharlal 6ehru in +uly $789. Dr. Alladin was also invited to s#ea- on this occasion. He recited Holy Quran at the beginning of his s#eech" and :uoted several Quranic verses which admonish #eo#le to re;ect on the creation of universe . 4irla *lanetarium" ,ol-atta He was conscientious in his res#onsibilities" honest to the core. During the years when he was head of the astronomy de#artment at <smania 0niversity" he was assigned a driver with a car. He used this facility only for university wor-= even his wife was not allowed to ma-e use of the car. <nce he was travelling in the car in Secunderabad while his wife was going to the store for sho##ing on an auto ric-shaw. Someoneobserved this and as-ed him" you are travelling by car= the sho##ing centre is on the way" why did you not dro# your wife at the store> 'hy waste money on the auto ric-shaw. He re#lied this vehicle has been assigned to me for o?cial wor-" not for #rivate use. & 4iogra#hy of Dr. SalehAlladin by Athar Ahmad" +amia thesis" Qadian Dec. @%$@" #age $B ( Awards & Recognition Dr. Alladin was awarded 5eghnad Saha Award $7C$ from 01 6ew Delhi" 5an of the Eear @%%% American 4iogra#hical )nstitute 0SA" @%%%" <utstanding *eo#le 5edal" )nternational 4iogra#hical entre ambridge @%%9" 4harat FGcellence Award" riendshi# orum of )ndia" @%%8" %% 1reat Ieaders Di#loma" American 4iogra#hical )nstitute 0SA@%%C. !is "oo#s &e a'thored do-ens of )rd' K n(lish arti"les on reli(io's topi"s +esides the folloin( fi*e +ooks4  The Dynami"s of Collidin( 1ala?ies, %85F, %F$ pa(es, G   The Dynami"s of Stellar systems, %8, #5G pa(es,  1ra*itational Intera"tions +eteen 1ala?ies, %8E#, H pa(es.  The (oal of !an and the ay to rea"h it,  Vies of S"ientists on the e?isten"e of 1od, %88%, #$ pa(es. Life as an astronomer In %8EF his arti"le The Impact of !stronomy on the development of Scientific Thoug  0, as p'+lished in B'lletin of S"ien"es. In it he rote,/ @rom time immemorial, the spa"io's firmament ith its n'mero's hea*enly +odies attra"ted the attention of man and stim'lated his tho'(hts. Astronomy or the st'dy of hea*enly +odies is the oldest +ran"h of s"ien"e and may +e "alled the mother of s"ien"es. / &is arti"le  My life as an Astronomer  4 as p'+lished in B'lletin of Astronomi"al So"iety :%88< #H, %H8%58. This arti"le is di*ided into E s'+headin(s. :%< Astronomy in early years :#<. d'"ation at the )ni*ersity of Chi"a(o :%8H85F<. :F<. St'dies in dynami"s of (ala?ies in India. :G<. Visits to other Instit'tes. :H<. St'dies in fre3'en"y of e"lipses :5<. Tea"hin( of Astronomy. :<. Pop'larisation of astronomy :E<. A"knoled(ements In re(ards to his ed'"ation at the )ni*ersity of Chi"a(o %8H85# he rites4 /I had applied for the Ph.D. pro(ramme at the =erkes O+ser*atory. Professor 1. 2'iper, ho as the Dire"tor, rote to me that I "o'ld not +e (i*en admission ith the +a"k(ro'nd I had. B't if I "o'ld "ome to )SA at my on e?pense and take *ario's "o'rses in Physi"s at the )ni*ersity of Chi"a(o for a year and if my pro(ress as fo'nd (ood, I o'ld +e eli(i+le for a esear"h Assistantship at =erkes. Sin"e I did not s'""eed in (ettin( finan"ial s'pport from anyhere for st'dyin( in the )S for a year, I had (i*en 'p the ideaof (oin( to the )S. o ith f'nds a*aila+le 'nder )SIndia d'"ational ?"han(e Pro(ram, I as a+le to (o to )S and st'dy physi"s for a year. The +ooks that I had st'died here ere (enerally the same as those I had st'died in India. B't in India I as not 'sed to sol*in( pro+lems (i*en at the end of *ario's "hapters. In the )S I fo'nd that o'r pro(ress as "hiefly assessed +y the a+ility to sol*e the pro+lems. One of my professors Dr P. Vander*oort on"e said4 /  /ere in the 6niversity of 'hicago" our policy is not to teach the sub4ect but to teach the student how to learn the  sub4ect  0. I spent many sleepless ni(hts tryin( to sol*e the pro+lems hi"h ere (i*en as home ork. This as the hardest year in my ed'"ation. By 1od’s (ra"e, I passed the ordeal and as admitted to the Ph.D. pro(ram of the =erkes O+ser*atory. I fo'nd that here (reat emphasis as laid on a"3'isition of "omprehensi*e knoled(e. After takin( "o'rses for to years, a "omprehensi*e e?amination had to +e passed. Professor !or(an, ho (a*e 's "o'rses on "lassifi"ation of astronomi"al o+>e"ts told 's4 /The deeper yo' ant to (o in any field, the more ne"essary it is for yo' to +roaden yo'r knoled(e0. I as resear"h assistant of Dr elsonLim+er for three years and I did my Ph.D. resear"h 'nder his s'per*ision. &e as an e?"ellent resear"h ('ide and a *ery kind and affe"tionate person. &e as a st'dent of  o+el la'reate Professor S. Chandrasekhar. @or my Ph.D. thesis Lim+er asked me to "omp'te the or+its of "ollidin( (ala?ies makin( 'se of  polytrope  theory to o+tain the for"es +eteen (ala?ies hen they o*erlap. H
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