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R oyal Lawns of America, Inc., has been in business for over 40 years and is now in its second generation. Michael Miller took over the Wayne-based business from his father and has continued to pro- vide the community with the same fine services that are in tune with the environment. The owner-operated, owner- on-site business offers customers the benefit of paying one price for the whole year, and there are no special contracts, or as Michael stated,
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  R oyal Lawns of America,Inc., has been in businessfor over 40 years and isnow in its second generation.Michael Miller took over theWayne-based business from hisfather and has continued to pro-vide the community with thesame fine services that are in tunewith the environment.The owner-operated, owner-on-site business offers customersthe benefit of paying one price forthe whole year, and there are nospecial contracts, or as Michaelstated, “My work speaks foritself.” He added, “I’m as close toorganic as I can be,” treating pres-ent problems with methods thatare environmentally friendly.Among the services are aeration,seeding, fertilizing, weed control,insect control, liming, funguscontrol, and IPM (IntegratedPest Management), as listed:IPM - The most serious threats toa beautiful lawn are weeds, dis-ease, and insects. Because of thevariety and the diversity ofappro-priate treatments, they are mostdifficult to control.Royal Lawnsprovides expert weed and pestcontrols, using only EnvironmentProtection Agency approvedmaterials that are scientificallytested to be effective. Being con-cerned with the environment,Royal Lawns uses only minimalamounts where needed to main-tain control.Aeration - To keep yourlawn healthy, it should be aeratedat least twice a year. The RoyalLawns aeration techniques allowair, light, water, and nutrients topenetrate your lawn, promotingroot growth and helping toorganically decompose an exces-sive thatch layer more rapidly.Re-Seeding - Areas of the lawnthat have been damaged or neg-lected can be renewed by re-seed-ing. “We use quality disease-resistant blends ofbluegrass, fes-cue, and rye grasses especiallyselected for your lawn’s environ-ment, improving the appearanceand density of your turf. This, inturn, helps inhibit weed growth,”said Michael.Fertilizer (granular) - Athriving lawn requires properlytimed applications of complete,balanced, slow-release fertilizersto replace essential nutrientstaken from the soil.The fertilizersused by Royal Lawns are designedto feed your lawn from one serv-ice to the next, and there is no Royal Lawns of America providesenvironmentally sound services  By Jack Mc Cabe March 21, 2012Zone 1, Vol. 10, No. 6 P R  S R T  S T D  U. S .P  O S T A  GE P A I  D P HI  L A P A 1  9 1 P E R MI  T  6 7  5 2  L  i   f   e  &L  e  i   s  u r  e  ,L L  C P . O .B ox 4  3  5  W a yn e , N J  0  7  4  7  4 - 0  4  3  5  continued on page 13  WAYNE DAY, June 3rd, 2012.Go to our website for more information. Proverbs 3:5,6ã God Bless America Recycled Paper from 30% Post Consumer Waste Proud to Serve the Following Communities: Bloomingdale, Butler, Kinnelon, Lincoln Park,Montville, Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Pompton Lakes, Riverdale, Smoke Rise, and Wayne The Official Paper of Wayne Day  CA M P  C O R N E R  R E G I S T RA T I O N  PA G E  1 8  Note: To have your groupsannouncement appear inCommunity Happenings pleaseemail us the informationin a paragraph format to Mar 21 ãThe North Jersey RegionalTea Party monthly presentsinformative and timely subjectmatter of interest to all.Previous topics have included: NJ education ~ the case forchange; healthcare reform;immigration and E-verify;RGGI; the Fair Tax; the casefor NO taxation; redistricting;voter fraud; and systematicmortgage fraud.December’sworkshop sessions focused onsetting priorities for 2012; January’s in-demand speakeraddressed sustainability issuesand current attacks on privateproperty rights and last week’smain event was Dr. AndrewBernstein, professor and authorof “Capitalist Solutions”. Withauthoritative guest speakers,video presentations and anoccasional musical guest, meet-ings are both enlightening andgalvanizing.Mark your calen-dar for our next meeting andcome and find your niche!Date and time: Thursday,March 21st, 7:00 to 9:00 pm atThe Barnyard and CarriageHouse, 754 Totowa Road,Totowa, NJ 07512.(Directionsonly: 973-942-8229).There isno cost to attend but any dona-tion to defray expenses isalways welcomed.All areinvited to bring a friend; manycome to dinner first and thenattend the meeting, whichbegins at 7:00 sharp! The NJRTP is a grass roots organiza-tion not affiliated with anypolitical party and advocating aconstitutionally limited gov-ernment, fiscal accountabilityand responsibility, free marketsand a strong national defense.Questions: Mar 24 ãFor the 3rd year we will host a3 on 3 basketball tournamentto support the Kristen KoenigScholarship Fund at DePaulCatholic High School onSaturday, March 24, 2012 at3PM.The scholarship was setup to honor the memory of DePaul alumni, KristenKoenig, who passed away in2008 at the age of 24 from arare cancer, Angiosarcoma.Kristen played basketball atDePaul for all 4 years andhelped get the team to manychampionships.The scholar-ship helps a student in their Junior and Senior years.Thetournament is broken up into 2leagues, the JV league for moreinexperienced players and theVarsity league for the seriousplayers.The JV league is singleelimination and the Varsityleague is double elimination.Please contact Kristen McKniff for more information at donation is $50. Mar 25 ãJoin the Wayne YMCA onSunday, March 25 to helpfight hunger in Northern New Jersey.Good DeedsDay, a community programsponsored by JewishFederation of Northern New Jersey, Ruach Tova ArisonGroup and Good Deeds Day,is a food drive benefittinglocal food pantries and com-munities.The WayneYMCA will be a drop off location.Perishable andnon-perishable food will beaccepted.Items may bedropped off in the Y’s lobbyduring building hours fromnow through March 25.Formore information please call973-595-0100 x228 or visit our website at March 21, 2012Page 2, Zone 1 Publisher: Joe Pellegrino Editor: Bethanne PellegrinoArt Department: Robin Banta, Mary LalamaSales: Lisa Buniewski, George Papendick, Veronica PlutaClassifieds: Kathleen Todd Please e-mail all press releases and calendar information to or fax to 973.556.1991.Advertising in Life & Leisure is affordable and effective. We are a “family friendly” publication and therefore reserve the right to accept onlyadvertisements that appeal to the entire family; the final determination of which is made by the Life & Leisure. Views expressed in Life & Leisureare those of the respective columnists and writers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, or Life & Leisure. Advertising is open toanyone desiring to reach the public and is subject to approval, revision and/or rejection at any time by the publisher. Many of the articles are paidfor by the author and are in effect advertisements. Publication of any advertisement does not constitute, either implied or inferred, an endorsementof services, products or businesses advertised. © 2012 Life & Leisure, LLC. Life & Leisure is a trademarks of Life & Leisure, LLC. 100% mailed twice a month newspaper P.O. Box 435, Wayne, NJ 07474-0435973.696.8008                                   With Coupon. Cannot be combined withany other offers. Expires4/18/12With Coupon. Cannot be combined withany other offers. Expires 4/18/12With Coupon. Cannot be combined withany other offers. Expires 4/18/12 $ 5OFF OIL CHANGE ã Full Service Car Wash ã Triple Foam ClearCoat Polish ã Super Sealer Waxã Tire Dressing ã Hand & Machine Dried ã Full Service Car Wash ã Triple Foam Clear Coat Polish/New Turbo Underbody Rinse ã Super Sealer Waxã Tire Dressing ã Hand & Machine Dried ROYAL DUKECAR WASH $ 1OFF ANY CAR WASH  N o w  O n l y $ 13 95  N o w  O n l y $ 14 95 $ 2OFF ROYAL PRINCECAR WASH $ 3OFF $ 30OFF COMPLETE DETAIL With Coupon. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 4/18/12 With Coupon. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 4/18/12    %&*!     &  '( %(!!  ' !  ' %       %&( $&' !&#*% &#  !!%& #($#  ##& )!! 1555 ROUTE 23 SOUTH ã WAYNE ã 973-633-1900 FREE WiFi in Waiting Area ã Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 8am-4pm Proud to Serve North Jersey  OVER 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN PLANTS, PLANTING,MAINTENANCE, WALLS, PATIOS AND MORE! 973.305.8803 ~ Serving North Jersey DESIGN. BUILD. MAINTAIN. ã $34.99 WEEKLY LAWNCARE ã FREE 1 YEAR WARRANTY ã FREE LANDSCAPE DESIGN (Cut Lawn, Edge Beds, Blow All Walkways, Curb, Driveway up to 5000.sq.ft.) With Landscape InstallationOn All Plant Material Installed continued on page 12  visit our website at March 21, 2012Zone 1, Page 3 HOW LONG HAVE YOU SUFFERED FROM LOW BACK PAIN?  HAVE YOU TRIED THE DRS SYSTEM™?   After only three weeks of treatment, clinical studies have shown outstanding results in relieving the debilitating pain that may be caused by bulging, herniated,degenerative, or ruptured discs, as well as sciatica, posterior facet syndrome,and many failed back surgery cases.  All Ages Welcome ã Evening AppointmentsMost Insurance Plans Accepted Advanced Sports Medicine& Physical Therapy Center 18 Newark Pompton Tpke. ã Riverdale ã    T   H   E   L    O   W   E   R   B   A    C   K    S   P   E    C   I   A   L   I    S   T NOW YOU CAN LIVE PAIN FREE  A State-of-the-Art FacilitySpecializing inTreatment for: ã SHOULDER & KNEE PAINã SCIATICA & HERNIATED DISCSã AUTOMOBILE INJURIESã FIBROMYALGIA ã NECK PAIN, HEADACHESã PAINFUL JOINTSã HIP PAIN ã SPORTS INJURIES Treatment of herniated anddegenerative discs without surgery.  A broken tooth canruin your day. Even if it doesn’t hurt, noth-ing is quite as disheartening asbreaking a tooth, especially if itis in the front of your mouth.A broken tooth can ruin yoursmile and it just makes you feelold. If you have broken teethor a broken crown, recentadvancements in dental mate-rials may be just the fix youneed.Two new dental materialspromise the end to brokenteeth and broken crowns andbridges. These materials arestronger than any we have usedin the past and they are strongwithout using any ugly, darkmetal substructure. Lithiumdisilicate and monolithic zirco-nia are highly esthetic and vir-tually unbreakable when usedas dental veneers and dentalcrowns and bridges. If youhave a need for new crowns orbridges, be sure to ask yourdentist to consider these newmaterials for your care. Why is it important to repair bro-ken teeth? If you have a brokentooth, it is very important tohave it repaired even if it doesnot hurt. Broken teeth can befull of dental decay and mayproduce a very painful dentalabscess. Repairing or replacingbroken teeth can prevent fur-ther disease and pain. Brokenteeth are just the beginning of other health related problems.Gum disease and bad breathare the first problems seenwhen you have not repairedbroken teeth. This is followedby a collapse of your bite andjaw pain (TMJ). Painful, bro-ken teeth can affect the wayyou chew food and can lead tomalnutrition and other healthissues. If you have a brokentooth, let your dentist help youto make a good decision aboutgetting it fixed, so you canavoid pain and have betterhealth. How will I be able to pay for fix-ing my tooth? Broken teeth are alwayscovered by your dental insur-ance. If you do not have den-tal insurance, most dentistsoffer extended payment plansto help you get the care youneed now, while taking as longas you need to pay for fixing visit our website at March 21, 2012Page 4, Zone 1 BEFORE AFTER   ,*&)..#,*&),*1)-),*&),$ -#0)!,/-.,.$) .**.#).$-.-)+.$).-'$&).0'*+().-$)).''*,.*,3.#)*'* 3#0($.+*--$'.*,.,*1)-),$ -!*,+.$).-.#.,0$,./''3$(+*--$'.*,&,0!,*(-*'$'*&*!*)*'$.#$*,*)$3,**./-$) .#)*'* 3.#-)./,''3/.$!/',*1)-),$ -,$)-.,/.$'#3,$'!*,)3+.$).1#*-/!!,-!,*(')#$) ,/22$) )#-##$-.*,3*!,&$) .#$,..#,,,3*) *!3)#-)$)-.,/().'$).#0'*+().*!.#-/),&',*1)-),$ -)#-+$*),.#$,/-!*,($'&*0,- ,3*/(,,--3($--$) ,*&)*,3$) ..#,3*/,)./,-+$)!/'*,$)*)0)$). Restore Your Smile. Reclaim Your Confidence! We offer convenient,affordablepayment plans. Call Dr. HarryA. Longfor aconsultation today! .4,*53)55-($'(&*0,13))%*( Smile Design By:Dr. Harry A. Long  1479 Route 23 South ã Wayne ã 973-305-1003 Spinning with Bands ã Group Kick ã Personal Training ã Child Care  Winner of the “Talk of the Town Award for Excellence”  ## 50 Weekly ClassesSpinning/Zumba/Hip HopChair & Power Yoga ã Cardio & Sculpt Spring into Fitness!   Join NOW & receive April FREE!    Sunday, April 1ST ã 10am to 5pm WAYNE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL  Valley Rd., Wayne, New Jersey 100 Quality Crafters  #!&##  %!&%! $!#$! !##!&!$#  #!!# #  !#!   !#  ## $!   & $! SPONSORED BY PROJECT GRADUATION  Admission $3.00 P.J.’s Broken teeth – Broken smile: Have you ever felt the pain andembarrassment of breaking a tooth or crown?  By Dr. Harry Long  continued on page 8
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