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  Lab Instruments RPS-205 RPS-205 is a sonic sieving  particle size analyzer which automatically puts sample  powders, sieves them and cleans itself after measurement has finished. p to 20 samples can  !e set and data storage and statistical processing are also  possi!le with a P". Feature • Sieveing and concurrent sieve cleaning#t has 2 hands inside. $he right hand is to move sieves !etween the sieve weighing ta!le and the sieving ta!le, and to move sieves up and down. $he left hand is to clean sieves after measurement and prepare sieves for the ne%t measurement. Simultaneous sieveing and cleaning dramatically saves time. • &arious 'inds of powders measurea!lep to ( patterns of sieves )up to * sieves+set can !e set. "om!ining sieves of different openings,various samples can !e continuously measured. • "ontinuous measurement of up to 20 samples )standardutosampler for 20 samples is !uilt in and unmanned continuous measurement or automatic measurement during the night are possi!le. • n-line measurement#ncorporation of the autosampling device, automatic carrier device, automatic splitter and collector in the line ena!les on-line measurement. Data Example SieveNunber of Measurement2!"5#$%&0250mi' /.(//.0/./10./.2*/./2/./*/.0(/./1/.05 22mi' /2.0/2.//2.3//.((/2.32/2./*/2.1/2./*/2.35/2.( 50mi' ((.1/(2.1((.1(/.5(.22((./((.*(2.*((.0((./ 0#mi' 5555555555/.3*  2./5/.1(.0/0.0(.2//.33(.5/.22.31 #!mi' 31./035.3531.**3.031.535.331.2*35.231.335.53 "5mi' *5.2*5.0*1./(*.***5.31*5.(/*.51*.1/*5.(*5./2 !%mi' *.1/*.1*0.(2*.05*.5*.51*.5/*.5*.35*.2 20mi' .3(.32.202.((.*.//./5.2/.0(.0 Pass /00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00 Mean Parti'le Si(e )*m+ ////0//2/01//(//0////0//2//0 Sample ,mount /*.1/g/1.g/1.3g/3.02g20.23g/.52g2/.*g2(./2g2(.//g/.0g  Sieve leanin. S/ell Sieve cleaning shell is a new feature of RPS-205 that cleans sieves !y inverting a shell. $his increases sta!ility of operation more than inverting sieves only. "leaning in an enclosed space also improves measurement environment.4hen inverting sieves, sieves are completely cleaned with  functions !rushing !ac' sides of the ① sieves 2 sieve frames aeration on6top and !ottom of the sieves vacuuming from !ottom to top ② ③ ④ of the sieves.
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