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Only 12 Days Till Christmas Pawsitively All About Pets Inside Today’s Issue Moneysaver Shopping Guide 218 N. Main St., PO Box I, Bolivar, NY ã 585-928-2470 ã Fax 585-928-2191 E-mail: ã Website: 100% Area Coverage By U.S. Mail To 5,197 Homes & Businesses Tues., Dec. 13, 2011 58th Year, No. 22 1st Place General Excellence Award 2002 & 2009 Presorted Standard U.S. POSTAGE PAID Bolivar, NY 14715 PERMIT NO. 3 MONEYSAVER ECRWSS LOCAL POSTAL CUST
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   OF WARREN, INC.  Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased from November 19, 2011 through January 31, 2012 to one of five participating charities designated by the purchaser, up to $5,000,000 total. Purchasers must make their charity designations byJanuary 31, 2012. See for details. Aminimum donation of $250,000 will be made to each participating charity. Allcharity donations made by Subaru of America, Inc.  Subaru, Forester, Outback, Tribeca, Legacy, Impreza, WRX, STI and SUBARU BOXER are registered trademarks. 2EPA-estimatedfuel economy for Legacy 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 3EPA-estimated fuel economy for Outback 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary.  4EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for Forester 2.5X models. Actual mileage may vary. 72011 Top Safety Picks include the 2012Subaru Forester, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca.  *Lease payments based on 10,000 mi. per year plus tax with approved Subaru Motors Finance Tier 1 credit approval. Subject tovehicle and insurance availability. Expires 1/3/12.   text “cash” to 366948  866-824-3152  4060 NORTH MARKET ST. WARREN, PA  Moneysaver   100% Area Coverage By U.S. Mail To 5,197 Homes & Businesses  Presorted Standard U.S. POSTAGE PAID Bolivar, NY 14715  PERMIT NO. 3  MONEYSAVER ECRWSS LOCAL POSTAL CUSTOMER  S  hopping G  uide  218 N. Main St., PO Box I, Bolivar, NY ã 585-928-2470 ã Fax 585-928-2191 E-mail: ã Website:  1st Place General Excellence Award 2002 & 2009  BRCSNewsletter   I nsid e Today’s Issue!   Tues., Dec. 13, 2011 58th Year, No. 22  Pawsitively  All About Pets  Inside Today’s Issue  Only 12 DaysTill Christmas  ãWELLSVILLE, NY   44 Park Ave. ã 585-593-3354  ãCUBA, NY  72 Genesee St. ã 585-968-2360  $  2  48$  2  48 $  2  48  2 convenient locations  Fitzpatrick  WholeWhole Whole HamHam Ham  lb.  S  AV  E   8 1   ¢   l b .  S  AV  E  $   1 .3 1   l b .   S A V E   $   2.5 2  on  2   Also Check Out Our Complete Ad at   Available to view starting at 9:00 Sat. morning.  DOUBLE   MANUFACTURER’S  COUPONS UP TO 99¢  See store for details.  Prices Good Dec. 18 through Dec. 24, 2011  Sugardale Semi-Boneless  98  ¢  98  ¢  98  ¢  dozen lb.  Jumbo EggsJumbo Eggs Jumbo Eggs  SugardaleCountry Inn  S  AV E   8 1   ¢   Maxwell HouseOriginal Roast   CoffeeCoffee Coffee   S A V E   $   3.5 0  $  5  99$  5  99 $  5  99  23 oz.  $  1  48$  1  48 $  1  48  CreamCream Cream CheeseCheese Cheese  $  3 $  3 $  3 22 2  FORFOR FOR 8 oz. pkg.  Philadelphia   S A V E   9 0 ¢  on  2  Salt RisingSalt Rising Salt Rising BreadBread Bread  $  5 $  5 $  5 22 2  FORFOR FOR Giant’s Own  Whiteor Wheat  Limit One w/$50.00 purchase excluding the price of the ham, alcohol and tobacco. Limit One w/$25.00 purchase excluding theprice of alcohol and tobacco.  BonelessBoneless Boneless Whole HamWhole Ham Whole Ham   For more holiday ice creamdessert ideas and recipes,  The scent and flavor of peppermint help create feelings of holiday cheer Peppermint Ice Cream Drum CakeMakes 8-10 servings 1 chocolate cake layer, 8- or 9- inch round by 11⁄2 inches tall, baked in a spring_form pan withremovable sides 1 carton Dreyer's/Edy's® SlowChurned® Light PeppermintIce Cream 1 carton (16 oz.) purchasedvanilla frosting 24 thin candy canes or sugarsticks 12 glacé (candied) cherriesChocolate decorating icing 2 long pretzel rods 2 large marshmallowsRed or green sugar crystals Freeze cake in pan for 30minutes to firm top. Spread icecream in an even layer to the topedge of pan. Freeze several hoursuntil ice cream is firm. Removesides of pan. Frost sides of cakeand a 1-inch border around caketop. Return to freezer if ice creamsoftens. Squeeze decorating icingin a crisscross pattern on top. Press sugar sticks diagonallyaround sides (if using candy canes, remove bent tips). Place cherriesaround top of cake. Freeze severalhours or overnight before serving. Dampen top and sides of For Easy Holiday Fun-Have AnOpen-House(NAPSA)-The holiday openhouse-a laid-back party at whichguests of all ages come and go asthey please over the course of anafternoon or evening-can be agreat way to bring folks togetherwith a minimum of fuss. Here aresome hints on how to make it funfor guests of all ages: ã Get the word out early. Beaware of people's busy holidayschedules and send yourinvitations three to four weeks inadvance.  ã Lighten up inside andoutside. Twinkling lights are notonly an inexpensive way todecorate, but really set theatmosphere for a fun partyenvironment. Simple whiteChristmas lights strung outsideyour door as well as throughoutthe house can give your party thatfancy glow.  ã To help with crowd control, push back sofas and largefurniture to your walls. Placefragile trinkets in a safe place. Setup folding chairs for extra seating. Separate drinks and food so guestswon't crowd one room of thehouse. Spread out the food andallow enough walking room to letthe party flow.  ã Feature a kids-only craftstation manned by a neighborhoodteen. And have the pint-size guestsdecorate the Peppermint IceCream Ornaments for the party.  ã Keep the food simple andeasy for guests to eat as they mixand mingle. Consider cut veggieswith an assortment of dips. Set outdishes of such treats as spicedpecans and mini holiday cookiesthroughout the house. Foods thatcan be prepared ahead of time letyou enjoy the party, too.  ã Make delicious desserts suchas these festive treats. Theirpeppermint flavor helps createmore holiday cheer.  marshmallows with water. Roll insugar crystals. Insert pretzel sticksto make drumsticks. Place on topof cake before serving. Note:Prepare a chocolate cake mix, making two cakes and reservingone cake for another use.  Peppermint adds a spirited twist toholiday treats such as these clevercookie sandwiches. Peppermint Ice Cream Ornaments Makes 1224 chocolate wafer cookies orchocolate-frosted shortbreads1 carton Dreyer's/Edy's SlowChurned Light PeppermintIce Cream Cookie decorating icing, sugarcrystals and candies Decorate tops of 12 cookies. Let dry thoroughly. Place a scoopof peppermint ice cream on anunfrosted cookie; flatten andsmooth edges of ice cream with atable knife. Top with a frostedcookie. Place in a coveredcontainer and freeze. Repeat withremaining cookies and ice cream. Freeze for up to 3 days.  Year-round Grilling TrendContinues To Heat Up Expert Offers Tips, Hearty Recipefor Cold-Weather Grilling More Americans are grilling year- round.  (NAPSA)-When temperaturesbegin to dip, dedicated grillers don'tshy away from grilling outdoors. According to the 23rd annualWeber GrillWatch Survey, 50percent of American grill ownersgrill year-round-and 74 percentreport using their outdoor grill atleast once a week-an increase from69 percent last year.   In colder weather, I recommendgrilling foods that should be flippedonce and don't require muchattention, like steaks and burgers, says New York Times best-sellingauthor Jamie Purviance, whoselatest cookbook, Weber's Time toGrill, features more than 200recipes and plenty of advice andtechniques to ensure a deliciousmeal every time you grill.  Here's one of his comfort foodfavorites that infuses the great tasteof grilled steak into his classic chilirecipe.   2934 ROUTE 16, OLEAN, NY 716-372-4208      M    O    N    E    Y    S    A    V    E    R    S    H    O    P    P    I    N    G     G    U    I    D    E     D    E    C    E    M    B    E    R    1    3 ,    2    0    1    1     P    A    G    E    2  BILL’S CABIN- HAVE HIDES TANNED (to include bear )! Give us a call, 814-887-2676 or 814-558-3195 (cell).cb  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————  AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES  Ready for Christmas! 2 males; 1 female. Microchipped, all shotscurrent, dewormed. $850. Bolivar, NY. 585-307-9600.pb  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————  BRADFORD HOUSE FOR SALE- 4 bedroom two story, walk inattic, freshly decorated, new furnace, electric, plumbing, off streetparking. $41,500. 814-558-4905.pb  ©2011 Ariens Company ® Registered Trademark and TM trademark of Ariens Company. Engine manufacturers are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Sno-Thro unit specifications and features are subject to change without notice.  2934 ROUTE 16, OLEAN, NY 716-372-4208  Steak and Ale Chili with Beans Serves: 6 to 8 Prep time: 30 minutes Grilling time: 4 to 5 minutes, plus1 to 11?4 hours to simmer the chili Rub 2 teaspoons ground cumin, Kosher salt, Ground blackpepper 1 pound skirt steak, about 3/4inch thick, trimmed of excessfat, cut into foot-long pieces Vegetable oil Chili 1 1/2 cups finely choppedyellow onion 1 tablespoon minced garlic2 tablespoons pure chili powder 2 teaspoons dried oregano 2 cans (16 ounces each) chilibeans, such as pinto beans, with liquid1 can (28 ounces) dicedtomatoes 1 bottle (12 ounces) stout beer 2 tablespoons cider vinegar 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershiresauce 2 cups finely grated cheddarcheese (8 ounces) 1. Prepare the grill for directcooking over medium heat (350° to450° F).  2. In a small bowl, combine thecumin, 1 teaspoon salt and 1teaspoon pepper. Lightly brush thesteaks on both sides with oil andseason evenly with the rub. Allowthe steaks to stand at roomtemperature for 15 to 30 minutesbefore grilling.  3. Brush the cooking gratesclean. Grill the steaks over directmedium heat, with the lid closed asmuch as possible, until cooked tomedium-rare doneness, 4 to 6minutes, turning once. Removefrom the grill and let rest for 3 to 5minutes. Cut the steaks into ?-inchpieces.  4. In a large saucepan overmedium heat, heat 1 tablespoon oil. Add the onion and garlic and cookuntil the onion is tender, about 5minutes, stirring occasionally. Stirin the chili powder and oreganoand cook until fragrant, 1 to 2minutes. Add the remaining chiliingredients and increase the heat tobring the chili to a boil. Reduce theheat to low, add the steak, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes. Uncover the pan and continue tosimmer until the chili thickens tothe consistency you like, 40 to 50minutes, stirring to the bottom of the pan occasionally. Season withsalt and pepper. Serve warmtopped with grated cheese.  For a copy of Weber's Time toGrill, visit  Key Tips For Cold-WeatherGrilling: In below-freezing temperatures, plan on doubling the time ittypically takes to preheat the grillin the summer.  Keep the lid down as much aspossible to avoid lowering thetemperature inside the grill. Position gas grills so the wind isperpendicular to the gas flow andnot blowing the flame down theburner tubes.  The Irish water spaniel issometimes called the clown of theToronto was srcinally named FortYork, and was occupied and setafire by American troops duringthe War of 1812.    P A  G E  3   M  O N E Y  S A V E R  S H  O P P I   N  G   G  U I   D E  D E  C E M B E R 1   3   ,2   0  1  1    Roulette, PA Smethport, PA Shinglehouse, PA  We hope this season deliversyou lots of good times withfamily and friends.  Little Genesee, NY  Rixford, PA  Postmaster:  Rick Price  Employees:  Deborah Bennett Jim Ryan Lee Zimmerman  Postmaster:  Jean Whitlow, O.I.C.  Employees:  Jim Ryan Judy Gates Lee Zimmerman Jan Ryan  Rew, PAMt. Jewett, PA  Postmaster:  Cindy Jack O.I.C.  Employees:  Jo Ellen Eck Richard Pritchard Tom Eck  Allen Pritchard Seena Housler   Postmaster:  Nina J. Nogar   Employees:  Sally Himes  Postmaster:  Pam Fry O.I.C.  Employees:  Jan Ryan  Postmaster:  Tammy Price  Employees:  Jane Cogan  Ceres, NY  Postmaster:  Trisha Carlson O.I.C.  Employees:  Brittany Skiver P.M.R.  Help your mail carrier this winter by keeping your walks, steps & porches clear and sanded, and your R.D. Mailboxes shoveled out.  Allentown, NY  Postmaster:  Elaine Rogers  Employees:  Jane Hutchison  Bolivar, NY  Postmaster:  Charlie Bessette  Employees:  Robin McDowell Kim Beardsley Karen Tripp Sue Harris Jade Bechelli Teri Noyes Sue Williams Vicky Simard  Postmaster:  Carolyn Caldwell  Employees:  John Berne  Cyclone, PA  Postmaster:  Mary Burton  Employees:  Donna Schneller  Jan Ryan  Duke Denter, PA  Postmaster:  Lareen Wolfe O.I.C.  Employees:  Penny Mackey  East Smethport, PA Eldred, PA  Postmaster:  Tracy WorthingtonO.I.C.  Employees:  Terri Seal Kelly Keith Brenda Boleen Brheana Seal  Friendship, NY  Postmaster:  Gloria Sluyter   Employees:  Theresa Ellison Martin Kane Carl Haug Dale Dutton Walt Williams  Gifford, PA Hazel Hurst, PA  Postmaster:  Val Tigh  Employees:  Nikki Green  Postmaster:  Troy Wagner   Employees:  Wendy Wright Earl F. Saunders, Jr. James J. Boudon Darrell Antrim Tim McKnight Randi Gotshall Maribeth Brown Paula Bootes Katrina Mackey  Adam Hewitt Sandra Shutt  Port Allegany, PA Portville, NY  Postmaster:  Penny Skiver O.I.C.  Employees:  Leonard Reed Billijean James Hollie Reihle  Amy Mathes Sherry Engels  Richburg, NY  Postmaster:  Kim Beardsley O.I.C.  Employees:  Beverly Allen  Postmaster:  Judy Lacher O.I.C.  Employees:  Earl F. Saunders, Jr. Diane Kaple Sandra Shutt  Turtlepoint, PA  Postmaster:  Steve Frison  Employees:   April Stucky Crosby, PA  Postmaster:  Matthew Bajkowsky  Employees:  Tracey Hartzell Bill Keppel Lester Cook  April Stucky Starr Silvis Linda Yaras Jackie Daugherty Sue Chesebro Mary Wilber  Mickey Dates  Postmaster:  Mark Meier   Employees:  Dave Kaufman Terry Wisel Julie Perkins Tim McMullen Sally Karr   West Clarksville, NY  Postmaster:  Sheila Brisky  Employees:  Jeena Barnard  Seasons' Seasons'  Se a s  o  n s '   Greetings! Greetings!  G  r e e  t i  n  g s !   Everyone at the Moneysaver would like to sendHoliday Greetings and Special Thanks to all the  U.S. POSTAL SERVICE WORKERS  who deliver your Moneysaver each week.  J o h n  D o e  1 2 3  M a i n  S t.  H o m e t o w n,  U SA  1 2 3 45       M    O    N    E    Y    S    A    V    E    R    S    H    O    P    P    I    N    G     G    U    I    D    E     D    E    C    E    M    B    E    R    1    3 ,    2    0    1    1     P    A    G    E    4  Fish Fry Fridays!  RollingRock  30’s  ~Miller Lite ~Bud /Bud Light ~Miller Genuine Draft ~MG 64 ~Michelob  30’s  ~Coors ~Labatt  30’s  Natural  30’s  $  14.99  Busch 30’s  $  16.99  585-933-7500  Ceres, NY location only!   Keystone  30’s  $  15.99  $  17.99  $  19.99  $  19.99    F a m o u s  We Card. Mandatory ID Required.  Prices in effect now thru December 31  st  Milwaukees Best  30 pk.  Keystone   18 pk.  $  9.99   At Ceres, NY ã 585-933-7500   $  15.99  $  9.99  12 Packs  ~Coors Light~ Miller ~ Yuengling~Miller Genuine Draft~ Labatt ~ Molson~ MG 64 ~ Miller Lite Bud/Bud Light 12 Pack   $  10.99  MillerHighLife  30’s  $  15.99  In place of our normal Christmas EveService, we will be experiencing Christmasas it happened 2000 years ago. Come outto the Hoffman Farm just off Route 44, onRoute 244 in Coneville, PA to get a pictureof the humble sacrifice that Jesus madewhen He came to earth to dwell with man.The way you think about Christmas should be wonderfully challenged and changed  .  FAITH BIBLE CHURCH --CHRISTMAS AT THE STABLE DECEMBER 23  RD at 7:00PM  80 South Main St., Wellsville, NY  585-593-1900  Low OverheadLow Overhead Low Overhead  == =  LOW PRICESLOW PRICES LOW PRICES!  24 Months24 Months 24 Months 0% Financing0% Financing 0% Financing  OVER 16,000 SQ. FEET OFOVER 16,000 SQ. FEET OFCARPET IN STOCK!CARPET IN STOCK!  OVER 24 MODELS TOOVER 24 MODELS TO OVER 24 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM!CHOOSE FROM! CHOOSE FROM!  MATTRESS EXPRESSMATTRESS EXPRESS MATTRESS EXPRESS  FOR RENT OR SALE ON LAND CONTRACT / Wellsville:   Open 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home. Large backyard for kids. New kitchen and covered front porch. $695/month. Call Cornerstone607-936-1945. See our complete listings at www.homesby- cornerstone.comc  FOR RENT- Modern efficient 1 bedroom apartment, Village of Bolivar, off-street parking, washer/dryer hookup, appliancesincluded. $445 includes water and sewer. No pets. Deposit andreferences required. Call Bob Ingalls, 585-928-2678.tfc  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————  LAFEVER & SONS  Lauren’s getting older and all grown up. My name is Carley, now Iride in Dad’s truck. For your dirt needs - call my daddy please.716-378-8859 or 716-378-6859.tfc  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————  ROCKY BOOTS - ALL PRICES REDUCED, huge clearance sale!No sales tax. Howard’s, Shinglehouse, PA 814-697-6241.2/13c  RENT LOWERED $100 / SCIO: Roomy 3 bedroom, 1 bath homeright behind school. Large enclosed patio facing sports fields. Attached garage. $595/mo. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. Seeour complete listings at www.homesbycornerstone.comc  DESIRABLE RENTAL WITH DESIRABLE PAYMENT / Wellsville: Desirable three bedroom home with first floor bath and large yardfor play. $595/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at www.homesbycornerstone.comc  FIREWOOD FOR SALE- We deliver. Heap approved. Cut andsplit. Call for pricing, 585-968-1526.8/29p  AMISH FURNACE- $300. E-mail marsjack2007@yahoo.com716-372-0914.4/6p  SENIOR TO SENIOR ADULT “INDOOR” female cat looking for companionship. Free to good home. 585-928-9710.2/6p  PRICE REDUCED TO SELL / LOG CABIN with land: Thisseasonal cabin/retreat sits nestled on 11+ acres with access totwo ponds and 340 acres for hunting, fishing and recreationalpurposes. Located in Scio School District, 15 min. from Wellsville. The cabin comes fully furnished including appliances and toomany extras to list. This is truly a fabulous buy for theoutdoorsman and ready to be enjoyed today. This secluded cabin/ retreat is priced to sell at $59,000. Call 607-937-0678 for moredetails including financing options.c  FOR SALE - WHIRLPOOL REFRIGERATOR, side-by-side, water in door, excellent condition, $250. Call 585-928-2790.2/13p  OSWAYO VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT MENU December 14, 2011 - December 20, 2011 Wed.Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza with Turkey Sausage. Lunch: Lasagna, Lettuce and Dressing, Garlic Bread, Pears. Thurs.Breakfast: Whole Grain Cinnamon Roll. Lunch: Turkey and Cheese Sub, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion,Perogies, Vegetable Sticks, Pineapple. Fri.Breakfast: Cook’s Choice. Lunch: Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Crackers,Vegetable Sticks, Fresh Fruit. Mon.Breakfast: Breakfast on a Stick. Lunch: Breakfast for Lunch. Scrambled Eggs, Meat and Cheese,Potato Triangle, Pancake or Toast, Fresh Fruit. Tues.Breakfast: Breakfast Wrap. Lunch: Chicken Patty on a Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, MashedPotatoes, Gravy, Peaches. Lunch Alternatives: Salad or Soup and Sandwich. Mon.- Peanut Butter &Jelly, Vegetable Soup; Tues.- Tuna, Tomato Soup; Wed.- Peanut Butter &Jelly, Chicken Noodle Soup; Thurs.- Cold Cuts, Vegetable Soup; Fri.-Cook’s Choice, Tomato Soup. All Breakfasts and Lunches are served withchoice of milk. Menu is subject to change.f   TO ALL OUR FRIENDS in Bolivar, Richburg,West Clarksville, Little Genesee and Allentown:It’s time for our Annual Charity Drive Appeal toKenyon Andrus Post #772, American Legion,Bolivar. For 59 years we have given assistance tothe needy in the area. We would like to remindyou that charity begins at home and ask you tocontribute knowing that your friends andneighbors in the area will benefit from yourthoughtfulness. We give you every assurance thatall funds received will be honestly and carefullyhandled for charitable purposes after consultationby our Legion Committee together with our schoolnurses and other interested persons. Please helpus to help someone else who needs both our help.No amount is too small. It all helps do the job.Because of inflated prices for food again this year,we hope you can give a little more than last year.Checks may be made out to Kenyon Andrus PostCharity Fund and mailed or given to LegionCommander, Gerald Bonney, c/o Bolivar AmericanLegion, 387 Main St., Bolivar, NY 14715. Pleasetry to have your items to us by December 18th. If you need items picked up, would like to addsomeone to the list, or for more information,please call Linda at 585-928-2124 or the Legion at585-928-2427.4/22f   WELLSVILLE – The Wellsville Lions Club Jones Memorial Hospital Diabetes Center atJones Memorial Hospital sponsors a monthly series of classesdesigned to assist diabetics in managing their condition. Theclasses – which are titled “Diabetes Management”, “DiabetesComplications” and “Connecting Food to Blood Glucose Levels” – are held at Jones Memorial Hospital and include a private,one-on-one session with a Certified Diabetic Nurse Educator.Most insurances cover part - if not all - of the cost of diabeteseducation sessions. For specific information, contact yourinsurance provider. Certified by the American Diabetes Association, theWellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center also offers on-sitetesting, such as A1C, lipids, urine micro albumin, and a retinalcamera. For more information, contact your healthcareprovider or call the Diabetes Center at 585-596-5035.  DIABETICS: Educational & Testing Services Provided By The Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital  4-H PRODUCED IN NEW YORK! On November 19, 2011 local 4-Hers came to BelfastCentral School to compete in the annual “Produced in New York” competition. The Dynamic Damsels 4-H Club hosted theevent that fourteen local 4-Hers participated in. This is a silent demonstration where 4-Hers make a dishwhich they are judged on. They have a completed dish alsothat is judged after their demonstration. The 4-Her is to pick arecipe and use at least one cup of an item produced in New York State in it. Thus the name “Produced in New York”! Didyou know that in the nation, New York ranks in the top fivestates for production of milk, sweet corn, apples and greenbeans? Agriculture and food production is the #1 industry inNew York. Local 4-Hers from the Dynamic Damsels, 4Hers/4Lifeand individual 4-Hers from Alfred Station took some of theseproducts and created some magnificent dishes. Food itemswere prepared by each of the 4-Hers ranging in age from 5 to17 years old. Demonstration judges and tasting judgescritiqued each young person. We would like to thank our judges Mr. Josh Hazelton, Mrs. Bonnie Barber, Mrs. KathyBogdan, Mrs. Patricia Mountain, Mrs. Ellen Wooley and helperKathleen MacDonald. This Holiday season prepare dishes fromproducts “Produced in New York”!f  GOODSHEPHERD (Anglican) 29 South Street, (corner of Stone) Cuba, NY 14727 The Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Gunn-Walberg Sundays........................3:30pm  Evening Prayer and HolyCommunion using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Followed by coffee hour. For info., call 716-968-2393.  Visitors most welcome. SHINGLEHOUSECHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY   ALLIANCECHURCH Pastor James Haddon Sunday School..............9:45am  Morning Worship.......11:00am  Tues. Alliance Youth ...7:00pm  Wed. Prayer Meeting...7:00pm  FIRSTPRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 19 N. Main St., Portville, NY  Rev. Marilyn Hale Sunday School............10:00am  Morning Worship.......11:00am  HOUSE OF PRAYER South Bolivar Road Pastor: Roy Elliot Sunday Service............1:30pm  Prayer Meeting Wed.........7pm  Everyone Welcome THE BOLIVAR COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY Located at the United Methodist Church, 80 Friendship St.,is a volunteer ministry of the Bolivar churches. It seeks toprovide emergency food assistance and support for familiesand individuals who demonstrate an immediate need. Toreceive assistance, please call Bud Merrell, 585-928-5108 orConnie Taylor, 585-928-2386. Call ahead for an appoint-ment.Pantry is open Mondays 10am-1pm; Thursdays 2pm-5pm;Fridays 12-3pm; other times by  OSWAYO VALLEY MEMORIAL LIBRARY  Hrs: Mon. 10-8pm; Wed. 9-6pm; Fri. 9-6pmtf  PORTVILLE FREE LIBRARY HOURS: Hrs.: Mon., & Thurs. 1-8pm; Tues. 10am-5pm; Frid. 9am-5 pm;Sat.  RICHBURG COLONIAL LIBRARY HOURS Mon. 9am-5pm; Tues. Eve. 3-7pm; Thurs. 
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